The '16-17 Warriors Or The '95-96 Bulls: Who Is Better? | The Jump | ESPN

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Published on Jun 06, 2017

Scottie Pippen decides who would win in a match-up between the 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors and the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls.

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  • Cliff  Davis - Channel Youtube
    Cliff Davis - 3 hours ago

    Bulls all day. BIGGEST difference was bulls d was way better in todays rules doesn't mean shyt bad it means don't touch me green would have got ejected messing with Rodman. Then the defense of the bulls front court come on now. Easy money. 6 0 vs 2 1 stop it.

  • Samson Pagunsan - Channel Youtube
    Samson Pagunsan - 4 hours ago

    Bulls of course. They have all the weapons That's why they won 3 championships plus another 3 championships. The Warriors would still be proving and they are on their way to achieve it.

  • Rosario Manorang Manik - Channel Youtube
    Rosario Manorang Manik - 10 hours ago

    I know this old but is this even a question? Really?? The Bulls would eat GSW alive. Jordan playing in today's era with no hand checking rules? He'd smoked the shit out of Klay alive. Rodman would be charged for murder against Green and Pippen would prolly slow down KD a little bit and even then he can switch anybody on the Bulls to guard Klay. And don't start with Curry on defense, God has mercy on that boi.

  • dclayton777 - Channel Youtube
    dclayton777 - 10 hours ago

    Well, we have to assume JUGHEAD (Zaza) wouldn't stick his foot out and sprain an ankle

  • dclayton777 - Channel Youtube
    dclayton777 - 10 hours ago

    Bulls would kick that ass but damn good!!! Scotty Pippen was a lock down defender. Dumb question.

  • alfatrinininja - Channel Youtube
    alfatrinininja - 11 hours ago

    If you think the answer to who would win is obvious then you’re crazy. Would be a hell of a series to see though

  • Second to Deezy - Channel Youtube
    Second to Deezy - 17 hours ago

    so if steve kerr is coming off the bench for chicago, whos coaching golden state🤔

  • ParisKash - Channel Youtube
    ParisKash - 23 hours ago

    Lol nigga no one guarding KD

  • Viejotrueno - Channel Youtube
    Viejotrueno - 1 day ago

    86 Celtics, 87 Lakers and 83 Sixers

  • Matthew Hughes - Channel Youtube
    Matthew Hughes - 2 days ago

    so the loop hole would be Steve Kerr now would know how the bulls work so steve kerr would know how to shut down his old self down, and all of the Bulls weaknesses that the coach steve kerr would know

  • Jormungand - Channel Youtube
    Jormungand - 3 days ago

    Bulls win in any era. Bulls would beat them even worse in today's rules because there would be no way to stop Jordan. He would probably score 60+ every single game.

  • Caleb Harnett - Channel Youtube
    Caleb Harnett - 3 days ago

    hold up he said jordan could guard kd 6"6 vs a 7 footer Kd shoots over 6"9's like their chairs Jordan cant guard him

  • Seph McFit - Channel Youtube
    Seph McFit - 3 days ago

    🤣🤣 Chicago Bulls would destroy them and walk away with a ring!

  • don ice - Channel Youtube
    don ice - 4 days ago

    Luc Longley and Zaza Pachulia will cancel each other out.

  • don ice - Channel Youtube
    don ice - 4 days ago

    Steve Kerr will not coach cause he's playing for the bulls.

  • don ice - Channel Youtube
    don ice - 4 days ago

    Draymond Green will break his foot kicking Dennis Rodman's balls.

  • don ice - Channel Youtube
    don ice - 4 days ago

    Michael Jordan will taste the air filled with the stench of the Warriors.

  • AIMelo - Channel Youtube
    AIMelo - 5 days ago

    they acting like a hand check would prevent a guy like jamal crawford cross up steve kerr or some other whithe dude from back then....SMH

  • spiderman4677 - Channel Youtube
    spiderman4677 - 5 days ago

    Stupid question, but I'll play along. What era rules are we playing with? That is your answer right there.

  • Robert Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Robert Johnson - 6 days ago

    there is not even a question :D retard media desperate tries to make todays players shine, but they all suck

  • mesube22 - Channel Youtube
    mesube22 - 6 days ago

    From a Bulls Fan ☺  98 Pacers (Mark Jackson/Travis Best v Curry/Livingston) (Reggie Miller v. Klay ) (Derrick McKey/Jalen Rose/ Chris Mullins v. KD)Dale & Antonio Davis v. Draymond) Rick Smits v. Ctr. pos.) Austin Croshere . They were loaded 92 Knicks (Mark Jackson/Greg Anthony v Curry/Livingston) (Gerald Wilkins/John Starks v Klay) Xavier McDaniel/Anthony Mason/Kiki Vandeweghe v KD) (Charles Oakley/some Anthony Mason v Draymond) Patrick Ewing v. Ctr. pos.) Golden St. Iguodala and the bench would make this a lot of fun.

  • King Green - Channel Youtube
    King Green - 6 days ago

    Enough with the damn what rules you playing , the bulls would be playing in todays rules also and scottie and mike would just run down the lane all night

  • polo 18 - Channel Youtube
    polo 18 - 6 days ago

    83 Sixers would beat both

  • Gabriel Matherly - Channel Youtube
    Gabriel Matherly - 6 days ago

    15-16 warrior actually

  • guezcisco - Channel Youtube
    guezcisco - 6 days ago

    Dennis rodman would have drove Durant crazy.

  • Monkey D. luffy D. - Channel Youtube
    Monkey D. luffy D. - 7 days ago

    I think d. green can't handle rodman. Rodman can defend shaq, alonzo, malone whice is bigger nd stronger...

  • jeric cordero - Channel Youtube
    jeric cordero - 7 days ago

    How can steve kerr play on bulls, he was a coach gsw haha

  • Louie Eastwani - Channel Youtube
    Louie Eastwani - 1 week ago

    the fuckin question is how will they defend MJ ? lol 2-3 players will fouled out if they used the rules today GSW will be raped

  • Lowel abala - Channel Youtube
    Lowel abala - 1 week ago

    I still believe 96 bulls is the greatest team ever... with Durant added to the Warriors roster of course they can get many wins. What about the 96 bulls who, Dennis he's a rebounder and a defender. Scoring wise 96 bulls added no superstar.

  • Ken Weezy - Channel Youtube
    Ken Weezy - 1 week ago

    Never go against Jordan