TDemi Lovato Workout Routine 2016

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  • Vector Vent - 5 days ago

    Damn she can squat more than me😑

  • Kylie Hernandez - 3 weeks ago

    i wouldnt want to get in a fight with her

  • Frank Deux - 1 month ago

    Im in love

  • Krishonda Wallace - 3 months ago

    You don’t wanna mess with she she can fight btw I love demi

  • Barbara Talley - 3 months ago

    she 😉 it was hot

  • Sergio Peace - 3 months ago

    estas buenisima Demi te amo

  • Ravi sanan - 3 months ago

    What song is it on 1:36

  • Ashley Simmons - 4 months ago

    such a bad ass!!

  • Ibson Dwolf - 4 months ago

    I love you Demi.

  • The Sauce Z - 4 months ago

    0:38 Me when my teacher makes awkward eye contact

  • Not a Liberal or a Republican - 5 months ago

    She's one of the most beautiful women on earth. She's amazing

  • Lee Hyuk - 6 months ago

    Ughhhhhhh i loveeee you

  • duke jones - 6 months ago

    Pretty sure she has more core strength than me.... time to go to the gym lol

  • Lynae Armstrong - 6 months ago

    DANG shes strong!

  • Azucena T - 7 months ago

    Should go at for boxing

  • Tonya D - 8 months ago

    damnnn don't fuck with Demi! Get it girl!

  • Danielle Beauclair - 8 months ago

    Not only is this amazing chick gorgeous and talented- she's freaking strong. Blue belt and everything. I aspire to be that badass.

  • TheBrosBox - 8 months ago

    All I can say is OMG!

  • dawn eads - 8 months ago


  • Rylee Reynolds - 8 months ago

    She is so beautiful and has such a lovely voice. How she sings while jogging is beyond me. I can't even fucking breathe when I walk from my bedroom to the kitchen.

  • Olga Stolarczyk - 8 months ago

    Am I the only one? 2:05 The only thing that I can see here is the reference to BTS song XD

  • Carol/carrie lynn Wurst loves my milo - 8 months ago

    Demi I've learn from you and I'm really proud to say that I I do the same work out that you do and I love you and I'm gonna try to meet you and I'm glad that you were born Remember fight like a woman 👄👄👄👄👄

  • Ddlovatoismyhero - 8 months ago

    As a bipolar person I can say this looks like a really good way to get out aggression and energy.

  • joshuatreebje - 11 months ago

    Wow not only is she sexy as fuck but she could probably beat the shit out of most guys too!.

  • paul young - 1 year ago

    is there anyone who looks so good with no makeup & just natural ☺

  • Plat inum - 1 year ago

    How much is she squatting?

  • Pam h. - 1 year ago


  • saul Guerrero - 2 years ago

    your fine and I'm inlove

  • Lovatic 1234 - 2 years ago

    I was waiting for her to sing the rest of the song at 1:24

  • Dummerbrella987 - 2 years ago

    Her kicks actually have decent form.