Will A Recording GoPro Survive Liquid Nitrogen?

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Published on Dec 10, 2016

How long can a GoPro keep recording while soaking in Liquid Nitrogen? And what will happen when it thaws back out?

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    Cameron Broad - 1 day ago

    This makes me sad you can just do what you want with a go pro i cant afford one. But still cool video

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    §paethon - 2 days ago

    Should have dropped the sessions....it may have shattered...like the T1000

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    Jessica Waller - 3 days ago

    the litham froze in the battery

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    The King of random

  • Arthur Persoons - Channel Youtube
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    The King of random

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    Gopro is superb.

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    an american to review - 3 days ago

    extreme cold can affect lithium bass battery performance

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    Love's freezing things

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    Jackson Delmonico - 6 days ago

    Maybe it showed a low battery warning because the battery froze... 😂 lol

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    please give me that i liked, shared and subscribed

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    FlatOut Media - 2 weeks ago

    The problem is that it depletes the battery at these temperatures, it's not the camera itself that froze over but the battery itself..

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    Lee Butler - 2 weeks ago

    Came here because I Don't like my hero 5 session but haven't the balls to destroy it. Living vicariously through you dude :p

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