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Published on Jun 10, 2017

(May 2015) A look back to Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry and coach Steve Kerr having a friendly free throw competition.

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  • A D - Channel Youtube
    A D - 7 hours ago

    Hanna storm= milf

  • Great Okoh - Channel Youtube
    Great Okoh - 2 days ago

    Hey I’m from the future and curry shot 1 for 8. It’s not his fault tho. Defensive be bullying him

  • Mike Yu - Channel Youtube
    Mike Yu - 2 weeks ago

    why do lebron and curry keep their beards now? are they trying to compete with The Beard? lmao

  • Nicolas Lacroix - Channel Youtube
    Nicolas Lacroix - 3 weeks ago

    When the coach tels you " If you wanna play next game you better beat me at this game" Well , Shaq wouldn't play a lot if these were the rules! 😂

  • jhaz pogi - Channel Youtube
    jhaz pogi - 3 weeks ago

    Steven kerry

  • john benedict anub - Channel Youtube
    john benedict anub - 4 weeks ago

    stephen curry's free throw routine is similar to mine but when i get tired im gonna speak to my self and say nah f*ck those rules im gonna go home

  • Bryan Liang - Channel Youtube
    Bryan Liang - 4 weeks ago

    Damn this reporter's tall

  • M V - Channel Youtube
    M V - 4 weeks ago

    Women sports commentators are a complete joke

  • L.T. Metters Jr - Channel Youtube
    L.T. Metters Jr - 1 month ago

    Consistency and rigorous practice habits have developed Curry into a machine.

  • Fo Reel - Channel Youtube
    Fo Reel - 1 month ago

    Hannah Storm has been a nerd since the 90s. But she's not as dorky now as then

  • Jack Gallant - Channel Youtube
    Jack Gallant - 2 months ago

    Hey y’all I’ll sub if u sub + I’ll like ur vids🤠👌🏻🤪

  • Varun M - Channel Youtube
    Varun M - 2 months ago

    Houston gonna beat the GSW this time

  • Henry Cruize - Channel Youtube
    Henry Cruize - 2 months ago

    i wana see their 3pt rivalry.

  • blood in blood out Ent - Channel Youtube
    blood in blood out Ent - 2 months ago

    Steph I hate to say it is what a true basketball is about

  • Madden Man 25 - Channel Youtube
    Madden Man 25 - 3 months ago

    Steve Kerr is the nice Gordon ramsay

  • Aryan Gupta - Channel Youtube
    Aryan Gupta - 3 months ago

    1:32 ESPN can’t keep track of scoring

  • Money crazy gaming 23 Roblox - Channel Youtube
    Money crazy gaming 23 Roblox - 3 months ago

    Steph Curry is awesome at shooting you can't stop him from shooting

  • Lyle Stavast - Channel Youtube
    Lyle Stavast - 3 months ago

    love kerr's closer "...and it's starting to p*ss me off"... :)

  • John Patrick Ubaldo - Channel Youtube
    John Patrick Ubaldo - 3 months ago

    Sc vs Sk😱🙈👌🔥💯

  • Pooja Varma - Channel Youtube
    Pooja Varma - 4 months ago

    This reporter is so creepy she needs to work on her facial expressions lol

  • Wu Liwei - Channel Youtube
    Wu Liwei - 4 months ago

    Hannah Storm is a milf

  • chrisinator13 - Channel Youtube
    chrisinator13 - 4 months ago

    A lot of people could have done this interview and actually got something from them other than "why TF is she here?"

  • Chris NZ - Channel Youtube
    Chris NZ - 4 months ago

    Kerr brings the best out of everyone :)

  • Chloey Morris - Channel Youtube
    Chloey Morris - 6 months ago

    When standing beside Kerr Curry doesn't look so short like he usually does

  • theSoggyCarrot - Channel Youtube
    theSoggyCarrot - 6 months ago

    This was ruined by editing

  • Mr Voltaging - Channel Youtube
    Mr Voltaging - 6 months ago

    Splash father

  • Adam Roshak - Channel Youtube
    Adam Roshak - 7 months ago

    steph with those pre signature UA's

  • Alex G - Channel Youtube
    Alex G - 7 months ago

    damn she a milf!

  • Vincent Theo - Channel Youtube
    Vincent Theo - 8 months ago

    That "how's your family" lol

  • Aditya S.P. - Channel Youtube
    Aditya S.P. - 8 months ago

    I thought kerr was gordon ramsay