TBlack panther meets father scene

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Published on Mar 01, 2018

Black Panther meets his father ..

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  • Nathaniel Bodie - 3 days ago

    Wow. I personally, have yet to see this in the theatre. But bearing that in mind, it just crossed 1 billion worldwide.. Beautiful scene. What all dads strive to say to a son. What all son's grow up to want to hear from BaBa. ☺

  • Diego Rivera - 3 days ago

    So appropriating ancient Mayan myth for African convinience. Who is the real racist here? They who do not love anyone but themselves.

  • Abdallah Da Ana - 3 days ago

    Does this mean the soul stone is here?

  • Frazer MM - 3 days ago

    This film was a mix of man of steel and lion king

  • Drew Harding - 3 days ago

    I love this father and son relationship scene it bring's me to tears

  • Black Math - 3 days ago

    What is the name of the theme in the background

  • Kim Bronson - 3 days ago

    So powerful!! I cry everytime I watch this scene, well done.

  • Christopher Tillman - 3 days ago

    I’m not crying, there’s something in my eye!!

  • rajat malhotra - 3 days ago

    Hey where did u get this movie frm?? I searched it all bt couldnt get

  • A.J Thomas - 3 days ago

    This film is full of emotional moments besides this!

  • Anna Wdovic - 3 days ago

    I am not ready

  • Cherl Lowe-johnson - 3 days ago

    Yes, the 2 father-son scenes were awesome. But in reflection, T'Chaka didn't mean to kill his brother, N'Jobu. N'Jobu was going to kill Zuri & the King stepped in--those Panther claws are vibranium!! Besides, N'Jobu was already on the path to destruction as an arms dealer (table full of weapons & help Klaus get the vibranium out of Wakanda). Little Eric grew up with violence--I wonder if Uncle/King T'Chaka & cousin/T'Challa could have saved him?

  • UnbelievabIeMontages - 3 days ago

    the green screen is awful in this scene

  • yadu krishna goku kakkaroto - 3 days ago

    Awesome heart touching scene..... wakkanda forever.....

  • Jonas Kubitza - 3 days ago

    Remember when some faggots in my theater laughed when they saw T'Chakas prosthetic...... but why was not the prosthesis placed correctly for this Scene, is that not possible? (like 2 normal eyes looking straight ahead)

  • andrew beverly - 3 days ago

    Can't Wait to see this Man as Rafiki

  • The Batman - 3 days ago

    The Panthers on the tree with that purple sky. AMAZING. This is why I loved this movie so much.

  • Monster Master Gojira - 3 days ago

    This scene almost got into tears, especially with the music in the background and how emotional it is.

  • Jackson Vieira - 4 days ago

    this song... man... beautiful, so dense, simple, emotional AND African! Awesome!

  • Innershine 17 - 4 days ago

    This movie is just amazing

  • redhotchilifan98 - 4 days ago

    One of the most beautifully lit scenes I have ever watched the colors are spellbinding the music was fantastic as well

  • Marco Ulloa - 4 days ago

    “Stand up, you are a king.” Gave me chills

  • PJSteele22 - 4 days ago

    how is King T'chaka a bad guy? he went to his brother to confront him about stealing vibranium from their country which is how claw got the vibranium. the king didn't mean to kill his brother. his brother was about to kill Zuri. yes the king made mistakes but I don't see him as the bad guy. did anybody notice in the opening scene with N'jobu killmonger's father, you can see spread out on a table a lineup of weapons guns, now I wonder what type of metal those weapons are made out of... King T'chaka is not the only one who's made mistakes.

  • Erik Hopkins - 4 days ago

    "Stand up. YOU are a King!"

  • chuck885710 - 4 days ago

    Not even gonna pretend. I cried here.

  • TheNewEmpire777 - 4 days ago

    I love the music in the background, shit is epic.

  • jenny - 4 days ago

    I watched the movie 3 times, and I cried all of them with this scene. I lost my father when I was 6, so this scene has a big emotional value to me, It's one of my favorites on the entire movie. I imagined myself meeting my father again, as T'challa did.

  • PJSteele22 - 4 days ago

    i loved the father and son moments

  • Jeneal Drummonds - 4 days ago

    I think Wakanda has the Soul Stone that's how their able to do this.

  • 55batmanandjoker - 4 days ago

    I loved, loooved this scene, the mcu needs more things like that imo