THarmony, A Beautiful Lady AI Robot Can Replace Your Bed Partner || Advanced Humanoid Robot.

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Published on Dec 26, 2017

Harmony, A Beautiful Lady AI Robot Can Replace Your Bed Partner || Advanced Humanoid Robot.

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A beautiful robot
Harmony is unlike any simple doll that you may have seen before. She is a combination of the highest quality doll in the world with
advanced robotic components, and is powered with the ultimate customizable AI to deliver the most enjoyable conversation and interaction
you can have with a machine.

1. Eyes. :
The eyes are synchronized with the application and look around and blink for a lifelike presence. Built-in cameras are in development.

2. Mouth. :

Her gorgeous looking mouth has lip-sync mechanisms installed to assure her lips move according to the corresponding phonemes when she
speaks, and allows for multiple expressions.

3. Neck: Utilizing a mechanical articulated neck, Harmony’s head can turn left, right, up and down. The neck comes with a modular
adaptor enabling it to be attached to many different bodies.

4. Body. :
Harmony’s body is skilfully crafted down to the finest details. Although it is not equipped with animatronic parts yet, it can be
positioned and moved into hundreds of positions.

5. Face.:

The modular face system was designed to enable users to attach different faces to the same skull base, allowing for multiple characters
on one platform.

6. Software. :

The Harmony AI app is the brain that runs the robotic head. You will need to download the app and synchronize it with the head via
Bluetooth, and your robot will ‘come to life’.

7. Support.:

Most of the parts can be easily replaced and you likely won’t need to exchange the whole head in the unlikely even of damage. We will
also be offering service and support plans.

8. Systems.:

Harmony’s body can be equipped with sensors in different areas to allow her to feel your touch, as well as internal heating and self
lubrication that responds to the AI software.

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  • Inventions World - 3 months ago

    Harmony, A Beautiful Lady AI Robot Can Replace Your Bed Partner || Advanced Humanoid Robot.

  • Shoaldaddy Jamie - 1 day ago

    Shes a digital cum bucket lol

  • theo b - 2 days ago

    Anyone else reminded of that Rick and Morty episode where Morty has a child?

  • FatalPies - 2 days ago

    But can it get pregnant? Nope, no use then.

  • Arman De Guzman - 2 days ago

    Finally they found a solution for AIDS !

  • Joyson Hu - 6 days ago

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  • K. Masamune - 1 week ago

    Did they not see Futurama?

  • The Quaker - 1 week ago

    Mentally ill fags!

  • Brandon Penna - 2 weeks ago

    Hahajaja unreal 🙊

  • Kennth Bennett - 2 weeks ago

    No faker than these guys that get sex changes

  • 1964sleepy - 2 weeks ago


  • Ricky Roma - 3 weeks ago

    , yeah like someone's going to buy that for conversation. What a stupid video

  • Rainy's world - - 3 weeks ago

    Make me a male one that's taller than fucking 5 feet ;^; why are all the male ones are in the five foot area im five 8 i don't wanna want a man shorter than me especially since I'm gonna pay for him 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

  • Dead--living - 3 weeks ago

    We all know sex with robots is cumming Sorry autistic joke I'm going back to watch spongebob now

  • Ricky Roma - 3 weeks ago

    Gross lip piercings? What other robot talked that robot into the ugly piercing?

  • Ricky Roma - 3 weeks ago

    the lips are too big

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  • Jay Evans - 1 month ago


  • Ford Windsor SVT - 1 month ago

    Sad that something like this can have more loyalty and integrity than a living person. I've never cheated on my any partners yet have been cheated on simply for giving my trust to untrustworthy partners.

  • Charles F - 1 month ago

    Does hidden code lets her chomp hard during oral if she detects you are abusive to women? What kinds of films will be financed by eunuch Hollywood producers? Maybe Weinstein could order a rubber tooth version if he pays off the warden enough.

  • Huh Joe - 1 month ago

    Now I can fuck this, while I cuddle with my waifu on Oculus

  • James Roper - 1 month ago

    I've seen too many Terminator movies, to put any trust in a robot. Besides, I prefer real women over a bunch of wires and hydraulics covered in rubber.

  • olsparky wisenheimer - 1 month ago

    I bet that dude has "loaded" a lot into that system..

  • About Creativity - 1 month ago

    Very good.

  • bhoomi deva - 1 month ago

    I need one now right now I am fed up with heart breaking women and their relations

  • Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I - 2 months ago

    thats cool , but i rather want an intelligent robot thats like an universal Maid that can also talk about lots of things with you ( or play games with you )

  • Amauri Entertainment - 2 months ago

    im horny now

  • John Pendltton - 2 months ago

    Special orders? I’m a Star Trek fan. Can they be made to resemble Vulcans Andorians Klingons etc?

  • Tormod Hjelmeseth - 2 months ago

    Higher quality than most woman.