THow To Make Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball - Easy DIY!!

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

In this video I make a Japanese polished foil ball by using aluminum foil and pounding with a hammer and then polishing until it becomes a solid metal polished ball! These polished foil balls started with a Japanese jeweler who made one that appeared to have no purpose, but the nation became obsessed with it and everyone started making them! You can see what's inside an aluminum foil ball when I crush it in my hydraulic press and see if the density increases or not.

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  • Molten Science - 1 week ago

    hello friends, sorry for the low amount of videos lately more vids will be released from no on ! :) What should i do with the ball?? comment you're ideas below!

  • Saadi Fahim - 13 hours ago

    Sorry Mama For Wasting Your Foil ... :( Plz Don't Ground Me :(

  • Raju Acharya - 19 hours ago


  • Michagames - 21 hours ago

    Je bent Nederlands toch? Of niet laatst zag ik ook schuinte helling staan en je accent dus ben je nl?

  • Ha-ha-ha-hapa - 1 day ago

    This is actually one of the best polished balls I've seen, too bad you didn't do the entire ball, but only doing a section did show off the contrast between the rest of the lazy YouTubers who didn't finish and what you can actually acheive

  • Matt Tronics - 1 day ago

    Thanks for putting that fucking annoying muzak in the background.

  • Tabdoine - 1 day ago

    Hammer strikes were out of sync with the music, 0/10

  • Vipul Narola - 2 days ago

    Aluminum banavavani rit

  • gmon78 - 2 days ago

    Metal paper??? What sorcery is this??

  • Athena Mae - 2 days ago

    Do you just I don't know jam the hammer to the foil?? Sorry very new to the trend and how did you like perfectly shape it with the hammer?

  • Johann Hölzel - 2 days ago

    Which came first, aluminum, or aluminium?

  • Wake Up Idiots NOW - 3 days ago

    A lot of aerospace workers have died from aluminum particulates.

  • Wake Up Idiots NOW - 3 days ago

    If you didn’t take shop class in high school, then don’t fuck with sanding aluminum.

  • MsKittysRaiinbowPassiion - 3 days ago

    Nice.. I really enjoyed watching your video. thanks for sharing

  • Abra Kadabra - 3 days ago

    Trends...yeah. eating dishwasher tabs is a trend too. Aluminum is poisonous and causes various deseases. I hope youve had a mask on while sandpapering that stuff....

  • Nigel 900 - 3 days ago

    I can just imagine it now..... Ten thousand unemployed college graduates, with six figure debts,  living at mom & dad's,  spending 500 man-hours trying to polish a foil ball......

  • Agustin - 3 days ago

    Ah, if it wasn't paramagnetic you could put it up your butt and use a magnet to move it and massage your prostate.

  • Lucky L - 4 days ago

    A brand-spankin new pair of work gloves! *mmm*

  • Girl Wonder66 Thomas - 4 days ago

    You can microwave it.

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  • Jinxzork - 5 days ago

    Maybe you can eat it or hit someone with it or go to the highest skyscraper and let it fall

  • Maria Johnson - 5 days ago

    Waste of time and money

  • Minecrafter With Raging_Xander - 5 days ago

    you did not do the wet sand

  • Minecrafter With Raging_Xander - 5 days ago

    you forgot the sanding that is why is not very shiny on your first work but that's okay I apreciate your work

  • King Of Minecraft - 5 days ago

    I did what you did but my ball turned into a cube. What do i do?

  • Merica Audit’Ster - 5 days ago

    Dumb challenge Next morons will be snorting condoms or eating laundry soap all that work for what ? You drop it once it’s junk again

  • Paragini Yadav - 5 days ago