TCelebrities Who Can't Stand Jennifer Lawrence

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Published on Mar 18, 2018

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Everyone's got haters, even girl-next-door Jennifer Lawrence. Some fans believe the actress's attempts to be super-relatable are a mere marketing ploy, while others find her behavior off-putting. In addition, the Hunger Games star has managed to rack up some A-list enemies. Here are the celebs who simply can't stand J-Law...

Lindsay Lohan | 0:19
Jared Leto | 1:14
Joan Rivers | 1:51
Chloë Sevigny | 2:49
Miley Cyrus | 3:24
Spencer Pratt | 4:16

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  • Nicki Swift - 1 month ago

    Are you fan of JLaw's? Or are you like some of these celebs and can't stand her?

  • Miki981 - 7 hours ago

    Mostly irrelevant people... Spencer Prat and Lindsey Lohan! I but JLaw looses sleep over their comments!

  • Roshni Gawandi - 12 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan - A listers?? 🤔🤔

  • greatunz67 - 16 hours ago

    I like Jlaws honesty and agree with everything she said/says about people. Fuck the haters.

  • xodizzyvalentinexo - 18 hours ago

    😂😂 i 🧡 jared leto

  • Godisgood Allthetime - 18 hours ago

    While I'm not a celeb. I can't stand her either!

  • Michael Cain - 19 hours ago

    She IS annoying tho

  • TheMarker2015 L.S - 20 hours ago

    Lindsey Lohan went from adorable child in trapping her adopted parents to get back together to radical Islamic within a few decades. Speaks for itself. All the others I don't know hahaha

  • Quinceps - 2 days ago

    I think we don't need celebrities' opinions to tell whether Lawrence of any other is nice, fake, or crass.

  • Robert Kautz - 2 days ago

    I hate her but you're no better for doing dumb gossip vids like this.

  • Tuan Le - 2 days ago

    her facials are good thou

  • Valerie Lueth - 2 days ago

    Spencer Pratt has done what in the past 10 years? He’s not a celeb anymore. If anyone is over. It’s him


    i'd happily bang her if you ask me

  • Jo S. - 3 days ago

    When you said A list celebs, I was not expecting this list. I don't understand how anything she said was annoying. Are people supposed to just act like goody two shoes all the time so everyone will like them? Her personality has always been someone who speaks her mind. There's a different between crass and just being yourself.

  • GBoi1 - 3 days ago

    Overrated bitch

  • Mike - 3 days ago

    I can't believe I actually watched this. The whole thing... It does not improve at any point.

  • Winter Spice - 3 days ago

    Some people just don't like crass unless it's a little intimidating. She's not intimidating - she seems a little pleased with herself, which frankly makes her an easy target, IMO.

  • Grandiose Pte Ltd - 3 days ago

    That's like incest..grow up together and...

  • Summer Girl - 3 days ago

    Why she is da the best JLaw all the way

  • Melissa Rumble - 4 days ago

    IMO jlaw is overrated. I used to like her professionally but after everything I hear or things she’s done seem childish and bitchy.. she needs to grow up and take her head out of her ass if she wants to last in Hollywood or she’ll become a washed up actress no one remembers. If it wasn’t for fans watching her movies and supporting her she wouldn’t have a job.. the very least she could do is respect her fans.. but she doesn’t. She even stated in an interview that she rejects photos from fans cuz she’d rather take selfies with them at the red carpet where she is dressed up..Not everyone can go to red carpets and movie premiers.. I live in Canada and honestly chances of me meeting someone I like is less then one percent so yes.. if I see someone I like I may want a selfie or an autograph (if I have enough courage to ask that is). But she says no I don’t owe fans anything. (Even tho fans are the reason she gets paid). Luckily all the ppl I like are amazing with their fans.

  • My Me - 4 days ago

    Come on who takes Jen seriously she's always joking so be easy people clearly she was laughing and not serious with mostly everything she said she believe it's a light weight and a joke. I think ppl who hate her just latch of her. She clearly doesn't give two fucks about them.

  • Marx Karl. - 4 days ago

    Spencer Pratt isn't even human let alone a celebrity!

  • Oclesyo Nascimento - 4 days ago

    Just one Word- bealtifull

  • Ashley - 4 days ago

    I loved her until her friendship with Amy Schumer

  • Matthew Skucas - 4 days ago

    After her 60 minutes interview, I realized its all a grab for attention. She said she dropped out of middle school, and if she would do it again, she would do the same thing. Thats a terrible example for young girls.

  • the invisible me - 4 days ago

    She is a drunk.

  • ChristsJoy7 - 4 days ago

    Hollywood needs to get over them selves. wow how pathetic these people are

  • Little Shepherd Farm - 4 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is a hack. She does good in some movies but she's a complete moron outside of the set and I HATED the entire Hunger Games series. They were so fake and her acting wasn't all that great. She's a drunk too. Just don't like her. But that goes for about 90% of all the other actors as well. They're all a bunch of money hungry wastes.

  • Ruslan Valer - 4 days ago


  • Jennifer Kim - 4 days ago

    I hate her