Best 50 Assists of the 2018 NBA Regular Season

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

Check out the best 50 no-look, behind the back and between the leg assists from the 2018 NBA Regular Season

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  • Death Dealer - Channel Youtube
    Death Dealer - 1 day ago

    Jason kidd and nash are the best Assist in the Nba history .

  • Hakan Karanfil - Channel Youtube
    Hakan Karanfil - 1 day ago

    Wheres cedi's pass

  • Andre Arce - Channel Youtube
    Andre Arce - 3 days ago

    notice how lance stephensons first two are both to TJ Leaf

  • Jay Anderson - Channel Youtube
    Jay Anderson - 4 days ago

    Not one John Wall highlight tho?!?

  • Giacomo Casanova - Channel Youtube
    Giacomo Casanova - 4 days ago

    tons of 3 seconds violation

  • Melissa Mull - Channel Youtube
    Melissa Mull - 5 days ago

    lbj and lance had the best passes

  • sellz Alv - Channel Youtube
    sellz Alv - 7 days ago

    2:49...😂😂😂😂😂😂"...I ...I did not"..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kay Carter - Channel Youtube
    Kay Carter - 1 week ago

    Lance will make you dance

  • Mr X - Channel Youtube
    Mr X - 1 week ago

    Phantom pass did exist

  • Yo Man - Channel Youtube
    Yo Man - 1 week ago

    How is 4:52 that high

  • Kaneki - Channel Youtube
    Kaneki - 1 week ago

    2017 season tho

  • 김민수 - Channel Youtube
    김민수 - 2 weeks ago

    04:56 Isn't it working?

  • Chris Liffrig - Channel Youtube
    Chris Liffrig - 2 weeks ago


  • CloverPickingHarp - Channel Youtube
    CloverPickingHarp - 2 weeks ago

    No Kyrie.... Big L... R.I.P

  • miu luk - Channel Youtube
    miu luk - 2 weeks ago

    overrated lebron pass those are good but not worth that amount rondo cp3 jokic...smh

  • Brian Hammer - Channel Youtube
    Brian Hammer - 2 weeks ago

    I legit thought Saric banged his head on the court and was perfectly fine after. How he was able to keep his head from slamming on the court is beyond me.

  • PANDA BLAZE13 - Channel Youtube
    PANDA BLAZE13 - 2 weeks ago

    I see a whole lotta good passes and then @ 6:34 you see steph currys pass sooo simple, straight to the point, fundamental pass no skill what so ever, and you hear a bunch of dickriding

  • Α-Ω ΕΨΛΝ - Channel Youtube
    Α-Ω ΕΨΛΝ - 2 weeks ago

    Like kidd nobody

  • Deniz Bener - Channel Youtube
    Deniz Bener - 2 weeks ago

    where is Cedi???

  • Earl Monroe - Channel Youtube
    Earl Monroe - 2 weeks ago

    Listen to how they give Jokic praise compared to the Black players. Also, realize how they credit the non Black players receiving an amazing pass from a Black player as opposed to the other way around. (Simmons to Saric and then Saric to Simmons). Obviously "biased". White people smh...

  • Tanaka Sigauke - Channel Youtube
    Tanaka Sigauke - 2 weeks ago

    Then wrap around and that elbow pass also the hail marys.

  • Renz David - Channel Youtube
    Renz David - 3 weeks ago

    @1:40 westbrook is mad.

  • Shadow Massive - Channel Youtube
    Shadow Massive - 3 weeks ago

    This is a Pro-Lebron list.

  • Shadow Massive - Channel Youtube
    Shadow Massive - 3 weeks ago

    Lance Harlem Pass

  • Karyna’s supreme maids Limpieza de casas - Channel Youtube
    Karyna’s supreme maids Limpieza de casas - 3 weeks ago

    Kyle Anderson unos de tanto es muy preciso con sus pases ✌️✌️✌️✌️va por buen camino

  • TheDeeznut11 - Channel Youtube
    TheDeeznut11 - 3 weeks ago

    Wtf this is a disgrace no John wall highlight one of the best passers in the league fuck dis channel what a disgrace bullshit mane

  • Corey Sorrell - Channel Youtube
    Corey Sorrell - 3 weeks ago

    Who ever made this video is a LJ dick rider

  • Adamo Virdis - Channel Youtube
    Adamo Virdis - 3 weeks ago

    Jokic alley oop to faried nr 1 by far.

  • tiotito31 - Channel Youtube
    tiotito31 - 4 weeks ago

    Jokic makes most of these look tame

  • Roy Benedict - Channel Youtube
    Roy Benedict - 4 weeks ago

    Harden has more assists featured when its all the same, between the legs.