Conan Trains With The Military Working Dog Unit - CONAN on TBS

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Published on Jan 26, 2016

In what might be the worst decision of his career, Conan agrees to be chased down by a professional military dog named Astor.

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Categoy: Comedy

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  • ☯Zen☯ - Channel Youtube
    ☯Zen☯ - 4 hours ago

    Now That's a GSD

  • ᄂᄉᄂ - Channel Youtube
    ᄂᄉᄂ - 7 days ago

    They showed actual soldiers didnt they?

  • xRea Games - Channel Youtube
    xRea Games - 1 week ago


  • 박준호 - Channel Youtube
    박준호 - 2 weeks ago

    Dog must have been a garnet and pierce fan before ray allen left.

  • Jacob Solis - Channel Youtube
    Jacob Solis - 2 weeks ago

    When it goes to slow motion it doesn’t look like Conan. Wonder if the took the real footage out

  • Lane Whaley - Channel Youtube
    Lane Whaley - 2 weeks ago

    “i don’t like America im canadian”😂💀

  • Jimmy - Channel Youtube
    Jimmy - 3 weeks ago

    3:22 wtf is up with his hair

  • Vintergron - Channel Youtube
    Vintergron - 3 weeks ago

    The dog runs 20% faster if it knows you're canadian

  • Shahar Nusboim - Channel Youtube
    Shahar Nusboim - 3 weeks ago

    One time I was in this suit and it was pretty awesome Felt the motherfuckers teeth

  • The salty Spatoon 67 - Channel Youtube
    The salty Spatoon 67 - 3 weeks ago

    " I don't like America ' I'm Canadian !"

  • Jeremiah Martin - Channel Youtube
    Jeremiah Martin - 3 weeks ago

    3:25 it's all blured behind him! Wat r they hidin!?

  • 미시엘 - Channel Youtube
    미시엘 - 3 weeks ago


  • Khulan Khurel - Channel Youtube
    Khulan Khurel - 1 month ago

    Lol it’s like a person mixed delon Watson

  • Ssss Aaaa - Channel Youtube
    Ssss Aaaa - 1 month ago

    What happened to dog's tail? 😕😠

  • Tina Morefield - Channel Youtube
    Tina Morefield - 1 month ago

    Cats are so cute!! They aren't evil! At least cats don't drool, bust your ear drums, and jump up on people!! Cats are actually well behaved and they're easy to potty train!

  • Bell Iron Fist - Channel Youtube
    Bell Iron Fist - 1 month ago

    Why did they have to blur the background out when he was talking to the guy in the suit for the dog to attack him.

  • HeyMonaLisaCanI 67 - Channel Youtube
    HeyMonaLisaCanI 67 - 1 month ago

    Did he seriously just run the dog obstacle course? Why is Conan so amazing

  • Lola Kakowskiy - Channel Youtube
    Lola Kakowskiy - 1 month ago

    Conan: Do you worried at all about the genital area being attack? Soldier: I've been bitten before that sir. Conan: I mean by a dog. Soldier: *laugh embarassingly 😂😂😂😂❤Love his reaction!

  • Ewolf5150 - Channel Youtube
    Ewolf5150 - 1 month ago

    “He was warned so many times”. Was this filmed in this Chicago?

  • Filippos Kyriazidis - Channel Youtube
    Filippos Kyriazidis - 1 month ago

    As a basketball fan i couldn't help but notice the "bad guy" wearing a jacket with a "RAY ALLEN" tag.

  • VKRC 1 - Channel Youtube
    VKRC 1 - 1 month ago

    Why cant they train pitbulls

  • Rye DC - Channel Youtube
    Rye DC - 1 month ago

    never knew Kenan Thompson enlisted

  • Octodaddy - Channel Youtube
    Octodaddy - 1 month ago

    5:37 I really need to go and take a dump man XD

  • Aaron Pitts - Channel Youtube
    Aaron Pitts - 2 months ago

    I'm glad he Conan shows respect to the military and they're puppies. Even if one of them is named trump

  • Duzzy Clayton - Channel Youtube
    Duzzy Clayton - 2 months ago

    Conan will really do in anything in the name of comedy, such a great comedian, love it:)

  • Amin Limbu - Channel Youtube
    Amin Limbu - 2 months ago


  • filiberto escudero - Channel Youtube
    filiberto escudero - 2 months ago


  • tDestiny Otaku - Channel Youtube
    tDestiny Otaku - 2 months ago

    He said Technical Staff Sgt no much rank there are Staff Sgt and Tech Sgt

  • Gwendolyn B - Channel Youtube
    Gwendolyn B - 2 months ago

    3:01 *I’m crying.*

  • Rozita  Anual - Channel Youtube
    Rozita Anual - 2 months ago

    “i dont like america” “i’m canadian” i died 😂😂😂