Cats meet their owners after long time

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  • Phee O - Channel Youtube
    Phee O - 1 hour ago

    My cat was put down the other day. I miss him so much😢❤

  • Anime Japanese - Channel Youtube
    Anime Japanese - 2 hours ago

    I wish my cat like this..

  • His Illegirl - Channel Youtube
    His Illegirl - 3 hours ago

    This is all sooooo sweet

  • Rh Mostafa - Channel Youtube
    Rh Mostafa - 3 hours ago

    The second and the third were the cutest 😍^ω^

  • Destiney Cody - Channel Youtube
    Destiney Cody - 7 hours ago

    I couldn't help but smile!!🐱

  • Mike Mellor - Channel Youtube
    Mike Mellor - 9 hours ago

    The guy at 1:08 who's too much of a jerk to get down to cat level, or maybe his knees are stuffed and he can't kneel.

  • Quana Ramira - Channel Youtube
    Quana Ramira - 9 hours ago

    So cute!

  • James Wilson - Channel Youtube
    James Wilson - 9 hours ago

    The first 2 are absolutely priceless.

  • princessbubblegum78649 Gum - Channel Youtube
    princessbubblegum78649 Gum - 10 hours ago

    OMG this is making me cry

  • Aliya M - Channel Youtube
    Aliya M - 13 hours ago

    The second one 😂

  • Mat-chan ! - Channel Youtube
    Mat-chan ! - 17 hours ago

    Show this to people who still thinks cats can't love you or just don't give a fuck

  • zrau - Channel Youtube
    zrau - 18 hours ago

    I like ice cream. I don't like migrants. Ice cream is yummy.

  • DinoRex Animations - Channel Youtube
    DinoRex Animations - 18 hours ago

    So lovely!

  • Halle King - Channel Youtube
    Halle King - 18 hours ago

    Man I hope my cat feels this way when I come home from college

  • Lyrical Trvp - Channel Youtube
    Lyrical Trvp - 21 hours ago

    Lmao my cats would be scared of me if I'm gone from home for a few days

  • the islam ANIMATOR - Channel Youtube
    the islam ANIMATOR - 22 hours ago

    wheres jackson galaxy i want him to see this and see his reaction

  • Drunk Rafie - Channel Youtube
    Drunk Rafie - 23 hours ago

    My pet rock actually did all this and he's a giant spiky boulder

  • Sam Ciesinski - Channel Youtube
    Sam Ciesinski - 1 day ago

    Now I really miss my cat.

  • Andrew G - Channel Youtube
    Andrew G - 1 day ago

    One of the best parts about coming home from a vacation to me. My cat loves me like mad for a few days then goes back to being a bipolar lunatic afterwards.

  • That Guy - Channel Youtube
    That Guy - 1 day ago

    The most amazing animals

  • zerocool gonna hack u - Channel Youtube
    zerocool gonna hack u - 1 day ago

    Me tomorrow😂 have been away from My little son (cat) for two weeks god i miss him cant wait for tomorrow for that to be me and him 😇😊😊👍

  • Jiggajig Jones - Channel Youtube
    Jiggajig Jones - 1 day ago

    First and second one are great.

  • Maria Pil - Channel Youtube
    Maria Pil - 1 day ago

    0:28 so adorable ^^

  • Борис - Channel Youtube
    Борис - 1 day ago


  • Niño Jose Torralba - Channel Youtube
    Niño Jose Torralba - 2 days ago

    Our cat doesnt give a single fuck.

  • theking8356 - Channel Youtube
    theking8356 - 2 days ago

    Cat people watch this because it is the closest they will get to huge amounts of affection from a cat.

  • bangtan jjang - Channel Youtube
    bangtan jjang - 2 days ago

    this tears me up

  • ყουτυხε - Channel Youtube
    ყουτυხε - 2 days ago

    So its the same as dogs

  • Chona Parungao - Channel Youtube
    Chona Parungao - 2 days ago

    The Second One Is Like The Cat Is Saying Weweweewewewe

  • ARIE ONE - Channel Youtube
    ARIE ONE - 2 days ago

    1:20 hitler did nothing wrong!!