Judge becomes fastest to reach 60 career HRs

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Published on Apr 16, 2018

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge goes deep in the 2nd inning to become the fastest player to reach career 60 home runs

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  • Ruben Lira - Channel Youtube
    Ruben Lira - 1 week ago

    Imagine him using an aluminum bat

  • LT Tyler07 - Channel Youtube
    LT Tyler07 - 1 week ago

    Aaron + 👨🏻‍⚖️ = AARON JUDGE

  • LT Tyler07 - Channel Youtube
    LT Tyler07 - 2 weeks ago

    See we need Judge. He doesn’t bat flip. He’s loyal and proud to be in a good team. #RoadTo30Titles Currently have 27 Titles in the MLB. ALL RISE.

  • Luis Torres - Channel Youtube
    Luis Torres - 2 weeks ago

    All Rise 💪🎓

  • andy gomez - Channel Youtube
    andy gomez - 2 weeks ago


  • peter sav - Channel Youtube
    peter sav - 3 weeks ago

    Who else saw Zach Hample?

  • brett bono - Channel Youtube
    brett bono - 3 weeks ago

    micheal kay's "see yah" makes me wanna kill myself

  • Jacob Woods - Channel Youtube
    Jacob Woods - 3 weeks ago


  • Jon Coiro - Channel Youtube
    Jon Coiro - 3 weeks ago

    All rise. Here comes the judge

  • golfboy55 - Channel Youtube
    golfboy55 - 3 weeks ago

    Maybe 3 cheapies...

  • Pablo Cordoba - Channel Youtube
    Pablo Cordoba - 4 weeks ago

    Aaron Judge looks like Aaron Gordon.

  • Lyric Montoya - Channel Youtube
    Lyric Montoya - 4 weeks ago

    He will probably be one of the top ten people with the most homeruns

  • K.J.M.K. - Channel Youtube
    K.J.M.K. - 4 weeks ago

    why 60? kinda a stupid number. Why not 50 and 100, normal increments that make sense.

  • Zito 1 - Channel Youtube
    Zito 1 - 4 weeks ago


  • Ray cabrera - Channel Youtube
    Ray cabrera - 4 weeks ago

    And no steroids!!! All natural power

  • Ray cabrera - Channel Youtube
    Ray cabrera - 4 weeks ago

    Hes the best...love my yankees...now with stanton.crazyyyy...and sanchez,didi..unreal..

  • Some Randy456 - Channel Youtube
    Some Randy456 - 4 weeks ago

    They left out his postseason home runs for some reason

  • Markey11 - Channel Youtube
    Markey11 - 4 weeks ago

    The Yankees announcer is so annoying

  • Nicky D - Channel Youtube
    Nicky D - 4 weeks ago

    if only he can hit a damn home run in the playoffs unlike last year i find this guy so overhyped and this is coming from a yankee fan

  • Crazy Luigi - Channel Youtube
    Crazy Luigi - 4 weeks ago

    Honestly, I can see him breaking Barry Bonds' home run record, and it'd be well earned in the process!

  • Yofo #1 - Channel Youtube
    Yofo #1 - 1 month ago

    how can u not love him?

  • Austin316 - Channel Youtube
    Austin316 - 1 month ago

    There it goes CYA

  • Mark Wilcons - Channel Youtube
    Mark Wilcons - 1 month ago

    I own the 2017 Five Star Parallel Aaron Judge, Rookie, (American Rookie of the year) Red, 1 of 1. Got it as the 76th bidder on EBAY for (I'm not saying for how much). Then I got the tracking # that started with a J and ended with an N. It was coming from Japan. It sat in US customs on Thanksgiving Day (and I sweated it out), then started moving again the following day. Came in absolutely perfect condition in a one touch holder. Some guy in Tokyo got the card in one of those boxes (that sold in the US for $120 bucks) for just 2 cards in a foil wrap. He took the card to a card shop in Tokyo and asked the owner to sell it on Ebay. The owner said, "You might want to keep a card like this." But he opted to sell and now I own it. Plan to sell at auction in 10 years in the center of a custom baseball card display I'm making in my shop of 2017 five star parallel's to include; Reds 1 of 1's Don Mattingly, Sandy Koufax and (red silver signatures) Clayton Kershaw, Oranges (only 5): Nolan Ryan, Hank Aaron, Jose Altuve, Cody Bellinger, Suzuki Ichiro and a 2nd Aaron Judge silver signatures, Golds (only 10) Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter & Mike Trout. Will be absolutely GORGEOUS and valuable provided Aaron J. keeps knocking them out. All Rise! Here comes the Judge! It was a Judgian Blast!

  • Caged - Channel Youtube
    Caged - 1 month ago


  • Joey - Channel Youtube
    Joey - 1 month ago


  • BigJeff S - Channel Youtube
    BigJeff S - 1 month ago

    SEEEEEE YA!!!!!!!⚾️😂

  • JProduciendo HD - Channel Youtube
    JProduciendo HD - 1 month ago

    Judge aronn bestia

  • SheistyBaboon - Channel Youtube
    SheistyBaboon - 1 month ago

    When you're opening up a 2 liter. 8:03

  • Isai Lejis - Channel Youtube
    Isai Lejis - 1 month ago

    S e e Y a

  • Philip Bourdon - Channel Youtube
    Philip Bourdon - 1 month ago

    He's almost 26 years old. The late, great Tony Conigliaro reached 60 at the age of only 21, despite missing almost 2 months from a broken arm in his rookie year. All done in the elevated diamond era.