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Published on Mar 29, 2018

Check out this compilation of clever hacks for every occassion, they may come in handy any time! How to cut vegetables, make frozen yoghurt pops, beer box cooler, start fire with chips and tons of different helpful stuff! :)

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0:53 Quick salad
5:35 How to cut vegetables
7:29 Cooling a drink fast
7:39 Paper bottle opener
10:52 Clip razor protector
11:00 Corn chips firestarter
31:16 Fork and spoon ideas

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  • 5-Minute Crafts - Channel Youtube
    5-Minute Crafts - 2 months ago

    Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hacks in the comment section! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Lots of love! Stay creative! ;) XOXOXO

  • HentaiWeabooMasterLord - Channel Youtube
    HentaiWeabooMasterLord - 1 minute ago

    No one needs to watch this if they have a mom.. Moms know everything

  • caitlin ben - Channel Youtube
    caitlin ben - 1 hour ago

    I was so confused by 18:00 until 19:00

  • Chloe Martinez - Channel Youtube
    Chloe Martinez - 1 hour ago


  • Britsaly Ibarra - Channel Youtube
    Britsaly Ibarra - 2 hours ago

    3:12 omg were does the piece of paper go! Like comment if u saw it🤣

  • Blackberry101 Infiniteplaylist - Channel Youtube
    Blackberry101 Infiniteplaylist - 3 hours ago

    my mom won't trust me with her silverware after this

  • Jose Rivasbojorquez - Channel Youtube
    Jose Rivasbojorquez - 3 hours ago

    I cut my lip with a razor and it hurted alot

  • Joshua Wheatcroft - Channel Youtube
    Joshua Wheatcroft - 3 hours ago

    This video is so stuiped 🤦‍♂️

  • Glitchy Grady - Channel Youtube
    Glitchy Grady - 3 hours ago

    23:06 IS THAT A MAN 0_0!! but this is a great video

  • goldman 23454 - Channel Youtube
    goldman 23454 - 4 hours ago

    How about that one occasion were the toilet paper is on the other side and you can't reach it???

  • Emba Snakey - Channel Youtube
    Emba Snakey - 4 hours ago

    Can you use hot chocolate powder and what if you dont have sugar?

  • Couldn't think of a good name - Channel Youtube
    Couldn't think of a good name - 5 hours ago

    "23 clever hack" 40 minutes ????????

  • Sqiuid Ward dabbing - Channel Youtube
    Sqiuid Ward dabbing - 5 hours ago

    12:53 wow

  • Gummy Cat Draws - Channel Youtube
    Gummy Cat Draws - 5 hours ago

    3:12 omg that peice of plastic went down her shirt 😂😂

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    360 YOLO - 5 hours ago

    Rip the FBI

  • Jason Lindbeck - Channel Youtube
    Jason Lindbeck - 6 hours ago

    You missed a spot with the glitter and lint roller!

  • GalaxyDog - Channel Youtube
    GalaxyDog - 6 hours ago

    R u guys from Russia? Just saw that microwave had - "старт" not start

  • Lucilene Miguel - Channel Youtube
    Lucilene Miguel - 7 hours ago


  • Brielyn Gray - Channel Youtube
    Brielyn Gray - 8 hours ago

    33:43 it looks like if you try to drink the soda it would spill all over you😂😂

  • vaxtangi lordkipanidze - Channel Youtube
    vaxtangi lordkipanidze - 8 hours ago

    Hubba hubba bubble tape has gum dispenser

  • Meena Bansal - Channel Youtube
    Meena Bansal - 8 hours ago


  • Missrynn - Channel Youtube
    Missrynn - 8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who does all of these already?

  • Aubree - Channel Youtube
    Aubree - 8 hours ago

    Wait did anyone else see the piece of chip bag disappear into her shirt @ 3:14 😂😂

  • Emily Pemberton - Channel Youtube
    Emily Pemberton - 8 hours ago

    Do I have to do everything with the peach?

  • Chomperguy 29 - Channel Youtube
    Chomperguy 29 - 10 hours ago

    3:08 The corner of that bag went to a bad place...

  • Chomperguy 29 - Channel Youtube
    Chomperguy 29 - 10 hours ago

    Which one is worse Troom Troom or his 5-Minute Crafts channel. It’s a hard choice tbh. The both are absolutely pointless and just a waste of time.

  • Jessica Smidt - Channel Youtube
    Jessica Smidt - 10 hours ago

    5 minute crafts 40 minute video .....

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    Isabella and friends Volgs - 11 hours ago

    I don’t like the ketchup one 🤮🤢

  • Aysha Ferreira - Channel Youtube
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  • Aysha Ferreira - Channel Youtube
    Aysha Ferreira - 12 hours ago

    Ei sua puta eu sei os truque embemsiu vc faz as coisas de proposito cuzona puta idiota feia gorda eu sei e quando as pessoas fazem não da certo putaaaaaa metida puta