T10 Things DELETED From FORTNITE That May NEVER Come Back

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Published on Feb 28, 2018

Would you like any of these items to come back in Fortnite?
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  • Nicholas Coffey - 1 hour ago

    I disagree more and different traps would be better.

  • david macdonald - 2 hours ago

    still early acess??😱

  • Juliushyukg och Hardaba - 4 hours ago

    I want it because i need twitch prime

  • Drifting Inc. - 5 hours ago

    I'd like the gift card because i want to buy a new power supply and new 16g ram

  • OC ALEX - 5 hours ago

    I haven’t seen one of your top 10’s since 2014

  • BRYANS20 - 6 hours ago

    At 5:47 It Says The Person Has 117 Health Lmfai

  • neonicon - 7 hours ago

    LOL collecting skins in this game would be unreal. 90% of devolpers working on skins 10% on the gameplay.

  • Hiimacow - 7 hours ago

    I want the amazon gift card because I am broke also what is a twitter handle? Is it just your twitter name? @yakslayer

  • Jared Pitolau - 9 hours ago

    I want to win the gift card because I’ve never bought anything from amazon before

  • LuvYT - 9 hours ago

    Solid Gold and High Explosives have been the best modes so far imo

  • Eathan Tillman - 10 hours ago

    I wajt it soo i can buy things for my siser

  • BetterToast Gaming - 10 hours ago

    Does anyone think the pinata chest thing might be banned for any reason? Just asking as conversation.

  • Mr Creeps - 11 hours ago

    I actually like high explosive mode, tbh..

  • Michael Kiernan - 12 hours ago

    I hope they don’t take away save the world it’s different than battle royal but refreshing

  • Will Miles - 12 hours ago

    What about save the world I payed to play that will they refund us or what

  • Sw4gger 45 - 12 hours ago

    If they get rid of save the world, I will be so pissed off! Because I bought it and if they get rid of it, they should give US something in return of purchasing save the world

  • Christopher B B - 12 hours ago

    Save the mode?

  • Ultimate Gamer - 13 hours ago

    I want to win the gift card my twit is bidomanga@gmail.com

  • Damien's Adventure - 14 hours ago

    Squeeeeee I hope I win I'm broke af and need to buy a new hard drive so I can play fortnite again!!!! #brokeafgamer #halp @_@"

  • HYP3GAMER Yo - 15 hours ago

    He said save the mode and not save the world hahhahahahhaha lol

  • mido olwi - 16 hours ago

    Fortnite is better than pubg like if u agree

  • henley and Harrison ashton scott - 16 hours ago

    I want to

  • whitestripee - 16 hours ago

    They need to add landmines.

  • Master Moon - 20 hours ago

    They would have to give refunds for pve so I hope they don't

  • Maciek Krefft - 21 hours ago

    They can't cancel the Save The World mode because they were working on it for 5 years !!

  • Jakers 764 - 23 hours ago

    You have to buy save the word

  • Jakers 764 - 23 hours ago

    Of course battle royal move popular

  • Ayrton GAMES - 23 hours ago

    Nice channel i have sub

  • ClubReedy - 1 day ago

    I really want it because I am not very good at fort and I can buy vbucks with it

  • Jimmy Saludos - 1 day ago

    Cuz I don't have an ID Justin do look cool