T7 New Characters Who Could Appear in Smash Bros. Switch

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Published on Mar 17, 2018

7 New Characters Who Could Appear in Smash Bros. Switch. Please don't ask how to play with mods. There are guides on YouTube that explain it much better than I could. Shoutout to all mod creators and NairoMK (https://goo.gl/nDbb8Q) for creating the modpack.
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►Game Informations:
▪ Title: Super Smash Bros. Switch
▪ Developer: Nintendo
▪ Publisher: Nintendo
▪ Platform: Nintendo Switch
▪ Genre: Fighting

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  • BeardBear - 1 month ago

    I made a discord server: ► https://discord.gg/mWeHZws You're welcome to join and discuss the new Smash Bros with me.

  • Silver & Gold - 1 week ago

    BANNED! How?

  • Silver & Gold - 1 week ago

    Min Min, Goku And King K Rool Will Definitely Not Make It In Especially Goku

  • Gumme * - 1 week ago

    Again with Goku. Ugh. I hope to God he doesn't get in. Firstly, he's not a video game character. He has appeared in fighting games on Nintendo consoles, but he is not a video game character. He *originates* from an anime. Second, his abilities won't be true to his current state in the anime. He's way too powerful for other fighters to go head to head with, as long as he stays as OP as he currently is. So his moveset would be heavily nerfed from his current capabilities, and you can bet there will be at least some annoying bitching about that. Plus, Sakurai wouldn't want that to happen because he makes it a point to keep the abilities of characters almost completely true to the abilities from their games of origin. Third, and most importantly, that would open the floodgates. People would be requesting outlandish characters left and right and there justification, which would be somewhat valid provided that Goku gets in, would be 'Goku got in and he's not a video game character.' If Sakurai let's only Goku in and no other outlandish choice, there will be CONSTANT bitching about someone's favourite cartoon or anime or comic book character not getting in Smash. If Sakurai let's in more of these outlandish characters, Smash will lose its sentiment and substance, where the point of it is to have a bunch of *video game characters* from across those different series gather in the game and fuck each other up. It's not about slapping a character from a cartoon or an anime or another form of media in the fucking game just because.

  • Cohen Animations - 3 weeks ago

    Conformed: inklings Mario link Dk bowser Zelda Kirby pit yoshi marth ness pikachu peach captain falcon wario sheik and fox Most likely: Luigi little Mac game and watch king deedee meta knight charazard and so many I can’t mention Awesome choices: banjo kazzoie bomber man shantee Dumb choices: sans and papyrus waluigi crash goku Pauline dasiy paper Mario tails king k rool cuphead Ridley steve

  • StarWars WizardCat - 4 weeks ago

    Henry stickman from steal the diamond lol jk

  • UTAGaming - 4 weeks ago

    Linkle and King K Rool would be very nice!

  • Miles Youngblood - 4 weeks ago

    1. Decidueye 2. Ice Climbers 3. Spring man 4. Genji (overwatch) 5. Goku

  • Alexis 147 - 4 weeks ago

    6:45 goku learns masenko

  • Alexis 147 - 4 weeks ago

    Min min is a mod of little Mac. If she in smash and do same special, u can make her hand move forward instead of her body

  • Rhinogradentian - 4 weeks ago

    Sora is possible because of other cross-platform characters, but it's such a fanservice idea that it makes me shudder. Plus, no Kingdom Hearts games have ever been on Nintendo as opposed to FF.

  • amanda simons - 1 month ago

    for fucks sakes. just add king k rool already -_-

  • Athena Asamiya 98 - 1 month ago

    I love Linkle ❤

  • Hannan Hakim - 1 month ago

    min min sound like a guys when she punch

  • James Belnap - 1 month ago

    Actually none of these characters can get in, looks like they all got banned.

  • Malkuth - 1 month ago

    Logically Goku 1shots everyone so he shouldn't be in the game but its Goku so he should be at the same time

  • Scissorman - 1 month ago


  • chris handgun - 1 month ago

    Bayonetta can kick rocks, Marth has more flaw and also needs to go back to the blacksmith to get his dagger fixed into a sword again. He can keep the crazy tipper bonus LOL.

  • Kevin Gonzalez - 1 month ago

    The characters as fighter, i wants in smash bros 5 , so far....: Banjo and kazooi. Jeanne. balder. (bayonetta). Viridi (kid icarus). Shadow . Rayman. Crash. Bandanna dee. Rex /pyra/mythra/nia .maybe more...(xc2). Tiz arrior(bravely de/sec). Lightning,tifa,noctise (final fantasy). Dark samus.

  • Kirbic Go fast - 1 month ago

    Um can you replace that would with a nothing

  • Healer Turtle - 1 month ago


  • K10sonsupersonic speedrun - 1 month ago

    Mabey it will happen is my pinion ok

  • NeutralGuyDoubleZero - 1 month ago

    Goku Is not gonna be in smash. Or at least should not be expected in any way shape or form. He's not a video game character and has no relation to Nintendo besides having a few obscure fighting games on the snes exclusively for a little while in the 90s.

  • K10sonsupersonic speedrun - 1 month ago

    You dnot know that if goku come in smash 5 it can be 50 chane

  • II AK Marc I I - 1 month ago

    I feel like spring man would be more likely to be in smash than min min

  • robert ghaffari - 1 month ago

    Linkle maybe because of hyrule warriors switch

  • STUFFandTHANGS - 1 month ago

    Circle jerk about how Goku isn't a video game character.

  • Sans Undertale - 1 month ago

    Goku is perfect for smash

  • lgpotter45 - 1 month ago

    What about Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, & shantae?

  • User Kev - 1 month ago

    Yes for Min Min.