TJohnny Depp’s Dogs Made Australia Very Angry

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Published on Sep 11, 2015

Johnny explains the recent trouble he ran into when he brought his dogs to Australia and Jimmy criticizes one of the government officials who went after him.

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Johnny Depp’s Dogs Made Australia Very Angry

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  • Agnes Fríða Þórðardóttir - 9 hours ago

    3:41 *stuttering alot*

  • Jonathan Bautista - 2 days ago

    do this to Keanu Reeves and you know what i mean, humph peace..

  • MJ M - 3 days ago

    Barnaby Joyce is an idiot, just like every country has a few off the leash ;). He got kicked out of politics a few months ago.... So Johnny, bring ya dogs back over, just have all the paper work in order, by the law ;)

  • Fernando Sultani - 4 days ago

    Johnny... You took too much man, you took too much, too much.

  • Sarah Kusi - 6 days ago

    The sexiest man alive 😁😜

  • david taylor - 7 days ago

    I loved a lot of Johnny Depp's work, but all of the drinking and sunbathing on his Island is going to age him quickly now... You can see it... And dressing like you're the guitarist for the Rolling Stones doesn't help you keep your youth either

  • James Sharpham - 1 week ago

    Don't worry he retired cause he got so much hate about stuff he did

  • Eatadik Oldnuka - 1 week ago


  • As An - 1 week ago

    The only mad person was barnibe Joyce

  • JDog Gaming - 2 weeks ago

    The maniac that screwed his secretary

  • Aaron McGill - 2 weeks ago

    And only recently barnaby joyce was in the press for cheating on his wife

  • will B - 2 weeks ago

    Go away annoying australia we have better laws than you stupid americans and barnaby joyce is BAD but don't start saying steryotypes about our country. I think it's right to say that johnny depp thinkks he's privelidged enought to go under the law and he may be in STUPID AMERICA but that sh*t doesn't fly in australia i'm sorry.

  • JohnSherlock1 - 2 weeks ago

    Omg people stop hating on him 🙄😂

  • JG - 2 weeks ago

    Barnaby Joyce is a shame for Australia, what an absolute Imbecil!

  • Hunter Janicki - 3 weeks ago

    We love you Johnny don’t blame all of Australia blame him

  • Ella O'Neill - 4 weeks ago

    Barnaby Joyce oml what a wanker lol

  • Ryan Simpson - 4 weeks ago

    This being Barnaby Joyce that spoke out makes this so much funnier than it would’ve been otherwise ahahaha

  • bauerserves - 4 weeks ago

    I really wish nothing but the best 4 him and and so wishing he would get his chops together and play the part of Freddie Mercury if there was a role he was made for it is the greatest frontman 2 grab the mic

  • Emma Vazquez - 1 month ago

    johnny deps my favorite.

  • Aleesha Surmon - 1 month ago

    Johnny and Amber did the wrong thing by bringing those dogs over undeclared, But there's no need to take it out on the poor dogs, By threatening to end their lives... Just give Johnny and Amber a fine and a warning or something, But the dogs are the innocent ones, I'm so glad that they didn't end up getting put down..

  • ravee all - 1 month ago

    I would like to rave

  • RADIN SYAH - 1 month ago

    aka Jack Sparrow?!? Gets me everytime 😂

  • Abdul Aji - 1 month ago

    I’m thinking he doesn’t act in movies now.And then “GRINDELWALD”!!!!!!!!

  • alaya taylor - 2 months ago

    Reading these comments made me realize Australia is full of cry baby’s cant find not one hurt Aussie In these comments the dogs were there and the country survived RELAXXXXX (warning Pissy ass Aussie’s below)

  • communistjesus - 2 months ago

    No way Johnny Depp's middle name is Christopher ??.. So, he could be referred to by his initials J.C.??... Better than Kiffer Sutherland who has a long string of names including RUFUS..

  • Sir Octopus - 2 months ago

    Barnaby joyce is a proper knob, I'm glad he pissed off

  • Sir Octopus - 2 months ago

    Didn't make me angry

  • Benendes C - 2 months ago

    Cara beeeee an

  • Nigel Carter - 2 months ago

    No wonder you guys are blessed with Donald trump typical American good for me no good for you attitude total confusion

  • Clive Webb - 2 months ago

    People can make jokes about Barnaby Joyce all they want. But people need to understand that Johnny Depp is and was wrong. Not quarantining those dogs could have cause the importation a deceases that we just don’t have in this country. We are an island continent and as such have been isolated from many infectious problems other countries around the world face. If those dogs had carried something in, thousands of animals may have need to be destroyed and industries paralysed, it really is that serious…