See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY

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Published on Jul 10, 2017

Each time President Trump spends a weekend away from the White House, there’s a massive military effort to protect him from threats… including from above. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen was given rare access to present a dramatic demonstration of how the Air National Guard keeps presidential airspace safe.
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See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY

Categoy: News & Politics

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  • Mark Ryan - Channel Youtube
    Mark Ryan - 5 hours ago

    At 2:42 they intercept and make a radio contact but they saythey are not responding but at 2:48 look at the wings they are rocking

  • Daves Betamax - Channel Youtube
    Daves Betamax - 7 hours ago

    Val Kilmer was rightfully upset that only Tom Cruise was able to reprise his role as "Maverick" in this public training exhibition. The Iceman would have immediately destroyed this obviously threatening Cessna; saving taxpayers money without any intended political agenda.

  • Stavinair Caeruleum - Channel Youtube
    Stavinair Caeruleum - 8 hours ago

    Smh man...

  • Phillip Conwell Jr - Channel Youtube
    Phillip Conwell Jr - 10 hours ago

    What a waste of money.

  • Jarhead46 - Channel Youtube
    Jarhead46 - 10 hours ago

    This was truly idiotic. How much did we pay for this nonsense?

  • Oldman Emu - Channel Youtube
    Oldman Emu - 19 hours ago

    Yea but the only time the Air Force was needed to protect the American people (on US soil) they failed!

  • mike riddle - Channel Youtube
    mike riddle - 22 hours ago

    What a waste of avgas

  • RPG Entertainment - Channel Youtube
    RPG Entertainment - 22 hours ago

    Fox two!

  • Bcool4now - Channel Youtube
    Bcool4now - 1 day ago

    All the whining must be liberal tears 😭 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸

  • Eric Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Eric Johnson - 1 day ago

    There has to be someone able to squirt or drop liquid LSD (way way too much!) Into a drink or something right under everyone's nose! Bye bye mr. President 😂

  • Speed Force - Channel Youtube
    Speed Force - 1 day ago

    Aren't F-16 like superold? my countrys oldest model is F-35

  • R l - Channel Youtube
    R l - 1 day ago

    Speeded up crap vision. USA vision for the mentally challenged. Fake drama .....just another cooking show.

  • Justin Sliwka - Channel Youtube
    Justin Sliwka - 1 day ago

    liberal idiots can't even pronounce cessna

  • Hamish McEwan - Channel Youtube
    Hamish McEwan - 1 day ago

    Just like it did during 9/11, 4 times. #stand down.

  • residentflea - Channel Youtube
    residentflea - 2 days ago

    Yet, not one military aircraft to protect NY on 9/11. There are bases in NJ, just a minute a way once they take flight

  • David Rasbold - Channel Youtube
    David Rasbold - 2 days ago

    That's my Air Force and very proud of them!!

  • fuzymunk - Channel Youtube
    fuzymunk - 2 days ago


  • Ronald Caldwell - Channel Youtube
    Ronald Caldwell - 2 days ago

    Where was the protection on 9/11/2001. I'll tell ya!!! Told to stand down so they all could be paid!! ( Skull & Bones)

  • DENNIS Bishop - Channel Youtube
    DENNIS Bishop - 2 days ago

    Hate Trump

  • eimb1999 - Channel Youtube
    eimb1999 - 2 days ago

    BTW it's NOT pronounced "Cezzna".

  • eimb1999 - Channel Youtube
    eimb1999 - 2 days ago

    Wow. What wretched, horrible and annoying editing.

  • doomed youth - Channel Youtube
    doomed youth - 3 days ago

    Worked a treat when the cabal took down the towers and pentagon

  • kro0014 - Channel Youtube
    kro0014 - 3 days ago

    this is all just smoke and mirrors, a joke for the media - say there’s a 30 mile exclusion zone around Baltimore for the prez. A small civilian aircraft at 200 knots enters it. After a minute or two without contact, the ATC sounds the alarm. Add another 2.5 minutes to scramble, then travel (hypothetical) 2 minutes to intercept = 6 minutes + from the violation to response. At 200 knots that plane has done whatever it needed to do.

  • Steph Ss - Channel Youtube
    Steph Ss - 3 days ago

    Punking the US airforce, with a "rogue aircraft" ....demonstration.....would have been a terrible idea.

  • BrewskieFubar - Channel Youtube
    BrewskieFubar - 3 days ago

    but someone can enter the whitehouse withba knife and 800 rounds of ammo in his car 😂

  • Stangil1 - Channel Youtube
    Stangil1 - 3 days ago

    For all you idiots in the comments. Its a drill.

  • Patrick Star - Channel Youtube
    Patrick Star - 3 days ago

    Those F-16's are badass

  • roberto - Channel Youtube
    roberto - 3 days ago

    yeah but the 900 million dollars obama spent from tax payer dollars on the so called infrastructure '' shovel ready jobs'' that never materialized not a word from the lying liberal media. go figure.....

  • Aubrey Bachelor - Channel Youtube
    Aubrey Bachelor - 3 days ago

  • Maps ENT - Channel Youtube
    Maps ENT - 4 days ago

    Yup let's just show the terrorist our whole game plan, smh😭😭