TMy Drunk Kitchen: Mini Shepherd's Pie

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Published on Mar 15, 2018

Happy Pi Day! Tiny and delicious cooking.
Want to make a mini Shepherd's Pie too? Recipe here:
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This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!

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  • Kirstin C - 17 hours ago

    i've missed you!

  • IceNixie0102 - 2 days ago

    4:34 In the end, the sun envelopes the Earth. ...You might be channeling John Green there.

  • Hermititis - 2 days ago

    A Central Market milk carton...You're in Texas now?

  • Carina Bjorklund - 3 days ago

    Pi is equal to the number of radians in a half-circle if you're curious

  • joshua hand - 3 days ago

    Isnt Pi great for determining unknown circular measurements. i.e. 2Pi•r

  • Deja W - 3 days ago

    I felt like a bad subscriber because I haven't been here in a while and didn't recognize this gorgeous kitchen but no one else does either so 👍

  • Milena - 4 days ago

    Hey girl cows come from South America and Asia luv u

  • Yaya Brown - 5 days ago

    2:50 the vodka hits hannah

  • southerncurvygirl94 - 6 days ago

    Why did I get excited for HEB milk!

  • Hannah K - 7 days ago


  • Elizabeth Becker - 1 week ago

    Anyone know where Hannah got her shirt?

  • XaneyE - 1 week ago

    This is cottage pie, not shepherds pie, though. Shepherds pie is made with lamb. Cottage pie is made with beef.

  • MrBananaCheeks - 2 weeks ago

    Gordon Ramsay has a great no tears onion dicing hack somewhere on Youtube! I use it every time now

  • Emma Myrick - 2 weeks ago

    Ok, excuse me, I love carrots

  • eManifons - 2 weeks ago

    You spelled measuring wrong at 3:09

  • Belle Shear - 2 weeks ago

    ummm! you're welcome 😂😂

  • dina - 2 weeks ago

    PLEASE Get rhett and link in this bih. It’d be so funny

  • nishali bera - 2 weeks ago

    Poor Bison watch a documentary for once

  • Mathew Walls - 2 weeks ago

    I don't know what you made, but it's not a shepherd's pie - or a pie of any kind. Where's the pastry? That's some kind of... baked stew?

  • Curt Evison - 3 weeks ago

    This ain't no Shepherds pie, it doesn't contain lamb, you can't blame alcohol for such a blaring mistake

  • Alex van Wyk - 3 weeks ago

    why do we love here - youtube?

  • Jenny Potter - 3 weeks ago

    I LOVE CARROTS. and also i have never made shepherd's pie.

  • matthew thompson - 3 weeks ago

    This game is Parma-SA-on. ON

  • Scarlet - 3 weeks ago

    How much alcohol have you had to drink Hannah?

  • Trying2.0 - 3 weeks ago

    Um... Could you save yourself some time by NOT peeling the carrots?

  • Kathryn Ann - 3 weeks ago

    Is that Central Market milk? Are you in Texas?

  • Cameron Evilsizer - 3 weeks ago

    I haven't watched one of Hannah's videos in so long lol

  • Yesenia Penate - 3 weeks ago

    First time video I have ever seen of your Channel. You are hilarious.

  • Becca Barnett - 3 weeks ago

    I love the lemon squeeze into her drink right after she said it was awful

  • Miss Gnosis - 3 weeks ago

    When she busted out the boxed potatoes, I realized I was wasting my time.