TVictoria Beckham Says Yes to a Spice Girls Carpool Karaoke

Published on Apr 13, 2018

James asks Victoria Beckham about a recent photo of the Spice Girls together and pushes Victoria to get the group together for a very spicy Carpool Karaoke.

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  • VIOLET MUCHA - 6 hours ago

    What kinda big thing spice girls brought to the world or our generation ? That’s was a fun girl band with catchy songs that made smash hits in the 90s there was no no BIG MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE!

  • jz12094250 - 9 hours ago

    Just seems too much gestures on her hands.. LOL

  • Silquia - 10 hours ago

    Yesss!!!! Pleaseeee 😍😍😍😍😍

  • SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering - 15 hours ago

    What utter horseshit.

  • Jenny Lani - 22 hours ago

    YES, to the carpool karaoke

  • CookieGod666 - 23 hours ago


  • Gabriel Incognito - 1 day ago

    She is weird. Beautiful but weird.

  • Highestcloud - 1 day ago

    Can't wait!

  • Mary Noveloso - 1 day ago

    Make it happen!!!!!!!!!

  • scrubl0rd - 2 days ago


  • Shauna B - 2 days ago

    YES. PLEASE. !!!!!!!

  • Adi Trif - 2 days ago

    Ugly woman

  • Stephanie Sindoro - 2 days ago


  • Odin Lush - 2 days ago

    Mainstream = Lucifer

  • Victor Adams - 2 days ago


  • priveyful - 2 days ago

    I'll believe it when I see it Victoria.

  • azdgariarada - 2 days ago

    She's had SO much work done.

  • \\.Confused.// - 2 days ago

    The bitch never says yes to anything unless it involves her earning a huge pay check or self gain. The only spice girls I want to see is one without posh. Filthy bitch

  • Sara Girard - 2 days ago

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  • Catherine Dang - 3 days ago


  • Ray Don - 3 days ago

    if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get w my friends..

  • shrineheart87 - 3 days ago


  • Emily Nolin - 3 days ago

    victoria is so beautiful i can't get over it!!! i love her!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline Sandell - 3 days ago

    She is always portrayed as being so glum.. But she's actually a lovely person or seems to be. Out of all of them she really did get a bad rap I think.

  • Active Diary - 3 days ago

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  • Frida Ayso - 3 days ago


  • MainManChris - 3 days ago

  • Fernando Dantas - 3 days ago

    they should do a "tour bus from the spice movie" Karaoke!

  • mlzanercik - 3 days ago

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  • Re Mi - 3 days ago

    Make it happen!!!