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Published on Oct 15, 2017

Hi, guys! I’m excited to bring another episode from the Ask Doctor Mike series. In this episode, I’m answering embarrassing medical questions that Ricky Dillon has always wanted to ask but may not have been comfortable with his regular doctor. My goal is to make medicine fun, interesting, and less intimidating. If you're with me please give this video a like and comment down below!!!

ALSO, we did a hilarious sketch on Ricky's channel. You have to click the link and watch that video now!

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  • Luci Kim - Channel Youtube
    Luci Kim - 2 hours ago

    I have a high metabolism and im not sweaty. Like, running for 30 mins can't make me sweat😶

  • senorita302 - Channel Youtube
    senorita302 - 7 hours ago

    The portion of the video about getting blood drawn is the best 😂😂 you’re so personable!! I love it!

  • D P - Channel Youtube
    D P - 1 day ago

    Horse pit lmaooo

  • i was bored - Channel Youtube
    i was bored - 3 days ago

    a collab with the iconic ricky wow

  • Laura J - Channel Youtube
    Laura J - 3 days ago

    Alright, the little shit-eating grin you get at 6:14 , the moment you decide to tease Ricky about the needles?? That has #littlebrothersyndrome written all over it.

  • Amanda Alexander - Channel Youtube
    Amanda Alexander - 3 days ago

    Lol I love both Dr. Mike and Ricky Dillon. Also Ricky, I feel you. I can't look at needles either. Like I don't pass out but it makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I also get really anxious a lot, like 90% of the time. I could write a list but it would be too long on all the things that make me anxious.

  • L33cherhoua - Channel Youtube
    L33cherhoua - 3 days ago

    Mike looks like realistic and Ricky looks Youtuber-ish 😂😂

  • Connie Nunn - Channel Youtube
    Connie Nunn - 4 days ago

    Is it normal to feel feint after going #2?

  • Damaris Dee - Channel Youtube
    Damaris Dee - 4 days ago

    Hey if you ever need a partner to go to Greece with you I’m down..... down side I know nothing about medicine.... lmaooo I love watching your channel, so much great information... best eye candy ever 😍! Lol

  • Marlène P. - Channel Youtube
    Marlène P. - 4 days ago

    I'm learning so much thanks to your videos ! Thank you Dr.Mike for being on Youtube :) Would love to have you as my Doctor, I feel I could ask you anything I'm curious about.

  • Marina Angotti - Channel Youtube
    Marina Angotti - 4 days ago

    Horses do not eat straw. They will eat it if that's all that's there (or if they're bored), but it can cause colic. Straw is used to help keep the stall dry so the horse won't get thrush or something similar.

  • Jump4theblue_cvf - Channel Youtube
    Jump4theblue_cvf - 4 days ago

    Horses don’t eat straw, they eat different hays like alfalfa and Timothy 😂

  • Sd May - Channel Youtube
    Sd May - 4 days ago

    Please Dr Mike do more on supplements and the cr** the supplements industry try to sell us (fillers, claims, bioavailability, poor ingredients, low concentrations, use of various units to confuse consumers...). Thanks!

  • rapanda imy - Channel Youtube
    rapanda imy - 4 days ago

    Hello doctor Mike !! My shoulder hurts so much and makes noise when i move it what should i do 😢 thanks in advance 😄

  • Ryan Daley - Channel Youtube
    Ryan Daley - 4 days ago

    I do pee once an hour basically

  • Vivienne Dejvongsa - Channel Youtube
    Vivienne Dejvongsa - 4 days ago

    Is it healthy or okay to wear antiperspirant at night?

  • Ashley - Channel Youtube
    Ashley - 4 days ago

    Video on workout supplements/your workout routine please! Fellow SN trying to get ripped too & you're very ripped 😂

  • parsa sheikh - Channel Youtube
    parsa sheikh - 5 days ago

    hey come to Pakistan 😂❤

  • LLRM - Channel Youtube
    LLRM - 5 days ago

    What are your thoughts on USP certification. I try and take only USP certified vitamins.

  • Penafiel Airelyn - Channel Youtube
    Penafiel Airelyn - 5 days ago

    Doc.mike how can i overcome my phobia in hights,?

  • Valérie Swan - Channel Youtube
    Valérie Swan - 5 days ago

    When i drink i can pee 5 times/h

  • Manuella Maia - Channel Youtube
    Manuella Maia - 5 days ago

    could be vasovagal

  • M3GA_FAST - Channel Youtube
    M3GA_FAST - 5 days ago

    Medical question: My father, age early 40”s has heart palpitations. Rapid heart movement, extreme sweating, and feel light headed, almost passing out. Started small, and now getting worse. He drinks plenty of water, eats EXTREMELY healthy ( strict no carb diet), no alcohol, no caffeine. Doctors in our area have no current answer for his issue. He has had a heart monitor on for two weeks, and there was no sign of an issue. We thought it was stress and anxiety because my father stresses about quite a lot of things. BUT, these palpitations happen at non-stressful times.

  • Joshua Mendoza - Channel Youtube
    Joshua Mendoza - 5 days ago

    "Viaagraa?" That part really got me to laugh.

  • Haley McDonald - Channel Youtube
    Haley McDonald - 5 days ago

    Dr. Mike I’m going to Hawaii next month and you’re invited

  • Brook Bhatti - Channel Youtube
    Brook Bhatti - 5 days ago

    are you single?

  • Jennifer Suarez - Channel Youtube
    Jennifer Suarez - 5 days ago

    You mentioned that people cool down when sleeping. I’m actually the opposite, my body gets really hot. So hot I’ve had family members wake me thinking I have a fever. I sometimes wake up due to how hot I’m feeling. I’ve never been sure why that is.

  • Lauren Medley - Channel Youtube
    Lauren Medley - 5 days ago

    This guy's fears would annoy me.

  • Olivia Kachulis - Channel Youtube
    Olivia Kachulis - 5 days ago

    Can you please do a video with a veterinarian?

  • wissale all - Channel Youtube
    wissale all - 5 days ago

    Is ricky wearing a highlighter?