TTop 10 Craziest Water Tricks You Should Try

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Published on Jan 21, 2018

Water is essential for survival. But did you know, its unique characteristics can be used to perform some awesome tricks? Whether you’re just bored or want to be the life of the party, these 10 craziest water tricks will blow your mind.
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Be Amazed at these 10 craziest water tricks you should try! Reversing Arrow Illusion - For this trick, prepare a clear empty glass, a piece of cardboard with two arrows pointing in the same direction, and some water. Water that Defies Gravity - Gravity is a fundamental force that brings everything down to the ground. Today, we will attempt to defy it with anti-gravity water! Superheated Water that Doesn’t Boil - Everybody knows that when water reaches a certain temperature, it should boil - right? In this trick, we'll show you that it doesn’t always happen! Liquid Movements - How about we try moving liquids with the power of our minds? And by our minds, I don’t mean with telekinetic powers, but with science! The Plastic Bag & Balloons that don't leak - I think it’s time that we moved on from glasses. For these next two tricks, I'll will be using plastic and rubber with water.

Pepper Scatter Trick - If you want to fool your friends into thinking you have magical powers, perform the pepper scatter trick. It’s easy to do, but the results are very noticeable! Turning Water to Ice Instantly - Here’s what you need to do. Place a bottle of purified, deionized water into a bucket and put 3 kilograms of ice around the bottle. Glow-in-the-Dark Water - We’ve always been fascinated by all things glowing in the dark. No rave party is complete without it, that’s for sure! But if you’re planning to have such a gathering, you won’t have to spend a lot because you can make your own! Water sphere - Water is classified as a liquid as it flows when poured. But what if I told you that you can create the illusion that it stands still? Bending Water and Light - You’re all familiar with the Nickelodeon animated series, “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” right? Now what if I told you that you’re a descendant of Katara? You’re a waterbender!

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    I heard Donald Trump really likes water tricks

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    Superheated water played a trick on me once. I had microvaved a mug of tea left over from earlier, and as I brought the mug out it didn't boil. When I added a sugarcube to the tea is suddenly exploded, and I was left with an empty mug and a mess to wipe up!

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    Cool tricks with no magic just science.

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    the power of science!!!!

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    WARNING!!!! DO NOT TRY THE TRICK WITH SUPERHEATED WATER, THE WATER CAN EXPLODE!!! Be Amazed please add a warning, you risk people getting scared for life or even death!

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    i like how you guys explain how it works :)

  • Cristina Gargano - 3 weeks ago

    Have you ever mixed corn starch with water? It makes a substance that doesn't cause any symptoms. I'm not sure what the ratio is but I think it's 2 to 1 water to corn starch. If it's made correctly it should have the consistency of cake batter. Good luck!

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    Nice vid.

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    5:30 Stupid. When the ballon is filled with air, it expands rapidly and pops the balloon. The water wouldn’t expand under that much heat.

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    This is so cool....... I'm being very sarcastic. Most of the stuff I already knew would happen because I'm so smart...... totally...... Being sarcastic again...... Sorry.

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    How long does the tonic water last?

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