Actresses Who Got In Serious Shape For A Single Role

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Published on Jan 28, 2018

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Action flicks are Hollywood's bread and butter, but it's not enough for these female heroines to be talented and beautiful — they also have to kick ass. From soldiers and spies to psychotic ballerinas, these women put in maximum hustle before the cameras ever started rolling...

Gal Gadot | 0:16
Scarlett Johansson | 1:02
Alison Brie | 1:36
Zoe Saldana | 2:12
Natalie Portman | 2:37
Daisy Ridley | 3:27
Sofia Boutella | 3:49
Maggie Q | 4:37
Taraji P. Henson | 5:13

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  • Nicki Swift - Channel Youtube
    Nicki Swift - 4 months ago

    Which of these actresses do you think had the most gains?

  • Maureen Todd - Channel Youtube
    Maureen Todd - 2 weeks ago

    these kids are to bless they should LSU back m take it easy god is good ..

  • מאיה שגיא - Channel Youtube
    מאיה שגיא - 2 weeks ago

    What bout Alicia Vikander?

  • Cassie C. - Channel Youtube
    Cassie C. - 3 weeks ago

    Badass women's best 👍😍

  • hazel goodshepherd - Channel Youtube
    hazel goodshepherd - 3 weeks ago

    Yeeeah, lemme stop you right there. Gal Gadot and Natalie Portman are transsexuals. So they are in fact predisposed to gaining and retaining muscle mass and less likely to hold onto fat when compared to actual biological females. Sorry, not watching the rest of this video, Hollyweird. No thanks.

  • Vice Stojčić - Channel Youtube
    Vice Stojčić - 3 weeks ago

    Daisy mehhh

  • Nathan Blank - Channel Youtube
    Nathan Blank - 4 weeks ago

    Thats why she looked so much better in Batman Vs Superman!

  • Matej Gaži - Channel Youtube
    Matej Gaži - 4 weeks ago

    For us a bit olders we miss Linda Hamilton T1/T2 transformation. I dont see any of these even close to how she got ripped

  • it's cloud - Channel Youtube
    it's cloud - 4 weeks ago

    I know this is off but where’s Christian Bale for his role on The Machinist?

  • Donna Gregory - Channel Youtube
    Donna Gregory - 4 weeks ago

    Why don't they get people that are already prepared like Ronda rousey for expendables.?!!

  • KnightmareRaider93 - Channel Youtube
    KnightmareRaider93 - 4 weeks ago

    They totally ignore that Gal Gadot is an IDF veteran. (For those who don't know, that stands for Israeli Defense Forces...)

  • allison baum - Channel Youtube
    allison baum - 4 weeks ago

    Jewish, all of them are. Strange coincidence!!

  • . - Channel Youtube
    . - 4 weeks ago

    Why is this even video worthy, men have been doing this for decades, do women really need these pats on the head "aww who is a good actress" Please.

  • MrFreiheit - Channel Youtube
    MrFreiheit - 1 month ago

    (((Top 10)))

  • Fatimah - Channel Youtube
    Fatimah - 1 month ago

    Err no. Gadot has a skinny body, nothing Amazonian about it

  • penncakes07 - Channel Youtube
    penncakes07 - 1 month ago

    Jessica Biel for Blade Trinity.

  • Jesz Chia - Channel Youtube
    Jesz Chia - 1 month ago

    And where's Milla Jovovich?

  • Paul Pichugin - Channel Youtube
    Paul Pichugin - 1 month ago

    1:17 that guy's thirst is real...

  • msxmargo - Channel Youtube
    msxmargo - 1 month ago

    Nattily really had to work out for her convincing part as a ballerina

  • Ice Queen - Channel Youtube
    Ice Queen - 1 month ago

    That woman at the end is 27. I thought she was older

  • Ice Queen - Channel Youtube
    Ice Queen - 1 month ago

    Scarlet Johanson and Gal Gadot

  • Red Bull - Channel Youtube
    Red Bull - 1 month ago

    Where's Lara Croft ? 😛

  • Mills J - Channel Youtube
    Mills J - 1 month ago

    Gal Gadot is a joke.

  • amy alice - Channel Youtube
    amy alice - 1 month ago

    And this is why I’m not an actress. Oh and I can’t act either. 🤓

  • jeff deathrage - Channel Youtube
    jeff deathrage - 1 month ago

    A couple of those chicks weren't chicks.

  • jacques joel Juan - Channel Youtube
    jacques joel Juan - 2 months ago

    I got in shape for a girl She still didn't like me tho

  • Not Important - Channel Youtube
    Not Important - 2 months ago

    scarlett jo's new lesbian feminist haircut has neutered me

  • More or Less - Channel Youtube
    More or Less - 2 months ago

    "Actresses"??? Some dude named MrE wants to have a word with you

  • DexRey Agon - Channel Youtube
    DexRey Agon - 2 months ago

    Using Obama's words...'come on people!' Gal Gadot was great! Are you forgetting how Linda Carter portrayed Wonder Woman? Sorry Linda, no disrespect.

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy - Channel Youtube
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy - 2 months ago