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Published on Mar 12, 2017

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) addresses members of the military (Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Sasheer Zamata, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, Kate McKinnon) during an alien invasion.

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  • Real Life Intuition - Channel Youtube
    Real Life Intuition - 3 hours ago

    Normalizing project Bluebeam, get ready for it.

  • Veranda Tales - Channel Youtube
    Veranda Tales - 1 week ago

    favorite lines "what? i am not an alien yes she is and so is the woman next to her right there, ohhh okay no...."

  • Shawn Austin - Channel Youtube
    Shawn Austin - 1 week ago

    Why he say California there are other states like Alaska, Colorado, Utah, texas,

  • Gary Whitehead - Channel Youtube
    Gary Whitehead - 2 weeks ago

    Sounds like the crowd loves fake trump almost as much as we love the real trump.

  • Will J - Channel Youtube
    Will J - 2 weeks ago

    The only thing unrealistic about this is illegal aliens and he should’ve pointed to a Hispanic guy that would have been funnier

  • Amit Gosain - Channel Youtube
    Amit Gosain - 2 weeks ago

    Jun 2018 😂

  • CoreyStaxz - Channel Youtube
    CoreyStaxz - 3 weeks ago

    SNL predicting the future ?

  • Savon Lofton - Channel Youtube
    Savon Lofton - 3 weeks ago

    "Ooh okay, no." 😂😂😂

  • LoriAnn Grilley-Jamroz - Channel Youtube
    LoriAnn Grilley-Jamroz - 3 weeks ago


  • Going Green - Channel Youtube
    Going Green - 3 weeks ago

    trump is such a worthless piece of a shit!!!!!

  • Anthony Epic - Channel Youtube
    Anthony Epic - 3 weeks ago

    this is disrespectful twords President Trump.

  • Marquis Bean-Breaston - Channel Youtube
    Marquis Bean-Breaston - 4 weeks ago

    3:40 That's racist!

  • john shoupe - Channel Youtube
    john shoupe - 4 weeks ago

    I'd like my 5 minutes and 22 seconds back. Sorry but that wasn't funny, like our military would be standing around as aliens invaded their base. Plus Alec Baldwin is just as arrogant, maybe more so, than Trump, and half as funny. I would like to see Trump back on SNL doing his best Alec Baldwin impression, like leaving voice messages to his 12 yr old daughter, or getting kicked off an airplane for refusing to turn off his cell phone because he was playing games on it.

  • Hippi Phuken - Channel Youtube
    Hippi Phuken - 4 weeks ago

    that's not funny because it's real LOL

  • Turnip - Channel Youtube
    Turnip - 4 weeks ago

    Alec sucks so bad... Why do people think he is so funny?

  • Reuben Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Reuben Johnson - 4 weeks ago

    Wait.. since when does 2nd ID have a 3 Star general? The only 3 Star in Korea is the commander of 8th army...

  • Leteca Tiina - Channel Youtube
    Leteca Tiina - 1 month ago

    I can't stand Alec Baldwin and not because he is doing a Trump impression, but because I just don't like him. Darrell Hammond FOREVER!!

  • Jean Blanco - Channel Youtube
    Jean Blanco - 1 month ago

    Joe Arnold for real

  • Emma Morgan - Channel Youtube
    Emma Morgan - 1 month ago

    Hahaha this place is full of soyboys and snowflakes! You really don't see it coming do you?! 😅 It's OK, it's ok, just keep using your head as a suppository, it'll all just pass hahaha!! We all go one. 5:5

  • Tim Riley - Channel Youtube
    Tim Riley - 1 month ago

    Alec's best impression by far

  • Graham Wild - Channel Youtube
    Graham Wild - 1 month ago

    Umm hello from 2018

  • Dailon Wilken - Channel Youtube
    Dailon Wilken - 1 month ago

    is it sad hes wearing a 1st and 2second infantry div patch u cant be in 2 infantry units js ...........

  • Yasi Soufi - Channel Youtube
    Yasi Soufi - 1 month ago

    There are good people/aliens on both sides, right?!!! 😂

  • CastleCrasher - Channel Youtube
    CastleCrasher - 1 month ago

    I ain't see no aliens yet

  • Biraj Lama - Channel Youtube
    Biraj Lama - 1 month ago

    Learn to respect your president.....

  • Gainey Gainey - Channel Youtube
    Gainey Gainey - 1 month ago

    That dumbass bottom lip is pissing me off

  • PK_ _Reeljoy - Channel Youtube
    PK_ _Reeljoy - 2 months ago

    Alec should be prez

  • rauokinn - Channel Youtube
    rauokinn - 2 months ago

    do racist people think that colored people are aliens like how trump Baldwin said

  • BornToBeFamed - Channel Youtube
    BornToBeFamed - 2 months ago

    Predictive program

  • L0stWolf - Channel Youtube
    L0stWolf - 2 months ago

    Imagine what would happen if someone made a video like this about Hillary. I can just taste the saltiness from the comments. Then the video is Saying jokes like- “how did the world fall?” It must have been something about those emails! Then Hillary backs into a corner. Then she says- don’t look at me look at the Russians. Then my boi Putin comes and he’s like. why the Russians? Then a feminist comes out and she’s like. Cause your a white male! Then Putin says-why don’t you stick to you whining it really suits your maturity level. If any of you get offended by this. Now you know how people feel. When they make these trump videos.