TWA maker turns skoolie, short-bus & container into family home

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Published on Jan 14, 2018

Seven years ago, Jeremy and Mira Thompson quit their jobs and sold their suburban home to hit the road in a short-bus they’d converted into a mobile home. After a year on the road, they’d gone through their savings and were thinking about starting a family.

Now living on family property in rural Washington they bought a full-sized school bus at auction. This time they stripped away the metal behind the cab and embedded a wooden cottage inside their new vehicle.

Jeremy used his experience as an auto body mechanic and recent education in architectural drafting to design their conversions. He had also turned his carpentry into paid work and needed a workshop. After finding a very affordable container - one that had been tagged as scrap-, Jeremy began to convert it into a wooden clad (on 3 sides) office with a green roof.

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  • for real - 9 minutes ago

    How does a shipping container just "fall" into one's hands? This man is an engineer & a very good one. He's also smart because as long as the home sits on wheels, it is not considered a "permanent" structure/home & he avoids paying home taxes. I wonder why Americans are obsessed with everything being "organic".

  • limespider8 - 3 hours ago

    This is the lifestyle of my childhood, nature-loving dreams. Such talent. My only question is how do you navigate privacy, as a couple, in a tiny home? When your children get older, do you think you will expand?

  • salma - 8 hours ago

    such a beautiful family :))

  • Michelle Mcbride - 21 hours ago

    I'm so amazed with this man's talent.

  • Lloyd Marion - 1 day ago

    Back when refrigerators were made to last and good quality, unlike the crap they build today!! The Frigidaires made today, in China, are not worth dirt!

  • Kali Odin - 1 day ago

    Perfekt 😍😍😍

  • Jeri Landers - 1 day ago

    He is a true artist;I like the workshop as much as the "bus house".

  • ذو يزن اليماني ذو يزن - 2 days ago

    more than great amzaing 🚌🚚🏡🏡🏩🏠🏠🏃🔨🔧🔩Beautiful nice

  • Johannes grma - 2 days ago

    Hey, what are the wooden things on the outside of the house (the walls) called? We do not have that here in germany

  • Misspam Bethea - 2 days ago


  • Janice Green - 3 days ago

    WOW! Good job

  • Sajeel Raza - 3 days ago

    Id just pay this guy to build one for me. Amazing so smart .

  • G S - 3 days ago

    It’s beautiful and quirky, very talented guy.

  • Tinkertoll - 4 days ago

    This is so beautiful, such a creative couple. Love the garden, 😍❤️

  • Nicolas Jager - 4 days ago

    Amazing! Great designs with efficient use of space.

  • David lang - 4 days ago

    That was awesome, thank you!

  • Willie Abraham - 5 days ago

    Jealous really jealous bro u living my dream u and your family is very. Lucky bro love it 💘 love it

  • Procommenter - 5 days ago

    *Kind of...* *Kind of...* *Kind of...*

  • Brian Godfrey - 5 days ago

    Tinker is good. Pro is short for prostitute. TInker is about making things better. Pro is about making things faster and cheaper. Don't ever be ashamed of or embarrassed about being "handy". (You expressed that sentiment, though you did make a video and seem proud of your cool home.)

  • Mike Wilkinson - 6 days ago

    awesome talent....awesome into bus conversions on Dead summer tour for 21 yrs alot of which are in the movie Tie are an inspiration.....

  • Melanie Ben Ami - 6 days ago

    so idyllic

  • Normen Radvany - 6 days ago

    Amazing! I have much much more respect for this man and all family then any crazy Wall Street people or any business man. It was making me so happy to watch this and I can see there are still people are who can be happy very easy just you have to be naturally smart for it. I just can say congratulation!

  • Alexandrea Nolte - 6 days ago

    Sooo cute! I love his woodwork!

  • Lisa Gillotti - 6 days ago

    Ii just found your videos last night. Wow is right. Would you please contact me for skoolie help? Thanks Lisa Gillotti

  • Wendy Schlegel - 1 week ago


  • Casper & Gwen's Capers - 1 week ago

    What a talented inspirational man/family, a beautiful home and & surroundings a true craftsman

  • Pia Salvato - 1 week ago


  • TheLast DamnGamer - 1 week ago

    Tinker is pretty awesome

  • Jennifer Morgan - 1 week ago

    Amazing! Fucking Amazin

  • Anneli Quentin - 1 week ago

    This is one of the most beautiful tiny houses which I have ever seen on youtube.