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Published on May 14, 2018

Millie is invited to help out at a Sugar Pine 7 event and she takes it VERY SERIOUSLY. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

Audio from Off Topic Podcast #100

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Animated by: Johnathan Floyd
Directed by: Andrew Lhotsky

About Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures:
The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.

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  • Samantha G - Channel Youtube
    Samantha G - 6 hours ago

    HEY EVERYONE I’m new here and was wondering if they make these clips from clips from their podcasts?

  • Lost Danimal - Channel Youtube
    Lost Danimal - 12 hours ago

    I like Millie. She is a good influence on Rooster Teeth.

  • TheLastHopefulTear Drop - Channel Youtube
    TheLastHopefulTear Drop - 16 hours ago

    Geoff is pussywhipped by his own kid

  • G Studios - Channel Youtube
    G Studios - 23 hours ago

    Millie doesn't mess around.

  • Ryan Wesemann - Channel Youtube
    Ryan Wesemann - 1 day ago

    I just turned 34 last month and Millie is more of an adult than am.

  • TheToxicZombie - Channel Youtube
    TheToxicZombie - 1 day ago

    I adore Millie, shes always been so well mannered and mature in everything I've seen her in. What a great kid

  • Hornpile Pheonix - Channel Youtube
    Hornpile Pheonix - 1 day ago

    That girl is going to own roosterteeth one day

  • dr. derp - Channel Youtube
    dr. derp - 2 days ago

    Millie is proof is that this generation is growing up much faster that the previous

  • Xanadu Area Games - Channel Youtube
    Xanadu Area Games - 2 days ago

    When you stay downtown

  • Calruxio - Channel Youtube
    Calruxio - 2 days ago

    Millie the responsible half of Geoff. X'D

  • Rocco's Plush world - Channel Youtube
    Rocco's Plush world - 2 days ago

    Meanwhile people are asking for camp camp season 3

  • DarkLight523 - Channel Youtube
    DarkLight523 - 3 days ago

    It's the saddest day in everyone's life when their child becomes more mature than they are. Gus will never have that problem. #GusIsAGenius

  • UndeadFred - Channel Youtube
    UndeadFred - 3 days ago

    Wow, so Millie countered the Irish goodbye with another Irish goodbye?

  • Ultimate Rodgers - Channel Youtube
    Ultimate Rodgers - 3 days ago

    RED VS BLUE SEASON 16 IS OUT!?!?!?! I thought that series ended a when I was a kid!!

  • sheamus - Channel Youtube
    sheamus - 3 days ago

    Irish goodbye, I do that all the time

  • ChickenLord - Channel Youtube
    ChickenLord - 3 days ago

    The title should be. Autistic father vs Normal person

  • Hettie Ducker - Channel Youtube
    Hettie Ducker - 3 days ago

    Congrats on trending, guys!!

  • GENERAL KRABB - Channel Youtube
    GENERAL KRABB - 3 days ago

    Millie is my hero.

  • Gideon Messer - Channel Youtube
    Gideon Messer - 3 days ago

    I really want to watch the new rvb but it won't play any thing at the rt website

  • Prior of the Ori - Channel Youtube
    Prior of the Ori - 3 days ago

    Whoa, I thought Rooster Teeth died out ages ago. I remember the good ol days of my rooster teeth facebook-esk profile. Not sure why this showed up in my recommend now of all times, is that site still a thing? lol

  • Michael Caboose - Channel Youtube
    Michael Caboose - 3 days ago

    RTAA on trending????

  • Rcweasel - Channel Youtube
    Rcweasel - 3 days ago

    I hope none of this goes to her head and she gets suuuper stressed over everything and gets grey hairs before Geoff, stay gold Millie gurl

  • Jack Ainsworth - Channel Youtube
    Jack Ainsworth - 3 days ago

    James and Elise animated! Nice

  • Hammerd Walrus - Channel Youtube
    Hammerd Walrus - 3 days ago

    Millie is both the most polite impolite person, and most impolite polite person in the world.

  • Zephyran - Channel Youtube
    Zephyran - 3 days ago

    What's with the annoying clunking and pouring noises? Are they recording this in a bar or something?

  • darth pyrec - Channel Youtube
    darth pyrec - 3 days ago

    millie is the embodiment of maturity

  • MasterOf4Elements - Channel Youtube
    MasterOf4Elements - 3 days ago

    It's your fault Geoff for raising your daughter to be polite.

  • Scott Vogel - Channel Youtube
    Scott Vogel - 3 days ago

    Millie gives me hope for the next generation.

  • K915B Khalid Brown - Channel Youtube
    K915B Khalid Brown - 3 days ago

    Congratulations Geoff Your Daughter being savage is trending

  • haondoor - Channel Youtube
    haondoor - 3 days ago

    Mille is pretty much your agent geoff