Best Takeoff Verses of 2017 (Migos)

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Published on Dec 13, 2017

This video shows what I think are the best takeoff verses of 2017. I didn't put lyrics in like most of my other videos because in this video, I'm showing full verses so lyrics would just clog up the whole screen. Also, I won't be ranking these verses as I just wanted to show whichever were my favourites. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more!

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  • Sean O'Neill - Channel Youtube
    Sean O'Neill - 5 months ago

    who that rich mothafucka named takeoff

  • king of toads - Channel Youtube
    king of toads - 2 days ago

    He is most talented 4sure

  • Ollie Banks - Channel Youtube
    Ollie Banks - 2 days ago

    What was the song is the intro???????

  • Million Hunter - Channel Youtube
    Million Hunter - 3 days ago

    Takeoff is one of the best rappers In the world

  • Sedat Bilici - Channel Youtube
    Sedat Bilici - 3 days ago

    Best among migos, hands down 🖐🏽👇🏽

  • Raj shah - Channel Youtube
    Raj shah - 3 days ago

    where the fuck is commando??

  • King Murese - Channel Youtube
    King Murese - 4 days ago

    Takeoff basically owned T-shirt. He tooked off on that

  • Skilled Penguin - Channel Youtube
    Skilled Penguin - 5 days ago

    Night call is my favorite

  • peter sav - Channel Youtube
    peter sav - 6 days ago


  • RoseLalisa Jensoo - Channel Youtube
    RoseLalisa Jensoo - 1 week ago

    Everybody is talking about Offset and Quavo but Takeoff has the best energy 😩😍👑

  • Tebogo Seatlhol - Channel Youtube
    Tebogo Seatlhol - 1 week ago

    the copy rights thing for the i get the part ended me

  • mohamed ali - Channel Youtube
    mohamed ali - 1 week ago

    Fuck on the bitch then I tip her A nickel for me to take pictures Not from L.A but I clip her Double my cup pour a triple Fox on my body no vivica I'm not your average or typical Look at my wrist and it's critical Holding up dropping the temperature!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Drako Gang - Channel Youtube
    Drako Gang - 1 week ago


  • Raheim Dorsey - Channel Youtube
    Raheim Dorsey - 1 week ago


  • Blue Braun - Channel Youtube
    Blue Braun - 1 week ago

    Ugh, daddy😩

  • Jovaan Mills - Channel Youtube
    Jovaan Mills - 1 week ago

    Commando go the hardest ever

  • Bmwlegendarydog Tv - Channel Youtube
    Bmwlegendarydog Tv - 2 weeks ago

    Why u didn’t put bad and boujee in the video that was his best song🤣😭

  • Madogg Assaf - Channel Youtube
    Madogg Assaf - 2 weeks ago

    Reality: all takeoffs verses are the best

  • Erik Williams - Channel Youtube
    Erik Williams - 2 weeks ago

    Takeoff verse on deadz is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Purple Cod - Channel Youtube
    Purple Cod - 2 weeks ago

    He my favorite in the migos

  • Herberth Membreno - Channel Youtube
    Herberth Membreno - 2 weeks ago

    Where is commando?

  • egzon2500 - Channel Youtube
    egzon2500 - 2 weeks ago

    Get Right Witcha & Slippery Verse Hoo💨🔥 man fuck it he the GOAT

  • Archie Adams - Channel Youtube
    Archie Adams - 2 weeks ago

    his verse on too hotty 🔥

  • donseeray massey - Channel Youtube
    donseeray massey - 2 weeks ago

    DAMN,HE GOT BARS!!!!!!!!

  • Devin Miranda - Channel Youtube
    Devin Miranda - 2 weeks ago

    If I get to play with that kitty I wonder how mans platinums we gon sell

  • pablo - Channel Youtube
    pablo - 2 weeks ago

    night call is absolutely fire

  • Louie Searle - Channel Youtube
    Louie Searle - 3 weeks ago

    Best migo

  • Dacodah Rodgers - Channel Youtube
    Dacodah Rodgers - 3 weeks ago

    prob the 20th time ive watched this tbh

  • Lilian Kariuki - Channel Youtube
    Lilian Kariuki - 3 weeks ago

    Takeoff's slippery verse is everything😭💯 He is definately the best migo🤗

  • Suhas McSuhas - Channel Youtube
    Suhas McSuhas - 3 weeks ago

    Narcos he killed it better then anyone