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Published on Oct 16, 2017

We talked to Doctor Mike on his rise to Instagram fame, his YouTube channel and so much more
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'Hot' Doctor Mike on his Instagram Fame

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  • Ken H - Channel Youtube
    Ken H - 3 days ago

    great vid but that women shaking her foot is super distracting to the vid lool

  • gajanfar alikhan - Channel Youtube
    gajanfar alikhan - 6 days ago

    one millions subs now... how great is that?

  • Cris-Aron Voeuth - Channel Youtube
    Cris-Aron Voeuth - 3 weeks ago

    Loved the comment about other social media phenomena... if they can do it... He meant... and they don’t even have anything to contribute to the bettering of humanity.

  • samurai24107 - Channel Youtube
    samurai24107 - 4 weeks ago

    Him being"hot" is so underrated. What about his intellect and manners and his vision? He's an inspiration for each and every single youth out there. He's built a remarkable career , has a vision and he's pretty much aware about what's happening all around the world. so , before you say he's "hot" , just don't forget to mention his other qualities.bye!

  • Kim Beck - Channel Youtube
    Kim Beck - 4 weeks ago

    He's AWESOME

  • ealasaid76 - Channel Youtube
    ealasaid76 - 1 month ago

    You shouldn't take pictures at work, because it can violate HIPAA! Come on now, Doctor Mike!

  • Abi Rose - Channel Youtube
    Abi Rose - 1 month ago

    Rocking these glasses!!

  • Shakil Razi - Channel Youtube
    Shakil Razi - 1 month ago

    pagal pado jahal mike

  • Betty Dewanti - Channel Youtube
    Betty Dewanti - 2 months ago

    Morning doctor mike💕💜

  • Betty Dewanti - Channel Youtube
    Betty Dewanti - 2 months ago


  • Chandrashree rajendra kumar - Channel Youtube
    Chandrashree rajendra kumar - 3 months ago

    good effort and thought

  • harshlines57 - Channel Youtube
    harshlines57 - 3 months ago

    Who is the lucky man or woman that gets to be his fiancé?

  • Nocturnal MeatPie - Channel Youtube
    Nocturnal MeatPie - 4 months ago

    He would make a good voice actor too!!

  • metro night - Channel Youtube
    metro night - 5 months ago

    what is the purpose of having chris Jacob ? is he a cardio specialist ? it spoils . other than that all perfect!

  • Ayre - Channel Youtube
    Ayre - 6 months ago

    I like his goals. I bet he’s a great teacher. 👍

  • Leo DX - Channel Youtube
    Leo DX - 6 months ago

    thank u doctor mike u want u said it's true why Kardashians are famous they are famous for no reason with out doing anything

  • iamlight1 - Channel Youtube
    iamlight1 - 6 months ago

    It's funny, Dr. Mike started to talk about prevention for hangovers, he gets interrupted before he says more and not a single one of these three people mentions not drinking alcohol (the greatest prevention) as if drinking alcohol is inevitable or they just didn't want to hear about that. Drunkards! :D

  • ThirdWorld Style - Channel Youtube
    ThirdWorld Style - 6 months ago

    Shoot me in the foot and take me to him. ♥♥♥

  • Shreya Puthran - Channel Youtube
    Shreya Puthran - 6 months ago

    The worlds most coolest doctor