I Wore Platform Crocs For A Week

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Published on Apr 21, 2018

So a few months ago I saw these wild shoes online - and thought instantly that we had to try them out for our ~questionable fashion decision~ series! So I got these Balenciaga Platform Crocs and wore them around for a week, just to see if they could be styled and generally how crazy they were! What do you think? Would you dare try the platform croc?

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  • Safiya Nygaard - Channel Youtube
    Safiya Nygaard - 1 month ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! no, i don't know why i did this either. what do you think of these shoes?? wait until the end for an update on the frankenphora lipstick giveaway! xoxo, saf

  • Dark Howler - Channel Youtube
    Dark Howler - 4 hours ago

    I feel like they're extremely overpriced. Though the black ones might have matched most of your outfits better.

  • Alicia LeRoy - Channel Youtube
    Alicia LeRoy - 4 hours ago

    I hate Crocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mabooo - Channel Youtube
    mabooo - 6 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Crockett - Channel Youtube
    Elizabeth Crockett - 7 hours ago

    I would honestly love to see her in a hot, leather pink jacket and miniskirt

  • Fernanda Nunez - Channel Youtube
    Fernanda Nunez - 8 hours ago


  • Jaya F - Channel Youtube
    Jaya F - 9 hours ago

    I feel like... 'platform crocs' belongs in the same sentence as 'Trump is president of the USA'. It's somehow dirty.... You always look fabulous, however.

  • Jazmin Acevedo - Channel Youtube
    Jazmin Acevedo - 9 hours ago

    Does anyone know where she got her dress from ? The bat sleeved one

  • Gabriela Melendez - Channel Youtube
    Gabriela Melendez - 12 hours ago

    I feel sorry that she spent so much money, so I subscribed

  • Shae Perez - Channel Youtube
    Shae Perez - 12 hours ago

    “just being shooketh for shookeths sake” ded lmao

  • Izabela Roloff - Channel Youtube
    Izabela Roloff - 13 hours ago

    I love them

  • Elaina Hall - Channel Youtube
    Elaina Hall - 14 hours ago

    I want these why are they so much

  • Rachel mac - Channel Youtube
    Rachel mac - 17 hours ago

    Why didn’t she get the black ones!!!

  • Adalicia Arias - Channel Youtube
    Adalicia Arias - 18 hours ago

    I Love them

  • moons silk - Channel Youtube
    moons silk - 22 hours ago

    why do i kind of like them

  • London Diaries - Channel Youtube
    London Diaries - 1 day ago

    pleeeeease home tour <3 like if you need . ahome tour :)

  • I am Pusheen the Cat - Channel Youtube
    I am Pusheen the Cat - 1 day ago

    why am i not suprised that she went to disney land

  • Origami Octopi - Channel Youtube
    Origami Octopi - 1 day ago

    No lie, if there were less pins i would wear the shit out of these

  • Danny Rodriguez - Channel Youtube
    Danny Rodriguez - 2 days ago

    13:22 when you tell yourself you can do it but then reality hits you 😂

  • Danny Rodriguez - Channel Youtube
    Danny Rodriguez - 2 days ago

    You made the pink crocs look so good on the third outfit!!!!! I don’t even like crocs at all!!!!

  • Rebecca Burns - Channel Youtube
    Rebecca Burns - 2 days ago

    I made my boyfriend watch this and he said the all-ugly-clothes outfit made you look like a bad guy from Dora. I'm dying lmao

  • Imogen Devey - Channel Youtube
    Imogen Devey - 2 days ago

    Crocs are my childhood

  • amayia giscombe - Channel Youtube
    amayia giscombe - 2 days ago

    No lie, i would wear these

  • Natalie Hasting - Channel Youtube
    Natalie Hasting - 2 days ago

    I think u should have wore the clear plastic cloths with the crocs

  • Chicken.wings - Channel Youtube
    Chicken.wings - 2 days ago

    How can she pull off anything second outfit is so cute even though the crocs are “interesting”. Just saw third outfit 😍

  • Chicken.wings - Channel Youtube
    Chicken.wings - 2 days ago

    Dora joins spice girls

  • Cakey me - Channel Youtube
    Cakey me - 2 days ago


  • Riley Kate - Channel Youtube
    Riley Kate - 3 days ago

    3:21 anyone else see that lady in the back on the bench recording😂

  • jaimegarcia123 - Channel Youtube
    jaimegarcia123 - 3 days ago

    Your legs look great in those crocs!

  • Brianna Ramirez - Channel Youtube
    Brianna Ramirez - 3 days ago

    The last outfit gave me anxiety