TElon Musk Answers Dumb Questions - Getting Angry and Annoyed

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Published on Aug 28, 2017

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space x tesla best of mars interview

  • LUPINE DOMINUS - 12 hours ago

    Those last three guys definitely had to be trolls.... also that lady in the first one had to use sign language for what that guy was saying. Ouch.

  • Morgan Lee - 13 hours ago

    "i am a capitalist" Shoot him ;_;

  • Edwin Robert - 19 hours ago

    No wonder he wants to go to mars

  • Delroy Mbofana - 22 hours ago

    Here is something that is not dumb, lets talk about the propulsion systems which are going to get us to Mars. First propulsion system idea is laser propulsion we will use photons to travel at 1.6 trillion miles per light year very fast which will get to us to mars in 72 hours or in other words 3 days. Second propulsion system - Atomic powered rockets, now this propulsion system could work but the safety issue is a big concern which is why I proposed we use Uranium 233 and not U-235 or Pu-239 in the rocket. U-233 is much safer than U-235 and Pu-239 plus it's 100 times less radioactive. Propulsion system three - Jet plasma engines which have the ability to operate in space effectively.

  • Jonathan Pal - 1 day ago

    Give him a chance people!

  • Verina Flame - 2 days ago

    :| this is why he’s alone

  • bbs540 - 2 days ago

    i loved that last one, that was a pretty smooth way of completely avoiding the "question" lol

  • Glumbi Grashalm - 2 days ago


  • kain cannon - 3 days ago

    what fuckin convention was this? holy shit lol

  • Paragjyoti Deka - 3 days ago

    Now I know why Elon is so desperate to go to mars .

  • Zach Lyons - 3 days ago

    He’s probably like... wow. This is our society we live in, morons

  • Briefing Spoon - 3 days ago

    They praise him but he deadass took over tesla from the original founder's of the company 💀

  • mjahmed80 - 3 days ago

    bunch of dumb asses, whores and worthless POS i c... sorry mr Elon Musk, you had waist your priceless time with this fkn idiots.

  • Memory of the Stars - 3 days ago

    I would like to be the CEO of Tesla. No? hire me as a janitor fam.

  • Thomas Richardson - 3 days ago

    Now i see the motivation for Elon wanting to leave earth.....cringe fest down here on earth

  • MrNess223 - 3 days ago

    lol at those questions... was he angry tho? i'm guessing more disappointed than anything else... cities do not just pump shit into rivers! what rock has that dildo been hiding under? why not ask if they'll be using square tires on mars as well? thanks for showing why sarcasm was invented. to answer half-ass questions. Mars isn't exactly like earth? no way bro prove it. lol, people hear "I would like to go to mars in my lifetime." so they go full retard on Elon... good job your question was so dumb it didn't merit an answer. I didn't realize Elon ran a sewage treatment plant as well. (<-- sarcasm) lets ask the rocket scientist about shit. good plan dumbass. I would have just said, "we will build a mountain of shit and name it after you." (you being the asshat who asked the question). Elon knows everything because he's actually a Cylon pretending to be human. the poop question answer is beyond your capacity to comprehend sry. next! comic book thanks next! give me job i super genius too "fuck off" next!

  • Thunder Grinde - 4 days ago

    Why is everyone being such an asshole to elon he is actually trying to make this world a better place and this is what he gets in return absolutely despicable i honestly wouldn't be surprised if one day elon just went to mars all by himself and then used a nuke to exterminate everyone on the planet

  • pedro mota - 4 days ago

    'i'm also a super genius like yourself' Thats not a very super genius thing to say lol

  • Joseph Doty - 4 days ago

    wow, so the general public is ... special.

  • Axiom- - 4 days ago

    Plot Twist : The First Guy Is The Vice Chairperson

  • bamsefunXD1234567890 - 4 days ago

    when you cant see the difference between in and on, you shouldnt be asking any questions at all, in fact you should work at mcD

  • lil nef - 4 days ago

    *_Michael cera......._*

  • Hexa Fleet - 5 days ago

    So, unfortunately, the first guy reeks of desperation, entitlement, and laziness. He's asking for a "second look" as in someone to see his worth and hire him for some amazing job he thinks he's entitled to have, but anyone who is ACTUALLY a super genius isn't gonna be "waiting for 10 years" for anything--they're gonna be working their ass off every day, taking risks, creating their own business and opening their own windows of opportunity. So bottom line, Roy, your delusions of grandeur are getting you nowhere. Have some humility and put in the goddamn work.

  • vadiks2003 - 5 days ago

    2:34 hahahah wtf

  • James Evans - 5 days ago

    This is why celebrities don't interact with people on social media like Elon. People think he's their friend because he memes with them and think it's fine to disrespect him and his time like this. Familiarity breeds contempt.

  • Sunny shah - 5 days ago

    You get to ask one question to one of the greatest people of the 21st century, and you ask the most stupidest question ever *WTF* is wrong with people

  • beterbutz - 5 days ago

    The first guy is a hoot!

  • Aftahi Uddin - 5 days ago

    This vid should be try not to cringe challenge

  • Bryan Bustamante - 5 days ago

    The first guy reminds me of Iron Man 2 and how the guys became Tony’s Villain after Tony turned him down lol

  • Alex 1218 - 6 days ago

    Jeez no wonder Elon Musk wants to go to Mars.