T6 Women Take Off Their Makeup For the World to See | Cosmopolitan

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Published on Dec 17, 2013

Six women took off their makeup, and revealed what they love about their bare faces. What do you love about yourself?

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  • Taranum Sheikh - 1 day ago

    the 1st one was more pretty with out makeup

  • Tiara MIKAEL - 1 week ago

    The best natural makeup from God to the women is a smile

  • Renegade Rants - 1 week ago

    When the first girl was wearing make up, I thought "wow, she's gonna look bad with that off, she's wearing a lot" but NO, when she took it off, I sincerely found her 10 x more attractive and glowing than with make up on.

  • Ann Malone - 1 week ago

    3 and 4 don’t even need make up...

  • Tamara Tamara - 1 week ago

    so much better than the video from Vogue! thank you! so much more real! <3

  • Beyond The Memes. - 1 week ago

    2:06 she’s so beautiful 😍

  • Femke van der Voort - 1 week ago

    love this I just don't understand the horrible lighting and the black background.

  • NellyPlaysMSP - 1 week ago

    Umm, no offense but they all have good skin with no acne! and I was hoping for them to show people who wear makeup like the way beauty gurus do it

  • straight nimation - 1 week ago

    the 4th girl withot make up is really pretty

  • Kassandra Chavez - 1 week ago

    Any one else not where makeup, or am I the only one.

  • Zhané Spann - 1 week ago

    The first girl looked a lot better without makeup

  • vwgolfman2000 - 1 week ago

    Watching women remove their makeup is a turn-on. :-D

  • Eric Chum - 1 week ago

    1:37 she looks the same lol

  • orange orange - 1 week ago

    Whenever I'm doing makeup, I feel so good. I dont wear makeup to hide scars or something,but I just love makeup.

  • Clash with Jake - 1 week ago

    All of you guys look better without the makeup

  • Miyu Chan - 1 week ago

    Asians r more beautiful without makeup -.- all of them all of them they r more beautiful without it

  • Bleach 2.0 - 1 week ago

    All of them were beautiful 😊❤

  • Emma Mazza - 1 week ago

    i am the only one who don't wear make up like never?

  • Dien M - 1 week ago

    My god!! The 3rd girl was...something else 😍😍😍😍😎🤗

  • Kadokkendall Kylie - 1 week ago

    Actually they smile kinda fake when they removed the makeup like they tryin so hard to be hpy. Lol thats happen when u wearing too much makeup

  • Nastya Hanzhova - 1 week ago

    so much rubbing, though... what's with the makeup wipes these days, is it really that hard to be gentle with your skin and, I don't know, use oil or balm to take everything off? God.

  • Jenny Mochi - 1 week ago

    Still so pretty!!

  • Girl Q - 1 week ago

    Oh no no.…the brows. 2013 was a dark time in eyebrow culture

  • Apple Jamz - 1 week ago

    Wait their eyes are puffy when the camera is starting to film

  • Apple Jamz - 1 week ago


  • Asya Bakr - 1 week ago

    they all have such beautiful, and, clear skin.

  • Lauras Chronicles - 1 week ago

    these women are soo fucking beautiful with and without the makeup

  • stuck onew - 1 week ago

    aww they're still looks stunning even without makeup

  • Dharshini Jothikumar - 1 week ago

    Omg...every one looks so pretty without makeup...unlike me..😕😭😢

  • the saleslady - 1 week ago

    Inner beauty is the real beauty.