TDIY Giant Cargo Plane | Flite Test

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Published on Jun 22, 2015

If you saw this guy at JoeNall 2014, it's gone through some growing pains. Peter walks us through the updates and re-maidens the Giant Cargo Plane! Check out the article:

FT Guinea Pig:

Waterproof Foam:

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  • Prop Ability FPV - 4 days ago

    you should park a quad in it and drop the quad out mid flihgt

  • XxSlySlinger v1 - 5 days ago

    Make it the offical pubg cargo plane

  • Kim Heyman - 1 week ago

    how do you make a rc plane

  • Discombobulated Ethan - 1 week ago

    Paint this and fly it into a building and see what happebs

  • Aguvika - 1 week ago

    I assume you all studied aerospace engineering in colleges??

  • tony sansom - 2 weeks ago

    VERY impressive!

  • Isaias Barbosa - 2 weeks ago


  • Adam 534 - 2 weeks ago


  • Shane Robinson - 3 weeks ago

    Cool as love to c it painted and flying

  • prisonMike - 3 weeks ago

    The slowness makes it fly scale looks nice and chill

  • shawn cell - 4 weeks ago

    Do a blimp filled with helium on same scale as airplane

  • shawn cell - 4 weeks ago

    wow i really didn't think it would fly: when it did go up i thot it was going to crash: it was like watching a trainwreck . you guy are amazing

  • Wolf 4545 - 4 weeks ago

    I need that plane! :D

  • John Taylor - 4 weeks ago

    Just found the Flie Test videos .... very entertaining.

  • Rc Dude - 1 month ago

    Bring this thing back I want to see it again

  • Jet Tolentino - 1 month ago

    Peter make a flying SHOP and if someone wants to buy they screen and u land it and put a cashier on the flying shop

  • Bear Artorius - 1 month ago

    You guys should do a build off for the slowest plane possible. Minimum 35# weight. Slowest plane in level flight wins.

  • Devean White - 1 month ago

    he needs to have more faith

  • Matthew Latz - 1 month ago

    I love this plane to bad you can’t fit people in it

  • Matthew Latz - 1 month ago

    They need to drop cargo from that and have a cam inside of the cargo bay and cockpit and make it like the flight has controls on a device

  • Jason Gooden - 2 months ago

    people could smuggle things across the border with that.

  • Martin Hrda - 2 months ago

    Děkuju za tip

  • Oskar Johannssen - 2 months ago

    I challenge u to build a boat to drive in

  • Matthew_44 - 2 months ago

    u cant spell

  • Sqq da dude - 2 months ago

    Use sharklets makes it go faster

  • David d - 2 months ago

    Man Peter is good, he really makes you guys look like amateurs.

  • ShizL - 2 months ago

    :thinks about building a kamikaze with fireworks for New Year's Eve:

  • LIL'0L3 TO0NZ - 2 months ago

    Terrifying.... You should see me with a big stingray kite

  • Zaven Ruvalcaba - 2 months ago

    Imagine driving a hamster in there😂

  • Lorenzo Auteri - 3 months ago

    Peter with the puns