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Published on Sep 18, 2013

The war in Syria explained in five minutes
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What is going on in Syria and why? This animation explains the events that have led to the ongoing civil war in the Middle Eastern country, which is reported to have claimed over 100,000 lives. It's a complicated issue, but this explainer should serve as a good starting point for understanding it all

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  • honey melon s - Channel Youtube
    honey melon s - 3 hours ago

    These are Americans talking about another country’s war and saying its our president’s fault and they are the ones who started bombing the country and accusing it for bombing gas bombs and killing its own people ? BRUH ... im Syrian and i know better than all of this

  • Pops_OG O'Dell - Channel Youtube
    Pops_OG O'Dell - 19 hours ago

    I don't feel that a subject matter such as war can be Explained in five minutes unless it is completely one sided full with opinions instead of facts.

  • cow toni - Channel Youtube
    cow toni - 24 hours ago

    very very fake

  • Rick Stuart - Channel Youtube
    Rick Stuart - 1 day ago

    Yeah this video don't make sense

  • nikanaughty - Channel Youtube
    nikanaughty - 2 days ago

    And the Americans? Who invited them?

  • Dominique Charriere - Channel Youtube
    Dominique Charriere - 2 days ago

    Qatar and Iran exploit the Southstream/north pars gas reserve, the biggest in the world. Qatar and Iran propose each a gasoduct to Germany. The Qatari one goes through Siria to Turkey and to Europe. The Irani one goes through Siria an then the sea and Europe. El Assad choses his irani friends proposal. 2 weeks later, riots in Alepo. 1 month later, yihad groups (Al Nusra, Daesh) backed by Saudi and Qatari money start the civil war. This is from a manager of the DGSE, french secret services. This is really why Siria is at war.

  • MrMebpop - Channel Youtube
    MrMebpop - 2 days ago

    What a load of BS!

  • Elio A - Channel Youtube
    Elio A - 2 days ago

    You clearly understood it wrong..

  • MY BLACK DIARY - Channel Youtube
    MY BLACK DIARY - 2 days ago


  • Shivani B - Channel Youtube
    Shivani B - 3 days ago

    Music is so loud. Could hardly understand anything.

  • josh kidby - Channel Youtube
    josh kidby - 3 days ago

    Pure fiction. I would expect better from the Guardian but they to have fallen into the warmongering mainstream press.

  • 4gothe name - Channel Youtube
    4gothe name - 3 days ago

    world is a stage and the regisseurs write scripts. this presentation is one of their outlets trying to shape your opinion by suppressing important facts. the arab spring wasnt organic it was made happen. and nothing that big happens without world powers making it happen. the western press should just stop all they do now and forever! you fucked the heads enough dont you think?

  • Gerard Abair - Channel Youtube
    Gerard Abair - 3 days ago

    1982 ODED YINON PLAN, THE GREATER ISRAEL PROJECT. Wars of AGGRESSION! 7 countries in 5 years :Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan , Lebanon, Syria, and Grand Prize, IRAN. To Destabilize /Balkanize the Entire MIDDLE EAST. ALL THE WHILE, ISRAEL Exyends it's Border from the Nile River to Euphrates River.

  • hcr - Channel Youtube
    hcr - 3 days ago

    this reads so propagandistic ...

  • Tomcat Tomcat - Channel Youtube
    Tomcat Tomcat - 3 days ago

    This is a false depiction

  • Aleš Pažourek - Channel Youtube
    Aleš Pažourek - 4 days ago

    hahaha. That's nonsense.

  • James Robertson - Channel Youtube
    James Robertson - 4 days ago

    Swap the weapon for a computer.

  • Jesse Duchamps - Channel Youtube
    Jesse Duchamps - 4 days ago

    Dem9cracy rule is a worldwide lie.

  • johnthursday2 - Channel Youtube
    johnthursday2 - 5 days ago

    i'll explain in 3 seconds with a Clinton mail (thanks to wikileaks): "Al quaeda is on our side in Syria".

  • Pdub Adub - Channel Youtube
    Pdub Adub - 5 days ago

    This is so wrong...thumb down to hell.

  • RYANKP - Channel Youtube
    RYANKP - 5 days ago

    well imagine my shock

  • GILANG798 - Channel Youtube
    GILANG798 - 5 days ago

    Stupid opinion by stupid people...iam Indonesian fight again US.. ......

  • Adam N - Channel Youtube
    Adam N - 5 days ago

    Theres no terorist on israel,guess what?

  • G Pritchard - Channel Youtube
    G Pritchard - 5 days ago

    “Isolated the Syrian economy”? Oh boy,.. Maybe he means, “opened up more of the European economy to Gazprom and denied it to Arab Peninsula gas producers and Israeli settlers”?

  • airplane800 - Channel Youtube
    airplane800 - 6 days ago

    In 6,000 years of history there is only 150 years without wars around the world. The Bible predicts a WW III when one third of the world's population will die. We got better cars, better hospitals, better technology, but we never got a better heart, Most of our technological advances are made for war. The world is preparing for war. All we need is a little trigger and a series of events will escalate to a world war. My hope is in Jesus. He said He will come back a reset our planet and end all wars.

  • fred mcdaniels - Channel Youtube
    fred mcdaniels - 6 days ago


  • Angela Kearsley - Channel Youtube
    Angela Kearsley - 7 days ago

    I don't know when the Western world will ever keep their noses out of Middle East's affairs. Perhaps when there is no oil, or gas pipelines, or resources of any kind.

  • Naomi Hageman - Channel Youtube
    Naomi Hageman - 1 week ago


  • Naomi Hageman - Channel Youtube
    Naomi Hageman - 1 week ago


  • Henry Ryan - Channel Youtube
    Henry Ryan - 1 week ago

    the end is near