T7 Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know

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Published on Sep 19, 2017

How to drink coffee the right way and healthy? Why is coffee good for you? Here are 7 surprising reasons why you need to get yourself a cup of coffee right now.

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  • Catherine Reed - 4 hours ago

    don't lie, just don't . don't add to addictions.... most of us addicts use coffee as a sub, but not to our benefit. just don't lie. please.

  • teeya Bern - 5 hours ago

    if i dont drink my coffee in the morning..i'd feel like a zombie the whole day..but after coffee in the morning i can practically run up 3 flights of stairs at my work place :P

  • Blessed Tube - 17 hours ago

    The Origin of Coffee. Abyssinia, now Ethiopia, is the original home of the coffee (arabica) plant. Kaffa(Ethiopia), the province in the south-western highlands where they first blossomed, gave its name to coffee. The formal cultivation and use of coffee as a beverage began early in the 9th century.

  • Pranav Aggarwal - 19 hours ago

    Should we drink black coffee or coffee with milk and sugar??

  • a q - 1 day ago

    Coffee is acidic - never drink on empty stomach. To combat the acidity add green cardamom or cardamom powder, or coconut oil if you can hack the taste and oilyness.

  • Roberto Philippo - 1 day ago

    These facts are wrongk at every point, need more study before talking balonie

  • x pete - 1 day ago

    he says nutrients twice but doesn't say what these nutrients are❓❕❗❔☕☕☕☕☕☕🍵🍵🍵🚾🚽

  • Yol Mak - 1 day ago

    Rubbish. Caffeine is a poison

  • davidsonnow - 2 days ago

    "This advertisment Brought to you by the Coffee Growers Association of EARTH!"

  • Edward Alamo - 2 days ago

    Background noise is very distracting just terrible

  • aby ibra - 2 days ago

    So which on is more healthy, pure black coffee or add creamer?

  • Carl Howard - 3 days ago

    At about 2:10, the narrator correctly refers to low blood pressure as HYPOTENSION, however the closed captions state it as HYPERTENSION. This is a potentially dangerous mistake and should be corrected.

  • Rory Lion - 3 days ago

    Does this work on men too?

  • green life saves - 3 days ago

    I got Many coffee as gift from Indonesia 😊

  • One Drop Mtg - 3 days ago

    Just wanted to say that your thumbnail is a clickbait lie that lacks common sense. Also remember most health benefits of coffee, such as lower risk of diabetes and benefits to the liver, are lost when you add sugar and cream. Not being a snob just stating facts that have been confirmed by one of the best doctors specializing in treating liver disease in the state of Utah.

  • rachid Hachami - 3 days ago

    I drank 3 cup of coffee per day and it was very bad for my health...so i stopped it and more than 5 body problems now are gone!!!

  • MassCaMb0 - 4 days ago

    video doesn't say anything about the thumbnail... that was literally the only reason I clicked on it, and already knew/don't care about anything else that was in this video, so I'm downvoting it. Could have been an up vote if you didn't use an thumbnail that was suggestive of some interesting information and then neglect make a single comment on it in your video.

  • stonecoldfan 316 - 4 days ago

    Coffee is good for memory? I disagree I'm a loyal drink coffee and I'm a walking brainfart.

  • The Vegan Merman - 4 days ago

    Oh yeah coffee makes me relax. Nope! It makes me anxious because I got anxiety people! Caffeine makes me anxious! So I stick to tea.

  • Gerard Thompson - 5 days ago

    As much as I like a nice cup of refreshing coffee throughout the day, I can't help suspect that this 'advert' may have been promoted by the coffee growers industry 😂

  • TrephineArtist - 5 days ago

    The thumbnail wasn't shown in the video was it? Black coffee vs white coffee, another click-bait?

  • Timothy Huff - 5 days ago

    Well I drink a mug a morning, cups are for chumps and what I call "1pm-sleeper"! ;)

  • hauzio - 5 days ago

    Bulletproof for me!

  • frank franko - 5 days ago

    Don't sniff coffee with ur nose 👃

  • Daniela Siegert - 6 days ago

    This is all Bull...

  • Dorothy McMahon - 6 days ago

    Like that last idea with coffee cubes.

  • Nanda Rizky - 6 days ago

    02:04 that woman pouring hot water, not coffee 🤔. Such a waste of mokapot usage.

  • Mutt Sanders - 6 days ago

    This is why i unsub the channel and this video deserves that dislikes

  • Nevermore - 6 days ago

    Coffee does help prevent suicide. You'll need to double up on the java in Trump's America. Maybe with a shot of cognac.

  • R. V. - 6 days ago

    1:20 - Tom Kirkman?