TAndre the Giant vs Robert Wadlow, Giant vs World's Tallest Man - 9 Feet Tall

Published on Dec 29, 2017

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In this video we compare and contrast Andre the Giant with the World's Tallest Man, the Alton Giant Robert Wadlow. Would you have liked to see Wadlow in the ring? Leave a comment below!

After graduating high school, Robert went on tour with the Ringling Brothers Circus, and later crisscrossed the country to promote the International Shoe Company, which graciously provided Robert’s size 37AA footwear.

Wadlow suffered from weakness and lack of sensation in his legs and feet, and as he grew he required leg braces and a cane to walk.

In 1940, a faulty brace rubbing against his ankle caused a blister, which became badly infected. On July 15, 1940, Robert passed away at the age of 22. Eighteen days earlier, doctors had measured his height at 8 feet, 11.1 inches.

Robert's body was returned to his hometown and buried in a 1,000-pound casket which was carried by a dozen pallbearers and eight assistants. A life-sized bronze statue honoring him still stands in Alton.

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  • Wrestling911.com - WWE, TNA, Indy Pro Wrestling - 3 months ago

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  • A.J SeventySeven - 8 hours ago

    He would have been too tall to operate in the ring. So many accidents could occur if he was able to slam or suplex someone, let alone the damage to his body. The travel would have been hell for him even in a territory with smaller distances to travel in.

  • Power Plex - 15 hours ago

    Im only 4 and bench 220.

  • Prankster Gaming - 24 hours ago

    Actually Robert wadlow was 8ft,11.1 inches while Andre the giant was 7 ft tall

  • Pagan D. - 1 day ago

    brain gainz lol

  • Colton Clay - 1 day ago

    Hes 7 foot 4

  • Lance Woolam - 1 day ago

    No because he not strong he needs a god damn cane

  • jevaney iran - 2 days ago


  • joshua yap - 5 days ago

    He only had 2" dick

  • lewis morrison - 6 days ago

    If Andre was legitimately 7'4 then Vince would have billed him as 7'8 The reason he was never billed as 7'8 is because Vince had already added on 4 or 5 inches with the 7'4 billing. Common sense.

  • ClayMation - 1 week ago

    He was 1 foot 7 inches taller than Andre not 2 feet.

  • mushyalpaca 6466 - 1 week ago

    Talk quicker u slow speaking bastad

  • orgonko the wildly untamed - 1 week ago

    he'd never be able to play on a sports team today he'd constantly test for too much HGH...................

  • paul Duggan - 2 weeks ago

    he would make an epic wwe superstar

  • daniel flores - 2 weeks ago

    Um Goliath from the bible was 10 ft. tall. He was the tallest. The bible talked about giants on the earth.

  • frank brody - 3 weeks ago

    If I could make a dream match, Kane and Undertaker vs Robert Wadlow and The Elephant Man

  • preston yo - 3 weeks ago

    He would be only if he was the worlds strongest and tallest man in the world

  • RedRagingBeast - 3 weeks ago

    Maori from new zealand in the 1600 used to be 10ft tall and muscular and used to hunt

  • Thomas McCoy - 4 weeks ago

    i think he would have been a awesome wrestler i would pay good 💰 to see him sorry that he died dam

  • Robert - 4 weeks ago

    Thumbs up. He was no wrestler. Too many health problems.

  • David 100 - 4 weeks ago

    Robert is 8feet 11in Andre 7feet 4in

  • DTV enertaimt - 4 weeks ago

    I wish he was in ww e wresting name the giant of the world and destroy Braun stromen

  • Toomas J - 4 weeks ago

    Robert is the tallest man in the history. Ofcourse he could be wrestler

  • Saurav Bhat - 4 weeks ago

    giant gonzalez was initially 7 feet 6inches tall. And then grew taller to 8 feet (244cm). He was the strongest one and the largest athlete . He had tremendously long arms. But if robert wadlow would have survived,he would have surpassed gonzalez in wrestling with an unbelievable built of his body!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lesnarfan92 - 4 weeks ago

    i wonder how big his dick was ?

  • philaman1972 - 4 weeks ago

    Mr. Wadlow lived a very difficult and painful life, like Andre.

  • Bill Nolastname - 4 weeks ago

    It can't be denied that nobody ever managed to slam him. Not even Hogan during their bout at Wrestlemania.

  • STEJTHEGREATEST - 1 month ago


  • Curly Lambeau - 1 month ago

    Goliath was recorded to be 9' 6,... they have found taller skeletons than wadlow...

  • Hamad Ghafoor - 1 month ago