Mixing All My Liquid Lipsticks Together

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Published on Nov 23, 2017

For my next installment of "Bad Makeup Science" I decided to tackle my liquid lipstick collection and mix them all together into one giant frankenlipstick! I have about 90 liquid lipsticks of all different kinds and brands - matte, velvet, satin, Kylie, Colourpop, Wet N Wild, Kat Von D and more... and I had to see what would happen if I mixed them all together! Which name did you guys like the best?

Also, if you're looking for a color dupe - i'm pretty sure love bite by kylie is a close one, as is toolips by colourpop!

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  • Safiya Nygaard - Channel Youtube
    Safiya Nygaard - 6 months ago

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING BBs!!! i hope u enjoy this bad makeup science video... i couldn't leave out my 88 liquid lipsticks (yes i know i have a problem). what should i do next?? i was thinking highlighters, to suit the festive mood! hehe. also, if you're looking for a color dupe - i'm pretty sure love bite by kylie is a close one, as is toolips by colourpop!

  • Rupi Cheema - Channel Youtube
    Rupi Cheema - 26 minutes ago

    Why didn't you just mix all of them in a bowl and put all that lipstick in altogether. I bet it would have been much faster.

  • aliaa adel - Channel Youtube
    aliaa adel - 2 hours ago

    name it holy pigmented purple i hope

  • MC C - Channel Youtube
    MC C - 3 hours ago

    Mix concealer! Like if you agree!

  • Jennifer Malcom - Channel Youtube
    Jennifer Malcom - 5 hours ago

    Perhaps next time, you should use a little mineral oil, next time.

  • ella elise - Channel Youtube
    ella elise - 8 hours ago

    I wanna know what lip color she's wearing during the video- it's beautiful!

  • Kimberly Unicorn - Channel Youtube
    Kimberly Unicorn - 9 hours ago

    Mix all your nailpolish together :D <3

  • alyssa lackie - Channel Youtube
    alyssa lackie - 9 hours ago

    The sticky/tacky part was probably from the lip sense because that you need the topcoat for and you did not use that

  • Malaika Waseem - Channel Youtube
    Malaika Waseem - 11 hours ago

    Dumbledore's pajamas

  • Abby B. - Channel Youtube
    Abby B. - 15 hours ago

    Thats color looks good on you

  • Pinke - Channel Youtube
    Pinke - 16 hours ago

    I'm thinking a straw would've worked better than the syringe. Haha

  • Rachel B - Channel Youtube
    Rachel B - 21 hours ago

    You should mix all of your concealers (if you have more than one anyway)

  • zeva charette - Channel Youtube
    zeva charette - 23 hours ago


  • Sharon Kour - Channel Youtube
    Sharon Kour - 24 hours ago

    U have beautiful skin n u suite lipsticks so much

  • Faith'sworld - Channel Youtube
    Faith'sworld - 1 day ago

    I’m glad you bleeped the bad words because my mom and dad are next to me!!

  • Gracie Knight - Channel Youtube
    Gracie Knight - 1 day ago

    Mix all of your eyebrow pencils together please! :)

  • Shalini Talla - Channel Youtube
    Shalini Talla - 1 day ago

    The way you talk is really awesome and you're really cute. Love your videos . u got a new subscriber 😊

  • Araya Middleton - Channel Youtube
    Araya Middleton - 1 day ago

    You should put a whole face of the makeup you make all day

  • Leslie Contreras - Channel Youtube
    Leslie Contreras - 1 day ago

    All of your franken-makeup matches. I've watched all of these now and when u wear them all together they all just match perfectly..

  • Libby Rees - Channel Youtube
    Libby Rees - 1 day ago

    the colur aactually looks awesome on your lips while in the tub it looks like something the dog sicked up lol

  • Avianna Riebel - Channel Youtube
    Avianna Riebel - 1 day ago

    she should make a video mixing all of her mascaras together.

  • nala productions - Channel Youtube
    nala productions - 1 day ago

    Buffy the buttwhole slayer

  • Kenzie Eltinay - Channel Youtube
    Kenzie Eltinay - 1 day ago

    hi safiya can u do a mixing all my eyebrow products pls

  • ShyButterfly 1220 - Channel Youtube
    ShyButterfly 1220 - 1 day ago

    Mixing all my bronzer/eyebrow?

  • Anastasiya Sosyuk - Channel Youtube
    Anastasiya Sosyuk - 2 days ago

    Mix every single conditioner of yours! (Or buy some and mix them idk lol)

  • Kylie Graal - Channel Youtube
    Kylie Graal - 2 days ago

    Intro song? :3

  • Kawaii Yesha - Channel Youtube
    Kawaii Yesha - 2 days ago

    i like the third but i also like (i made this up) Barney’s butthole

  • Caentali - Channel Youtube
    Caentali - 2 days ago

    Buffy the Butthole Slayer for sure

  • Weird Octopus - Channel Youtube
    Weird Octopus - 2 days ago

    Wut u want??? 6:24

  • Weird Octopus - Channel Youtube
    Weird Octopus - 2 days ago

    6:00 #fail (Titanic flute music in backround)