The Good Doctor - saves a kid life (part 1 - 9)

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Published on Oct 22, 2017

The Good Doctor saves a kid life (part 1)

I don't own this video, all credit goes to Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios
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  • Jkim - Channel Youtube
    Jkim - 4 days ago

    ME: OH SHIT! Takes a video. And makes a meme Titled: This LOL Stubby ass kid almost gets killed

  • yua huy - Channel Youtube
    yua huy - 4 days ago

    filmnya kayak god doctor versi korea

  • marksonxd gt - Channel Youtube
    marksonxd gt - 4 days ago

    Korean is better than american

  • Pizza EXP9001 - Channel Youtube
    Pizza EXP9001 - 5 days ago

    0:37 the hell are you doing dumb people help him do t just stand there to get followers on facebook

  • afonso monteiro - Channel Youtube
    afonso monteiro - 6 days ago

    I know this is off topic, but this would be a great Final Destination death

  • Aphmau Senpai - Channel Youtube
    Aphmau Senpai - 2 weeks ago

    "I'M A DOCTOR!"

  • Nicholas the gamer - Channel Youtube
    Nicholas the gamer - 2 weeks ago

    Is this on Netflix

  • Ryanlimzq - Channel Youtube
    Ryanlimzq - 3 weeks ago

    Isnf this just the k drama

  • Fresher :z - Channel Youtube
    Fresher :z - 3 weeks ago

    They made a mistake , because they say all The Time can someone...

  • JHO4LIFE - Channel Youtube
    JHO4LIFE - 3 weeks ago

    Such a copy of the k9rean version and plus the korean version was made like 4 years befere this one andnits the exact same lol

  • Skibadaboopee - Channel Youtube
    Skibadaboopee - 3 weeks ago

    wait a minute didnt korea do this first?

  • Arquero Medieval - Channel Youtube
    Arquero Medieval - 3 weeks ago

    David Shore is telling us what if Dr. House was autistic in his youth.

  • Al Ue - Channel Youtube
    Al Ue - 3 weeks ago


  • Jamie Welton - Channel Youtube
    Jamie Welton - 4 weeks ago

    How exactly would tiny bits of shattered glass falling from a relatively low height, that hardly weighs anything, force him to the ground as if the sign itself had landed on him, slice open his neck in one specific area with no other cuts on his face and somehow get on the inside of his shirt to then penetrate his skin? I didn't know glass was able to climb inside of shirts without cutting any skin on its way down, somehow turn itself around so its facing his body and still have enough force to penetrate his body that deep. Only in Hollywood eh?

  • BlueWolfy 101 - Channel Youtube
    BlueWolfy 101 - 4 weeks ago

    *boy literally between life and death* Others: OMG!!! I need to take a video!!

  • Paul Pham - Channel Youtube
    Paul Pham - 1 month ago

    Pfff So many flaws here ! First, the foremost important thing is that the boy should be brought to another smooth floor surface, not lying on sharp glass floor ! Wanna cut his lung ? Second, blow in the gloove and just sterilize it on the outer layer with normal alcochol ? Really ? Do you know how much bacteria and even virus in your saliva ? They can go through tiny holes of the gloove from inside to outside when the alcohol had evaporated already ! Such a drama movie for egocentric people !

  • Gemma Suarez Hernandez - Channel Youtube
    Gemma Suarez Hernandez - 1 month ago

    No están subtituladas en español que pena

  • Carmelo Ivo Tendero - Channel Youtube
    Carmelo Ivo Tendero - 1 month ago

    cant wait to see this movie

  • mineben3 - Channel Youtube
    mineben3 - 1 month ago

    Is it just me or does the good doctor look like the kid from spiderwick chronicles... no? August Rush? ....

  • eddiegonenuts 1225 - Channel Youtube
    eddiegonenuts 1225 - 1 month ago

    0:38 why call 911 with your phone when you could record them.😑

  • nmak Mee - Channel Youtube
    nmak Mee - 1 month ago

    ابي الفلم مترجم تكفوون

  • Ashkan Banisepehr - Channel Youtube
    Ashkan Banisepehr - 2 months ago

    full video in my profile

  • Ollie Bourton - Channel Youtube
    Ollie Bourton - 2 months ago

    Only shattered glass fell on him ffs 😂😂

  • Ellis Sims - Channel Youtube
    Ellis Sims - 2 months ago

    Americans could learn a thing or two from us brits. Instead of going straight on the phone to an ambulance. They record instead, so there's probably a difference in human decency between our countries

  • Ahmed Naser - Channel Youtube
    Ahmed Naser - 2 months ago

    مفيش واحد زي ده في مصر

  • Evan Hill - Channel Youtube
    Evan Hill - 2 months ago

    0:38 those idiots they record what is happening when they should be calling the ambulance

  • samer samer - Channel Youtube
    samer samer - 2 months ago

    *the series on telegram 😀 *

  • Vanos Ford - Channel Youtube
    Vanos Ford - 2 months ago

    Literally copied the original

  • Patty Reid - Channel Youtube
    Patty Reid - 2 months ago

    Poor potrial of someone with autism

  • onyyx•57}] - Channel Youtube
    onyyx•57}] - 2 months ago

    Essentially a final destination scene.