Portia de Rossi on Why She Quit Acting

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  • Joshlyn Pinedo - Channel Youtube
    Joshlyn Pinedo - 2 hours ago

    Wow that was only like 2weeks ago??

  • Jung Chang - Channel Youtube
    Jung Chang - 2 hours ago

    It’s so generous!No, it’s Degenerus

  • Rutuja Shinde - Channel Youtube
    Rutuja Shinde - 5 hours ago

    Ellen can be such an ignorant white person sometimes- it's astonishing. She's going to Rwanda to save gorillas but it's funny that people there die because of all the diseases she could get if she didn't get the shots? I'm sorry but she's so full of s*it. She is literally the embodiment of what is wrong with the privileged white Americans. SNL was right about her all along.

  • Barry Barry - Channel Youtube
    Barry Barry - 8 hours ago

    I quit picking my nose!... not a lot of money rolling in as yet!!!

  • Kiki Anas Ahmad - Channel Youtube
    Kiki Anas Ahmad - 10 hours ago

    Very good work.

  • Nusrat Karim Runa - Channel Youtube
    Nusrat Karim Runa - 16 hours ago

    May 29th!!!😍😍 :'))) my birthday is coming and I got no plans

  • Elizabeth Augustin - Channel Youtube
    Elizabeth Augustin - 16 hours ago

    Love u Ellen

  • Anderson Lee - Channel Youtube
    Anderson Lee - 17 hours ago

    oh no pls don't quit arrested development. its my favorite show in the world.

  • Amazing Supergirl - Channel Youtube
    Amazing Supergirl - 18 hours ago

    Oh wow is Ellen really that out of touch? I def know she’s extremely charitable but I can’t imagine 10 million toward gorillas in a particular place

  • Alex Bidwell - Channel Youtube
    Alex Bidwell - 19 hours ago

    She should admit the real reason why she doesn't act anymore. And that's because Ellen rakes in that money and all she has to do to keep up is greet Ellen when she walks through the door and lick her for a couple hours

  • Reina Sophia Supetran - Channel Youtube
    Reina Sophia Supetran - 1 day ago

    Who got goosebumps when twitch said $50,000

  • ghandidecv - Channel Youtube
    ghandidecv - 1 day ago

    Africa is not a country! and it won't kill you!!!!

  • Karen Lewis - Channel Youtube
    Karen Lewis - 1 day ago

    And.... she didn’t want to save the children of Rwanda???? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Sharon Phiri - Channel Youtube
    Sharon Phiri - 1 day ago

    Wait a minute. She's the politician that died on Scandal? ????? Wtf my mind just exploded

  • Sharon Phiri - Channel Youtube
    Sharon Phiri - 1 day ago

    Gorillas? What about the starving kids? White people man

  • EATLIFTRUN - Channel Youtube
    EATLIFTRUN - 1 day ago


  • Shamma Alhosani - Channel Youtube
    Shamma Alhosani - 1 day ago

    It's annoying how she refers to africa as a country.

  • Danii Elle - Channel Youtube
    Danii Elle - 1 day ago

    Saving mountain gorillas in Rwanda. 🤔

  • Robert Shearer - Channel Youtube
    Robert Shearer - 1 day ago

    These are the flakiest people.

  • Alexia Vice Music - Channel Youtube
    Alexia Vice Music - 1 day ago

    Portia's outfit is on point!

  • Robert Shearer - Channel Youtube
    Robert Shearer - 1 day ago

    Never realized until now that Ellen looks like Jeff Sessions.

  • Bill Blass - Channel Youtube
    Bill Blass - 2 days ago

    r they still together? Props

  • music stalker - Channel Youtube
    music stalker - 2 days ago

    Harambe is still in our hearts

  • ArtyBicardi - Channel Youtube
    ArtyBicardi - 2 days ago

    With a catch like Ellen I wouldn't mind giving up my carreer either! Ellen & Portia are one of Hollywoods best couples! <3

  • Ryan Delepierre - Channel Youtube
    Ryan Delepierre - 2 days ago

    I love it whenever Ellen is surprised on her own show. 4:17 "What's going on? I'm not in control." =P

  • 森本ボリス - Channel Youtube
    森本ボリス - 2 days ago

    why did i think they got divorced a long time ago and remarried and was doing this semi-awkward interview which wasnt awkward at all??????

  • olasDplata - Channel Youtube
    olasDplata - 2 days ago

    Didn't catch what Portia said at the end. "what's a... Is always a.."???

  • Scooter Boy - Channel Youtube
    Scooter Boy - 2 days ago

    Because she married the world's richest lesbian?

  • Damla Hatipoğlu - Channel Youtube
    Damla Hatipoğlu - 2 days ago

    Y'all, queer doesn't age.

  • Sidney Klipklop - Channel Youtube
    Sidney Klipklop - 2 days ago

    throwing all the money around that will never reach its actual destiny when people literally freeze or starve to death on the streets...