TSmall Details You Missed In Black Panther

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Published on Feb 17, 2018

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Black Panther's solo big-screen debut came with an empowering message, a meticulously crafted origin story… and not a whole lot of fan-friendly Easter eggs. Wakanda is pretty isolated from the rest of the Marvel world in every sense, but there were still a few details in Black Panther you may have picked up on... if you're a true fan. Spoilers ahead!

Oakland origins | 0:21
Like T'Chaka, like son | 1:04
Many masks | 1:36
Remember Vine? | 2:37
Neck tech | 3:13
The Serkis is in town | 3:58

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  • Looper - 2 months ago

    What other Black Panther Easter eggs do you think should've made the list?

  • Jason Gjoklaj - 6 days ago


  • Harley Quinn - 7 days ago

    Was enjoying the video up until you unnecessarily dissed “supermans mustache cgi” Unclassy.

  • Reuben Singh - 1 week ago

    It draws similarities to Martin Luther king Jr (T'Challa) vs Malcolm X (Killmonger) and their beliefs

  • JumperWC - 2 weeks ago

    WOW what a really good movie!!!

  • Sнυηѕυι 《Ƙуōяαкυ》 - 2 weeks ago

    It was a good movie. It had a very good representation of black people and showed a powerful message.

  • Thomas B - 2 weeks ago

    Only in the fantasy world of Marvel Comics will blacks ever build even a semi-functional society. ha ha. Surrounded by vast natural resources yet every last one of their countries are toilets. At least you can fantasize at the movies though right?

  • Abdias Alonso - 2 weeks ago

    Blacks playing the victim card again lol 😂

  • Yoran Rock - 2 weeks ago

    Bucky is seen in wakanda at the after credits scene of black panther so both outsiders are already in the movie

  • Hannah Burman - 2 weeks ago

    *to the very **_dankest_** of memes*

  • Maggie Azaah - 3 weeks ago

    I watched it it was amazing

  • Kodamas Dad - 3 weeks ago

    Honestly. Having a superhero named Black Panther is like having a superhero named Klan Man

  • JUAN Q - 3 weeks ago

    iron man's dad also was in wakanda

  • Girl Comedy - 3 weeks ago


  • QwackyYT - 3 weeks ago

    “Very dankest of memes” I almost threw up at that part. C R I N G E

  • Dakking - 3 weeks ago

    You have some content caught in the waffle

  • aiman mhdzr - 3 weeks ago

    You wrong. Klause has been there since the beggining. He has transport the vibranium since idk when but mcu shows it in avengers aou

  • DAN WRINKLE - 3 weeks ago

    It goes back to THE DANKEST OF MEMES

  • Antny Jae08 - 3 weeks ago

    Wow I just needed to wait 2 months for infinity war and before that I watched black panther

  • Slightly Sethish - 3 weeks ago

    "dankest of memes"?

  • Nolan Pinkard - 4 weeks ago

    ☠️ Wakanda

  • megazwatcher - 4 weeks ago

    that he's gay? no i noticed that right off

  • kiingzly's alt - 4 weeks ago

    666 dislikes smh

  • CRY CRY - 4 weeks ago

    Claw entered wakanda 30 years before bucky entered it

  • Tyler Smith - 4 weeks ago

    klause would have no idea that bucky was in wakanda so that makes no sense

  • i need healing - 4 weeks ago

    How do people misspronounce character names even when they say them in the movie? Its Shuri, not Shari

  • cevianne03 - 1 month ago

    Did you know the ship black panthers jet is killmongers mask

  • Marcelo Jones - 1 month ago


  • RiceCum - 1 month ago

    The dankest meme

  • dandre altedo - 1 month ago

    The crack in his mouth?