10 Worst Albums of 2017

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Published on Dec 21, 2017

IT'S HERE! The list everyone's been anticipating / dreading: my ten worst albums of 2017. They're listed below alphabetically; listen at your own discretion.

AJR - The Click
Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD6KJ7QtQH8&ab_channel=AJR

Brain / Lil Dicky - I'm Brain
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtC4THSrbQ8&ab_channel=theneedledrop

The Chainsmokers - Memories... Do Not Open
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyQfrJRTYSo&ab_channel=theneedledrop

Chris Brown - Heartbreak on a Full Moon
Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYzBNSoFbpo&ab_channel=ChrisBrownVEVO

Eminem - Revival
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14Py6kcxKKQ&ab_channel=theneedledrop

Lil Yachty - Teenage Emotions
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjx2OBFrUAE&ab_channel=theneedledrop

Maroon 5 - Red Pill Blues
Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66tHQ-3nZa8&ab_channel=Maroon5-Topic

Prophets of Rage - Self-Titled
Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0zGGb65d1A&ab_channel=ProphetsOfRage

Various Artists - The Fate of the Furious: The Album
Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMimIZJiMp0&ab_channel=PnBRock

XXXTentacion - 17
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmYXxJs0uCk&ab_channel=theneedledrop

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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

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  • Ted Boggess - Channel Youtube
    Ted Boggess - 4 hours ago


  • Caitlyn McDowell - Channel Youtube
    Caitlyn McDowell - 10 hours ago

    I dont agree with ajr but then again I am a millenial

  • Starblax - Channel Youtube
    Starblax - 2 days ago

    I fucking hate modern rap but I have to hard disagree with 17 being at the top

  • TheDankness9 - Channel Youtube
    TheDankness9 - 3 days ago

    _Play with that pussy like peek-a-bottle of nair, 'cause she got buns, and I don't wanna know, know, know, that I got aspergers_

  • Ryan 126 - Channel Youtube
    Ryan 126 - 3 days ago

    17 is one of my favorite album

  • Anna Vo - Channel Youtube
    Anna Vo - 4 days ago

    Bro I hate you for saying that Ajr sucks

  • albertice2 - Channel Youtube
    albertice2 - 4 days ago

    I liked 17. but it wasnt exactly a very "deep" album. I guess it's just up to personal opinion anyway.

  • George Arvanitis - Channel Youtube
    George Arvanitis - 5 days ago

    Your new names at the start of your videos never fail to make me chuckle.

  • Skye - Channel Youtube
    Skye - 5 days ago

    AJR - The Click wasn't bad..... It's one of my favorites.....

  • EricTheBoringOne - Channel Youtube
    EricTheBoringOne - 5 days ago

    Slutthony Fucktano

  • EricTheBoringOne - Channel Youtube
    EricTheBoringOne - 5 days ago


  • MAGA POWER - Channel Youtube
    MAGA POWER - 6 days ago

    stop with the spastic expressions already girl!!

  • Guns4 Activists - Channel Youtube
    Guns4 Activists - 6 days ago

    You are my favorite liberalvegan youtuber

  • greeo - Channel Youtube
    greeo - 6 days ago

    funny to hear the fate of the furious take post black panther proving it can be done right

  • amirmasoud ashrafi - Channel Youtube
    amirmasoud ashrafi - 7 days ago

    Yeah fuck Eminem

  • Internet Comment - Channel Youtube
    Internet Comment - 1 week ago

    Lol fuck that Florida blue haired retard

  • Keaton Moore - Channel Youtube
    Keaton Moore - 1 week ago

    17 is good

  • Sterling Pilgrim - Channel Youtube
    Sterling Pilgrim - 1 week ago

    The Left can't meme

  • samuel giovas - Channel Youtube
    samuel giovas - 1 week ago

    17 isnt good, but how the fuck is it worse than revival HAHAHA

  • リーリエLillie - Channel Youtube
    リーリエLillie - 1 week ago

    Ajr only has one song I like, that being I'm Weak

  • Emma Planas - Channel Youtube
    Emma Planas - 1 week ago


  • hamilton lacey - Channel Youtube
    hamilton lacey - 1 week ago

    Like I agree with you until the xxxtentacion album I don’t think it was that bad. What I guess at the end of the day it’s your opinion

  • Emma Georgia - Channel Youtube
    Emma Georgia - 1 week ago

    God I hate AJR with a passion

  • dan glenzig - Channel Youtube
    dan glenzig - 1 week ago

    still gotta check out that P.O.R. record 🃏🃏🃏

  • Lazy Mexican - Channel Youtube
    Lazy Mexican - 1 week ago

    I would switch 1 with 2 and 2 with one mainly because it was a huge let down

  • Evan Acree - Channel Youtube
    Evan Acree - 1 week ago

    Agreed with everything on your list besides Lil Dicky. I find that that EP is something your supposed to make fun of and laugh your ass off too

  • PSKPRO - Channel Youtube
    PSKPRO - 2 weeks ago

    “Made professional rapper”

  • Patrick Faynor - Channel Youtube
    Patrick Faynor - 2 weeks ago

    U forgot there’s really a wolf by Russ

  • V0DK4_ 1103 - Channel Youtube
    V0DK4_ 1103 - 2 weeks ago

    Why is it that everyone hates Revival? That was an amazing album

  • Lil Drop - Channel Youtube
    Lil Drop - 2 weeks ago

    How tf is 17 1st the fuck is wrong with you you probably don't even know the backstory to anything