Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)

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Published on May 14, 2018

I will never be able to say Thank You enough... Thank you for being my family.
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  • Felix Fatt - Channel Youtube
    Felix Fatt - 8 minutes ago

    THRIFT STORE HAUL??? I would love to see you doing what you love and see your passion for fashion:)

  • Kris Danielson - Channel Youtube
    Kris Danielson - 23 minutes ago

    She looks like the grinch

  • Checkerzzz gaming Hi - Channel Youtube
    Checkerzzz gaming Hi - 27 minutes ago

    Always Be Yourself

  • Jessica Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Jessica Johnson - 40 minutes ago

    Seeing shanes videos of you really helped me get to know the real you. I've always loved you but i love you even more now. I know it takes a lot to step out of your comfort zone but i know you are fully capable. You have such a sweet and down to earth soul. 💚

  • Jessica Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Jessica Johnson - 44 minutes ago

    I love you so much! 💚

  • Eli Christie Jones - Channel Youtube
    Eli Christie Jones - 50 minutes ago

    Your great 👍🏼

  • Ronald Matienzo II - Channel Youtube
    Ronald Matienzo II - 1 hour ago

    Maybe it's the doll you sold away to ... Was it australia?

  • Amiee Compton - Channel Youtube
    Amiee Compton - 1 hour ago

    Amiee Compton I left. I’ll say it. You were the first person I ever subscribed to, but gradually I found other people and I grew away from this channel. Occasionally I would come back, but now I’m back for good to come and watch you on a daily again. We understand that you are going through a hard time, but things are looking up. When I watch you, you never fail to make me smile, laugh, and brighten my day. I love you and your videos and will continue to. Stay positive!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • BB RAPS - Channel Youtube
    BB RAPS - 1 hour ago

    why do i want to come to texas litteraly just to go to that store

  • Queen Syndi - Channel Youtube
    Queen Syndi - 1 hour ago

    Ily bunny! 😭😭❤

  • hey.its.aaleah official - Channel Youtube
    hey.its.aaleah official - 1 hour ago

    i love you do much girl since the beggining👏♥️😍♥️👏👏😍🌹🍁👏♥️😍♥️🍁🌹♥️😍

  • Meme Ur self - Channel Youtube
    Meme Ur self - 1 hour ago

    Who is this

  • Julie Wagner - Channel Youtube
    Julie Wagner - 2 hours ago

    We are here for you until the end

  • Rebecca Clarke - Channel Youtube
    Rebecca Clarke - 2 hours ago

  • kivzzzz - Channel Youtube
    kivzzzz - 2 hours ago

    btw, can't wait for the new video!

  • emigrantyeti - Channel Youtube
    emigrantyeti - 2 hours ago

    So happy to have you back ^^ I'm excited to see this metamorphosis as time goes on. I'm here to see you be you <3

  • Brooke Unti - Channel Youtube
    Brooke Unti - 2 hours ago

    You know that moment, in Hook, where the little boy puts his hands on either side of Robin William's cheeks and says, "Oh THERE you are Peter." That's this.

  • girlygirl 625 - Channel Youtube
    girlygirl 625 - 2 hours ago

    We love you bunny don't worry about what other ppl think about you you are amazing and should make more interesting and funny videos

  • shane_thequeenof_ pigs - Channel Youtube
    shane_thequeenof_ pigs - 2 hours ago

    I was so happy seeing Shane’s face 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kindle Russell - Channel Youtube
    Kindle Russell - 2 hours ago

    Bunny honey, we all love you here. (Swamp family never goes anywhere). Be yourself babydoll

  • Vines Garcia - Channel Youtube
    Vines Garcia - 2 hours ago

    bunny ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • bittybritty89 - Channel Youtube
    bittybritty89 - 3 hours ago

    Girl I've subscribed for years! I love you and suffer from anxiety and depression as well! Stay golden!

  • Casper Daye - Channel Youtube
    Casper Daye - 3 hours ago

    Bunny I missed you so much. So glad the real bunny is coming back ;*

  • Shonda Nelson - Channel Youtube
    Shonda Nelson - 3 hours ago

    Bunny! 🤓 you're AMAZING! Thank you for being u. I'm an introvert, but I'm also a lover of ppl... you inspire me to be more open with others. I've been watching for years, just never started commenting til now. I never thought it would matter. But it does. Whenever we are simply kind it matters in a BIG way. Love and hugs!!! 🤗🤓🤗🧜‍♀️💩

  • KETO Liscious Life - Channel Youtube
    KETO Liscious Life - 3 hours ago

    I really miss your tea vlogs and just the old bunny! Never unsubbed but sooo happy to see the new changes!

  • Spencer Tom - Channel Youtube
    Spencer Tom - 3 hours ago

    She has deeply rooted narcissism.

  • Courtney Dawn - Channel Youtube
    Courtney Dawn - 3 hours ago

    I think in light of the channel becoming a “whole new channel”, we should get a look at the “new” bunny! Q&A?! I think it’d be a great way to sort of open up to your swamp family! 💚

  • Neporian - Channel Youtube
    Neporian - 3 hours ago

    Nice bait.

  • kristen mcdonald - Channel Youtube
    kristen mcdonald - 3 hours ago

    Die hard Swamp Fam member here!! Your channel got me through the hardest time in my life while fighting cancer and just wanted to tell you THANK YOU!!! Please continue just being true to yourself and the die hards like myself will continue to be here and support you!!! Happy to say that I am 2.5 years cancer free and living a full life again!!! Sending peace and love, Kristen ✌🏻❤️🐊

  • Bella Adele - Channel Youtube
    Bella Adele - 3 hours ago

    Bunny, I am so happy to see the sparkle back in your eyes. Thank you for letting us in, I know it must have been so daunting. We are so happy to walk beside you into the future of the swamp family <3