The Untold Truth Of The Walmart Kid Yodeler

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

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The "Walmart yodeling kid" — or "yodel boy," as he's being called — became an internet phenomenon after a video of him belting out a spirited version of Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" in an Illinois Walmart went viral. Since then it's been a whirlwind, with an appearance on Ellen, a college scholarship, and an invitation to appear on the biggest stage in country music - the Grand Ole Opry. So just how has 11-year-old Mason Ramsey done it? Here's everything you didn't know you wanted to know about the Walmart yodeling kid...

Not his first rodeo | 0:31
Like a pig in mud | 1:21
Ellen's DeGenerosity | 2:00
Walmart is rolling in it | 2:55
That giant guitar | 3:26
Yodeling into your DMs | 3:54

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  • Nicki Swift - Channel Youtube
    Nicki Swift - 1 month ago

    What are your thoughts on the kid?

  • Noor Okour - Channel Youtube
    Noor Okour - 2 days ago

    4:15 his entire life is half my phones capacity, like about 5mb

  • Marsha Smith - Channel Youtube
    Marsha Smith - 2 days ago

    He is so ugly

  • Toni Gordon - Channel Youtube
    Toni Gordon - 3 days ago

    Y'all gotta give credit to SuedeTheRemixGod for giving him that fly remix that blew him up more

  • perfectdaysofplunder - Channel Youtube
    perfectdaysofplunder - 1 week ago

    When you call them “untold truths” does it mean they were originally false?????

  • 513 HVAC - Channel Youtube
    513 HVAC - 1 week ago

    Yea right Ellen don't have any Grand Ole Opry contacts.

  • Lps Błuë - Channel Youtube
    Lps Błuë - 1 week ago

    Illinois Walmart? I LIVE IN ILLINOIS

  • Smart People - Channel Youtube
    Smart People - 1 week ago

    Is nobody going to talk about her saying "Ellen Degenerosity"?

  • Maqabee - Channel Youtube
    Maqabee - 1 week ago

    I just realized Kenny Rogers is still alive and I just cried of happiness

  • Video Bird - Channel Youtube
    Video Bird - 1 week ago

    Mason. His name is Mason... Ramsey is his last name okay?

  • XXMODZ HAXSXX - Channel Youtube
    XXMODZ HAXSXX - 2 weeks ago

    Most kids now days do crap on musically. But hevan has rised and gave this kid the perfect talent better than those musically kids

  • Murray Feldman - Channel Youtube
    Murray Feldman - 2 weeks ago

    We shall see what happens in a few years when his voice changes. Could go either way.

  • magali martinez - Channel Youtube
    magali martinez - 2 weeks ago

    Boy, if only anyone else in the world sung love sick blues

  • Malik R - Channel Youtube
    Malik R - 2 weeks ago

    He’s so good and what not he made it to the port he’s gonna be famous, oh wait he already is!! ☺️☺️☺️

  • Campbell Duff - Channel Youtube
    Campbell Duff - 2 weeks ago

    "yodel boy" more like your channel name be nicki manij in a second niga

  • Ginger Cat - Channel Youtube
    Ginger Cat - 2 weeks ago

    What a cute kid

  • Louis Taylor - Channel Youtube
    Louis Taylor - 2 weeks ago


  • TheWallsTape - Channel Youtube
    TheWallsTape - 2 weeks ago

    Lil Tay should go on the Ellen show

  • Bonser Man - Channel Youtube
    Bonser Man - 2 weeks ago

    He's a piece of shit

  • lynn collver - Channel Youtube
    lynn collver - 3 weeks ago

    Lord Jesus please give him and his parents HUGE warning signs when they need to stop the show .. the world is not our Home .

  • Vincent Loparo III - Channel Youtube
    Vincent Loparo III - 3 weeks ago

    That's so awesome. Go get em kid.

  • QUEEN SHE - Channel Youtube
    QUEEN SHE - 3 weeks ago

    Yes! We’re rooting for you mason ! Keep on keeping on baby boy!

  • Joel Eugene - Channel Youtube
    Joel Eugene - 3 weeks ago


  • the best there is the best there ever will be - Channel Youtube
    the best there is the best there ever will be - 3 weeks ago

    Play at 0.25 speed

  • Miguel Susanibar - Channel Youtube
    Miguel Susanibar - 3 weeks ago

    Does he have any sisters?

  • Maxx.D Maxx.D - Channel Youtube
    Maxx.D Maxx.D - 3 weeks ago

    I have a crush on him when I hear the song famous on my playlist i start to cry

  • Aiden Hatfield - Channel Youtube
    Aiden Hatfield - 3 weeks ago

    1:24 Ramsey is not the biggest YouTube star right now I think jake and Logan Paul is the biggest YouTube stars right now and ksi

  • Jessica G - Channel Youtube
    Jessica G - 3 weeks ago

    I don’t like him

  • Brass Monkey - Channel Youtube
    Brass Monkey - 3 weeks ago

    His music is really good

  • Nope Forget it - Channel Youtube
    Nope Forget it - 4 weeks ago

    true inspiration