TCouple Builds Own Tiny House on Wheels in 4 Months for $22,744.06- "hOMe" FULL TOUR

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Published on Feb 09, 2014

For a FREE 7 Day Tiny House Construction ECourse, please click on link: To look at the plans for hOMe, please visit: presents the "hOMe" tour. Our 221 SF (+128SF in lofts) was self designed and built tiny house on a 28' trailer. Built for $22k ($33k including all cabinets and appliances), our tiny house feels spacious, roomy and totally livable. BEST house we've ever lived in! :) During this video we take you through the entire tiny house, showing each nook and cranny and design features that are working so well. Unlike most cottagey tiny houses, hOMe has a clean, modern feel.

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  • My Tiny Home Adventure - 2 days ago

    I think going with tiny homes is the best way to go specially when you're older and you have low income. I really like it I just added you

  • Hammond Miers - 4 days ago

    Im sure you may build it too guys. Just look for stodoys page and build it too.

  • sierra hernandez - 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone else notice that bug on the at 17:10 to 17:17

  • mrn4s - 2 weeks ago

    Good video and good v build but you need to provide more details about the basics: gas, electric, clean water supply, waste water and internet. These are the 5 basics for any modern living situation. I noticed some solar panels midway through the video, any batteries? Guessing that huge stove is propane? Too many tiny house videos focus on ladders vs stairs but skip over the basics

  • DevCreates - 2 weeks ago

    Love ❤️ this video What kind of dog is that

  • BloodyWolf6789 - 2 weeks ago

    This is practically my dream home! Only a few things tweaked, but pretty much how I envisioned it! I want it to also be a smart house, with some solar panel tiles in the center of the roof, maybe add a small skylight for each loft. I'd like it in a more "wood" look. Where the propane heater is I'd put a spiral staircase. I live in Florida right now, so heat isn't really a problem. And add a small doggy flap to the door. I hope to have the money saved up to have this built for me in 10 years. Way too lazy and accident prone to do it myself, that's why it'd take me so long. I've been to your site, and I love how you have everything set up to make it as easy as possible to create this home, and for such a low price. (in my opinion) Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do all of that. It is really appreciated!

  • Saif Rahman Cresswell - 3 weeks ago

    Do composting toilets smell?

  • Shirley Brown - 3 weeks ago

    This is great for young people but would not work for elderly people like my husband and I.

  • Mistiiz - 3 weeks ago

    ... *I'm almost 13 and I just spent 28 minutes of my life watching a guy talk about how much space his tiny house has rather than listening to Havana or some shit while binging a ton of Lele Pons videos...* wait who watches vids while listening to music? XD

  • Кузяня_ БРО - 4 weeks ago

    Ну так себе сарайчик.....

  • Grey Line - 4 weeks ago

    It’s strange how one little thing put me off this home, and that was the windowsill where your living area is would poke into my back. It is a beautiful home though. What would be the cost to buy?

  • HKH HKH - 4 weeks ago

    Thank you, this is the first tiny house tour that I didn't get bored and I actually finished watching the video all the way to the end. It was a very interesting tour and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your detail work of your tiny home. It was very well planned out design and I could even see myself living in it, thank you again for sharing.

  • Angie S - 1 month ago

    Speak louder please. I maxed my volume and i cannot really hear him

  • MrKevin1a - 1 month ago

    What's the name of that "command-center pillow organizer chair backrest with the lights" in your bedroom? I did some basic web searches and couldn't find one like that with all the pockets and storage.

  • ADADDY - 1 month ago

    this niggas video is damn near 29 mins of this tiny ass house lmaoooo

  • Morganne O'Kelley - 1 month ago

    Why is there only one toothbrush?

  • Dmitriy Khan - 1 month ago

    Very nice house! Only it seems to me like too much medicine.

  • Patrice Cousineau - 1 month ago

    The first question i have in mind is how much does it weight and what kind of truck i need to move it around it's sure look heavy ?

  • Vishalini Ragala - 1 month ago

    I love living in such beautiful place and travel besides but I am concerned about security. The world is dangerous in all ways. Precautions must be taken in mind while making houses like this especially in india. (angry)

  • Aaron Hale - 1 month ago

    What type of trailer did you use for your home? I plan on building a 22 foot tiny home, but every time I look for a trailer of that length I can only find the gooseneck trailers.

  • Shanti Spliff - 1 month ago

    Nice to see the Real maple syrup! Thats the way to win a Canadians heart! Its an insult to true Canadians to use Aunt Jemima Sugar (Not maple syrup) lol

  • Nikola Tesla - 1 month ago

    stupid ... the desk/dining table is stupid ... there is no room to move your feet forward and relax ... one cannot sit with the knees flexed ... it would cause pain ... stupid

  • NominalNumenorian - 1 month ago

    +Gabriella and Andrew Morrison Noticed you have a lot of clothing storage, compared to what I'm used to. Look up the "Ranger Roll" technique of storing clothes. It will save you a LOT of space on non-hanging clothes.

  • Mr710324 - 1 month ago

    Hey that was a great video 👍

  • memyselfi - 2 months ago

    Very nice. Behind the stove you can put hooks to hang the ladder and in the kitchen by the window you can hang a spice rack.

  • Dana Joy Faith - 2 months ago

    First of all gorgeous tiny home. I was reading a lot of people's responses negative u all who r responding negatively need to be positive and uplifting towards this beautiful couple!! it's their home not yours... my husband and I r selling our home right now and where getting a tiny home I'm so excited can't wait.

  • Batam Fanny - 2 months ago

    I love this house so much .How nice if I can get one like this.

  • Nik Joe - 2 months ago

    How do you have electricity with no power source?

  • Lori W - 2 months ago

    Suggestion: Have the “office storage” cabinet open the other way. That way you can get to your supplies while sitting at your desk. Love this tiny home!!!!

  • Campion Pry - 2 months ago

    I started my adventure with wood thanks to plans from the stodoys.