Syria's war: Who is fighting and why

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Published on Apr 07, 2017

Watch how the Syrian civil war became the mess it is today.

After four-plus years of fighting, Syria's war has killed at least hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions. And, though it started as a civil war, it's become much more than that. It's a proxy war that has divided much of the Middle East, and has drawn in both Russia and the United States. To understand how Syria got to this place, it helps to start at the beginning and watch it unfold:

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  • rhman mon - Channel Youtube
    rhman mon - 4 hours ago

    كس ام أيران

  • Murad Khan - Channel Youtube
    Murad Khan - 9 hours ago

    I see ww3 with my own eyes soom I am lucky or unlucky ?

  • Shadow Massive - Channel Youtube
    Shadow Massive - 21 hours ago

    The idiot Americans pretend to believe the Assad actually Chemical weapons. If I am winning the war, why should I?

  • Shadow Massive - Channel Youtube
    Shadow Massive - 21 hours ago

    Obomo believed about the Chemical attack. Idiot.

  • msnd 17 - Channel Youtube
    msnd 17 - 1 day ago

    Forget Israel?

  • Oorofororo Wposlflf - Channel Youtube
    Oorofororo Wposlflf - 2 days ago

    Kurds have No problem

  • Anizh Valsalan - Channel Youtube
    Anizh Valsalan - 2 days ago

    Insha Allah

  • Bartender Becky galaxywolf - Channel Youtube
    Bartender Becky galaxywolf - 2 days ago

    I know world wars are ending but Syria has lots of kids that are dying i really want the world wars to end next Christmas ill put a message on a piece of paper saying "i dont want toys for Christmas all i want is world wars to end that will make a christmas wish" ps my name

  • ḭḉḕẇṏḶḟ - Channel Youtube
    ḭḉḕẇṏḶḟ - 2 days ago

    As long as they keep it over there, I’m good

  • Lena Sabri - Channel Youtube
    Lena Sabri - 3 days ago

    Yeah die isis

  • Rayan Incredibl - Channel Youtube
    Rayan Incredibl - 3 days ago

    Really well explained.. Let god have mercy on people of Syria.

  • Side - Channel Youtube
    Side - 3 days ago

    I wish australia would get involved.

  • MD;Rayhan Shikh - Channel Youtube
    MD;Rayhan Shikh - 3 days ago

    15 year by lam king to syria and this war end....

  • Sarmatian Mapping - Channel Youtube
    Sarmatian Mapping - 3 days ago

    Don't belive them, It's propaganda.

  • Rex Black - Channel Youtube
    Rex Black - 3 days ago

    assad have never used chemical weapons james matts admitted that there was no evidence about that usa is fighting a legally elected president in a democratic country and tries to take syria down for the sake of israel

  • paul diffenderfer - Channel Youtube
    paul diffenderfer - 3 days ago

    what a stupid video - google "clinton israel syria" and then ask why Israel is not mentioned in this video and who paid for this stupid video...of course it looks complex when one lies about everything

  • Abdul Basit Dalvi - Channel Youtube
    Abdul Basit Dalvi - 4 days ago

    Pathetic how the human race is going on currently we could accomplish so many new things together yet we only bicker for power which takes so much effort to keep stable and so little to break up.

  • Jorge Trevino - Channel Youtube
    Jorge Trevino - 4 days ago

    Not bad, but at the end of the day this is what's going on so far in late May 2018:

  • enlightened child - Channel Youtube
    enlightened child - 4 days ago

    This video has the smell of a Zionists-Jew-CIA-Pentagon production. Everyone was mentioned EXCEPT “Israel” of course. How convenient! Propaganda at its best

  • misagh g - Channel Youtube
    misagh g - 4 days ago

    one of the country which want to make war in syria is israel to take peace of land from around him ,you talk about all country but you like to forget israel

  • anime collection - Channel Youtube
    anime collection - 4 days ago

    Ya *Allah*

  • Khairul Anwar - Channel Youtube
    Khairul Anwar - 5 days ago

    World peace, no more chemicals, no more wars.

  • راضي ff - Channel Youtube
    راضي ff - 5 days ago

    والضحية الشعب

  • albus dumbledore - Channel Youtube
    albus dumbledore - 5 days ago


  • ExVolt - Channel Youtube
    ExVolt - 5 days ago

    US doesn’t just go into wars because they feel like it. We are stopping other countries from creating chemical weapons that threaten world peace. Also because it’s in our treaty ;).

  • Andy T - Channel Youtube
    Andy T - 6 days ago

    What a mess.It looks almost hopeless.The USA have to do a deal with Putin.

  • FUNKY SILVER SOCKS DTMX - Channel Youtube
    FUNKY SILVER SOCKS DTMX - 6 days ago

    Obama is a war criminal, should be taken a Nobel price away and put in prison.

  • FUNKY SILVER SOCKS DTMX - Channel Youtube
    FUNKY SILVER SOCKS DTMX - 6 days ago

    such a bullshit explanation. total CIA propaganda to cover USA crime in the Middle East and protect US interests. let me explain in 2 words: oil pipe !!!

  • Nikhat Asgar - Channel Youtube
    Nikhat Asgar - 6 days ago

    I feel so bad about Syria 😢😢

  • İbn Temir et-Türkî - Channel Youtube
    İbn Temir et-Türkî - 7 days ago

    What, Does Turkey did not bomb ISIS? Who did operation Euphrates Shield against ISIS?