THow to make pastrami like a New York deli - Part 1

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Published on May 24, 2012

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  • El Guapo - 1 month ago

    Disgusting contamination of everything! This guy is no chef! He touches raw meat and then touches everything without washing his hands. Ridiculous!

  • The Real Estate Advisors - 1 month ago


  • palladini971 - 1 month ago

    You have made corned beef so far, to make it pastrami it needed to be smoked over some wood.

  • Panupat Chongstitwattana - 4 months ago

    Eye-balling curing salt, are you serious? You can kill people that way.

  • Proximity Symbol - 5 months ago

    No brine first?

  • Raymond Quadros - 5 months ago

    I admire this guy for making these series of Video's, but there are so many things that he does that is simply wrong.

  • OnyxCMB - 5 months ago

    Way to Cross contaminate everything, especially the brown sugar 😝🤢🤒😷

  • dread head - 7 months ago

    Did he die though

  • texasdee slinglead - 8 months ago

    grocery store pastrami is nasty. I used to work for a small family owned deli in eugen oregon that made their own pastrami. it was incredible. never found pastrami that good ever again. 😥. imat the point now , I'll make my own.

  • michael stradley - 9 months ago

    No way this guy is a "chef"...he is a virgin Utuber,,,LAME

  • Allen R - 9 months ago

    Stick to your goat meat Raul... We don't handle cow meat in such a manor, just saying.

  • john kilcher - 9 months ago

    Brisket from Shop Rite???? Are you frigging kidding me? You cannot make corned beef or brisket without no fat.... this guy is a jerk!!

  • THESHOMROM - 9 months ago

    You are contaminating everything you touch by touching your containers! Everything should have been pre measured.

  • jack daniels - 10 months ago

    are you a chef???? you hold raw meat and then you touched everything around you. none real chef would make this fatal mistake.. why dont you have the spice mix ready made in a bowl??anyway,,,,thanks for the recipe..

  • A Winter - 11 months ago

    Dude mix your spices

  • typorrhea - 12 months ago

    I just tried this and was very happy with the results. Did 2 things differently: I smoked it for 8hrs on my Weber instead of oven roasting (because I could; I am guessing this video is geared towards the apartment set). I also *forgot* to perforate / stab the brisket before applying the cure. It didn't seem to effect the final product in fact I only soaked it just over 2 hours in clean water after the cure and it wasn't too salty at all. Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate your process! I watched a lot of videos but kept coming back to this series because your results frankly looked the best. I highly recommend finding a way to smoke instead of roast but all the other prep was the same. Thanks again!

  • David Pereslete - 12 months ago

    Hay!! I would like to know why you don't use pink salt. I was about to for the red meat color, etc. But then I saw that you don't. Also, you don't go for 3 or 4 weeks like Katz does----and you dry cure. They also use the navel cut and not brisket. Like to know your reasons. -Thankx

  • Keep it Reel Fishing - 1 year ago

    not kosher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Gaffney - 1 year ago

    once he said the "other piece" (as in the point) is useless...he lost all credibility. plus the cross contamination..hard pass

  • Sam M. - 1 year ago

    As an added bonus, learn how to cross contaminate your bag of brown sugar.

  • Donny Hernandez - 1 year ago

    you're cross contaminating everything. very uncleanly

  • Danne Ph - 1 year ago

    Juts fill i whit chemicals :(

  • ncroc - 1 year ago

    Did he just put sugar on meat ? Probably would taste more like Chinese food than pastrami.

  • Cleve Carpenter - 1 year ago

    Sorry... But this is not how you make pastrami like a new york deli...

  • Gregor Miller - 2 years ago

    OH hey NDE, put a stray in the corner of the bag, zip the bag to the straw, use straw to rid as much excess air as you can whilezip the end of the bag, hope that helps.

  • themightyparthos - 2 years ago

    Nice product placement @3:24... Bad handling of items, very unclean. Dry rub pastrami???

  • kapachangos - 2 years ago

    Why dont make a mix of spices and rub all at same time?

  • Ismail Tarkan Coban - 2 years ago

    this is not original pastrami or turkish pastirma guys .... the butchers in kayseri lough you out men .... dame

  • Kerem KORUR - 2 years ago

    interesting. we dont actually cook the pastırma. (i know they are both coming from same center). both are turkish cuisine anyways.

  • Glock2201 - 2 years ago

    You can too make Pastrami from corned beef. I have done it before. You might feel your way is better tasting which it very well be but you can still do it.