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Published on Jul 30, 2017

Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.

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  • Verna Kartika - Channel Youtube
    Verna Kartika - 3 hours ago

    (Number 6) what about the buzzer?

  • M and C - Channel Youtube
    M and C - 5 hours ago

    14:41 do u notice it

  • Angelina Quiroz - Channel Youtube
    Angelina Quiroz - 9 hours ago

    22:44 boi you just got called out for your fake thumb right there

  • Aditi Kulkarni - Channel Youtube
    Aditi Kulkarni - 12 hours ago

    there were many better magicians then the one who got the golden buzzer

  • Abdullah Hasib - Channel Youtube
    Abdullah Hasib - 15 hours ago

    Getting goosebumps

  • Aysha Chowdhury - Channel Youtube
    Aysha Chowdhury - 15 hours ago


  • themovie man - Channel Youtube
    themovie man - 19 hours ago

    But not showing ..... If it is real means they have to show us.....

  • Sovannaroth DDA - Channel Youtube
    Sovannaroth DDA - 22 hours ago

    the best

  • jb's strawberry milk shake - Channel Youtube
    jb's strawberry milk shake - 23 hours ago

    that 73 million guy give me the chills.

  • Lunx 567 - Channel Youtube
    Lunx 567 - 1 day ago

    In the one with the magicians called DNA the mind readers watch when he walks up the stairs with Simon then he changes his shirt

  • shahreyar changazi - Channel Youtube
    shahreyar changazi - 1 day ago

    In number six one what is the name of that music please anybody if you know please tell me in my comment pleaseeeee

  • Gabriel Jellydroid - Channel Youtube
    Gabriel Jellydroid - 1 day ago

    e o sonho de todo homem ir as compras com essa mulher

  • Mumbai Secrets Revealed - Channel Youtube
    Mumbai Secrets Revealed - 2 days ago

    subscribe me..I will give u 4.. comment in video

  • Shah Shaheer - Channel Youtube
    Shah Shaheer - 2 days ago

    I like❤ the third one 😘😘

  • Se7en Yak - Channel Youtube
    Se7en Yak - 2 days ago

    She hid her hand and change it quickly...

  • timhyeonkyomne - Channel Youtube
    timhyeonkyomne - 2 days ago

    Number 5 can be seen unfolding his shirt when going up with simon but i dont know how they read minds

  • Angelina Mai-Vuu - Channel Youtube
    Angelina Mai-Vuu - 2 days ago

    The person who said the things first on the fifth one I that that was James from the late late late show 😂

  • Aluísio PS - Channel Youtube
    Aluísio PS - 2 days ago

    Mágicas incríveis

  • Nicholas Ramos - Channel Youtube
    Nicholas Ramos - 2 days ago

    @ 22:42 u look at his thumbs and see the fake one better if u put the speed at 0.25x

  • hallik ovets - Channel Youtube
    hallik ovets - 2 days ago

    Its no Soccer Ball its a Football

  • Ketin Porta - Channel Youtube
    Ketin Porta - 2 days ago

    I'm just going to say will tsai

  • thunder thunder - Channel Youtube
    thunder thunder - 3 days ago

    Hammer is a magic wand. 😱 OMG

  • Sagar Mukherjee - Channel Youtube
    Sagar Mukherjee - 3 days ago


  • MaTuS HeTtEš - Channel Youtube
    MaTuS HeTtEš - 3 days ago

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  • sunako nadeshiko50 - Channel Youtube
    sunako nadeshiko50 - 3 days ago

    They come from Hogwats, they can do real magic, there's no other possibility.

  • Alexsa Ambriz - Channel Youtube
    Alexsa Ambriz - 3 days ago

    Simon’s surprise face is pure gold!!!!😂

  • Hem Laish - Channel Youtube
    Hem Laish - 4 days ago

    Judges are in on the number guy's act. The fools are the audience

  • Hem Laish - Channel Youtube
    Hem Laish - 4 days ago

    judges helped the number guys. Not joking

  • Fun videos for everyone - Channel Youtube
    Fun videos for everyone - 4 days ago

    I can do ALL of those!!!

  • Fun videos for everyone - Channel Youtube
    Fun videos for everyone - 4 days ago