TMagnificent Luxury Tiny House On Wheels

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Published on Jul 29, 2017

This 28' tiny house (that's currently for sale at the time this video was uploaded) is absolutely beautiful, every square foot of it.

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  • Jeannie Jean - 2 weeks ago

    It looks casual very nice its priced to high.

  • L V - 4 weeks ago

    It's dryer not drier.

  • Little HippieP - 4 weeks ago

    I am in love 😍 wow amazing . Minus the washer n dryer this home is so me

  • Marsha Darby - 4 weeks ago

    Perfect I love this model is there more information you can send me. @ Thank You

  • Norma Lewis - 2 months ago

    do you deliver to sc and how much is the home

  • Hadassah - 2 months ago

    Beautiful job!

  • amanda currin - 2 months ago

    Very beautiful

  • Shena Yomogawa - 3 months ago

    How about the VOC's though?

  • rulli rosalli - 4 months ago

    love it love it love it

  • imcharmed4evr - 4 months ago

    I πŸ’š the exterior! Also πŸ’œ the smaller kitchen, but with ALL the appliances I require and FINALLY making a larger bathroom with the washer AND dryer, not combo, in the bathroom. Thnx for this video.

  • Lilac Milkshake - 5 months ago

    Oh, man, I'm in love with that bed/bedroom -- the windows!!! Not a fan of looking through the house and seeing the loo, but a little juggling with the layout would set that right. I'd been wondering if I could do away with a big L-shaped built-in lounge in favour of a downstairs double bed and 2 small armchairs, and this video has me salivating for it! Lovely!

  • ezdjScooby - 6 months ago

    This is a waste of space..... luxury does not exist in this building

  • Penny GillanderDame - 6 months ago

    you could do a convection oven the size of microwave and bake, roast etc., chill..there s solutions for everything these days. tiny houses aren t full houses so why would you have an entire house kitchen in them..the idea is compromise, downsize and Tinier! Yikes people are harsh.

  • Love in a Tin Can - 6 months ago

    Beautiful house and amazing layout!

  • chryloulou chryloulou - 6 months ago

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘For the toilet!

  • Dora - 6 months ago

    I'm in love with this tiny house! Beautiful!

  • P J Hunter - 6 months ago

    I love this one. And that is the best bathroom.

  • S. Gilbert Dyer - 7 months ago

    The bedroom has no privacy, and really where the bedroom is, should have been a reading room/living area. At least, that is how I would have done it.

  • Rika Chu - 8 months ago

    People in the market for a tiny home desire low-cost living. People who have the money to plop down 82k up front are the ones buying this as a "summer home" and then going back to their mcmansions.

  • Agnese Sztojka - 8 months ago

    it is so beautiful, but i think a separated washer and dryer is a wasting of place. a combo would look better.

  • Ana Freitas - 8 months ago

    The space over the bathroom, I saw no ladder to get to it.

  • D Ransom - 8 months ago

    I strongly dislike when main stream touches Working Class people's gold mines! The purpose of Tiny Houses was for the Homeless, Working Class, Singles, Eco Friendly and possibly Middle Class looking to down grade. Now it seems like their market is towards Upper Middle Class and beyond.

  • misha - 8 months ago

    I love it! Full size bathroom, amenities and an actual bedroom. I'd add a small closet next to the bed and change the lounge/dining layout but it's really beautiful. I'd pay for one!

  • C M - 8 months ago

    Very nice! Just want to modify a few things. 1. Flattened and slightly have the roof tilted 2. Extend the loft to the beams and build a nice staircase on the same side where the front door is. 3. Add an oven. 4. Have a an extended counter space that folds up and down next to the stove. 5. Apply the same flooring in the bed space. 6. Have nice rod across the foot of the bed to hang my clothes 7. Shower only 8. Make half the drawer in the bathroom open for laundry basket. 9. Maybe some shutter?. Then it will be perfect for me.

  • Betty Boop - 8 months ago

    The camera person did a great job filming this but the design of the home is terrible. You'll get sick living here for sure. And all for an overpriced rate to boot!

  • Maddie B - 8 months ago

    I love the first floor bedroom, can make it multi purpose if it was a full daybed. You can also fit a full armoire closet next to it where the arm chair is. Would prefer narrow storage stairs to the loft where the open shelving unit is. Easily making a home for two or more to sleep. Or an easily accessible attic. If it's my home down the line I wouldn't climb up there to sleep over the years. Good for my teen though. And attic when she moves out. Need a stove/oven. The bathroom layout is similar to the Escape homes. I would change it only to have a full length counter and centered sink. Under the counter hamper or washer/dryer. So cute. I want a house under 30ft. Was hoping to fit a layout like that in 25 but I really want a first floor bed.

  • Marjorie Lloyd - 8 months ago

    Definitely not worth even 50k.Β  No oven, 2 burner stovetop, next to no counter space, hardly any living area, no closets.Β  Only nice thing about it was the bath tub, and washer & dryer.

  • Pat Cooksey - 8 months ago

    You can buy a luxurious 5th wheel for less than that and it will have more room.Β  Plus a full kitchen and a bedroom that has some space.Β  Tiny houses no longer have "tiny" prices.

  • Kathy Colon - 8 months ago

    Incredible tiny houses Will Bill you one cheaper

  • J. Nunn - 8 months ago

    why is the toilet visible put it behind the door to the side and basin under the window.. I wouldnt pay that much for it ..