TMcDonald’s Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce TASTE TEST! (Cheat Day)

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Published on Oct 11, 2017

WE GOT THE SAUCE! That’s right, we managed to get a REAL packet of the Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce from McDonald’s!! (It only set us back $125. DON’T JUDGE. We are doing this for YOU!)

Rick and Morty fans asked for it, and McDonald’s delivered - well, sorta, kinda, not really... And in order to do a true taste test, we made our own homemade recipe of Szechuan Sauce to see if it lived up to the infamous McD’s version. Which was better?! Watch & Find Out!

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Thanks to Claire Lower from Skillet for the Szechuan Sauce recipe!!! Check it out here:

Talk to the girls about the episode:

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  • - 2 days ago


  • Renad Algarni - 2 days ago

    Blend your foundation down your neck kids

  • Napalm Yoshi - 4 days ago

    I've tried it it tastes like teriyaki sauce

  • lena1699 - 4 days ago

    If im not mistaken, Szechuan sauce is Chinese BBQ sauce... Basically lol

  • Pressedlily - 1 week ago

    Szechuan sauce looks like a mixture of bbq and teriyaki sauce.

  • Gilbert Mendez - 1 week ago

    I tried it and it tastes like soy sauce with barbecue sauce and I’m not a person who eats sweet food I eat spicy so I didn’t like it

  • Tarzan Tray - 1 week ago

    Im fricking doneeeeeeeeeeeeee all for some dang Szechuan Sauce

  • MissIdk {K-Pop} - 2 weeks ago

    Little did they know that McDonald’s would bring it back

  • Natty Features More - 2 weeks ago

    you guys are stupid if you would have just waited lol mcdonalds brought it back like ligit just 50cents but it dosent have rick and morty on it so thats probably a rare collector item now

  • brin w - 2 weeks ago

    i got the sauce yesterday at mcdonalds for free??

  • Xemnin - 2 weeks ago

    It's basically soy sauce. I tried it. Meh.

  • rickest rick - 2 weeks ago

    The peak of consumerism ~

  • ChuK Ko - 2 weeks ago

    "Booze fixes everything." Well said.

  • Magen.D. Postema - 2 weeks ago

    Not even real szechuan...were are the szechuan pepper corns...where is the ground chili....thats basically soy BBQ sauce guys...look up real szechuan oil and it's really easy to make and tastes won't regret it.

  • idonotmakevidsyet - 2 weeks ago

    There are way better chinese sauces than that szechuan sauce

  • alex ruso - 2 weeks ago

    i’m sitting here eating my szechuan sauce that i got with my meal for normal price ahaha

  • Richard / Ramheads - 2 weeks ago

    Lmao I work at McDonald’s and well... I get as much as I want moahahahaha

  • Marc Marc - 2 weeks ago

    *little did they know McDonalds brought it back and made it free*

  • Francesca Skip - 3 weeks ago


  • Ci Fur - 3 weeks ago

    Szechuan Sauce was way too hyped. Just tastes like a sauce you would put on chinese food. Sweet with a weird smell.

  • Wesley Hawkins - 3 weeks ago

    Message me for it i have alot of it

  • kronic33 D - 3 weeks ago


  • Zoonie 24 - 3 weeks ago

    Watching this now eating the sauce since McDonald’s brought it back

  • Sharon Waldrop - 3 weeks ago

    Lol who's watching after Feb 26 while eating Szechuan sauce

  • Gabby C. - 3 weeks ago

    Joslyn’s face when Erin says it will expand!😂

  • aggieforlife13 - 3 weeks ago

    you guys have gutter palettes. I just had some, and it has a great taste of ginger underneath the sweet soy. This would be great to dip potstickers, sushi, or panko shrimp.

  • Echo Marie - 3 weeks ago

    where I live the McDonald's in Ohio they have a whole bunch of Szechuan sauce and we get it free.

  • Francisco Armenta - 3 weeks ago

    Fire eating it rite now

  • Salt - 3 weeks ago

    rick and morty is for kids with autism

  • Troll Face - 3 weeks ago

    I got my own sauce today with my order of chicken tenders