TThe Top 50 bat flips in MLB of All-Time

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Published on Jan 22, 2018

Catch the best highlights from MLB Network's Top 50 bat flips of all-time

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  • 조준휘 - 4 hours ago

    you guys should see KBO bat flip compilation. MLB bat flip sucks.

  • CommanderX3001 - 24 hours ago

    Don't want me to bat flip? Then strike me out crybaby dumbass

  • Danny Green - 1 day ago

    Who else was waiting for Jose Bautista

  • MarloSoBalJr - 1 day ago

    15:26 Man how hate Ubaldo for that pitch. He should have never been in to relief

  • Jorge Vasquez - 1 day ago

    That Manny bat flip was the fucking best , dont @ me

  • FooCards88 - 2 days ago

    Look at all those swag daddies on the Cardinals mastering the bat flip. We invented that shit!

  • Erick Salinas - 2 days ago

    Not watching this video -Rangers fan

  • VintageVoid3 - 2 days ago

    Joey Bats should have been first

  • # Guiltless - 2 days ago

    Baseball has taken a huge shit on itself.

  • darkknightsds - 2 days ago

    Nothing better than Bautista and implying otherwise is absurd

  • Seanjkbs - 3 days ago

    brandon belt has the best flip/drop in the game

  • Luka Romic - 3 days ago

    Javy Baez?

  • Micha Lebowitz - 4 days ago

    Toronto may not be the best team in the world, but we have _by far_ the best fans... That roar was DEAFENING

  • villen - 4 days ago

    Baseball is so boring that their highlights consist of "bat flips"

  • Swaggy O - 4 days ago

    Bautista’s is easily the best

  • Steve Hunt - 5 days ago

    #1 was i guess unique because he was a light hitter, but Bautista's was WAY more enthusiastic

  • uruiamnot - 5 days ago

    The Mustache. 2:34 Enough Said.

  • Jose Velazquez - 5 days ago

    Americans get butt hurt for bat flips.. Have fun and stop whining.

  • Kermit Frog - 5 days ago

    Bautista number one. The savage brutality of that moment is beyond words.

  • Jason Platt - 5 days ago

    I miss Manny Ramirez. He was fun to watch play! And Luis Valbuena will end up in the hall of fame for bat flippers as he's turned it into an art form. But my favorite was pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo's bat flip. You don't expect that from a pitcher, lol!

  • Steve Hunt - 5 days ago

    If I'm hitting a homer to win a game for make the adrenaline will take over and do a Bautista bat flip too!!!! Gottsa love it!!!

  • Sam Bishop - 6 days ago

    16:13 bro he overhanded the fuckin bat thats number 1

  • Dwayne M. - 6 days ago

    Latin players have the best bat flips lol

  • Ian Marderosian - 6 days ago


  • justkhail - 1 week ago

    Loved all 50. Hate when other teams get all in their feelings about it. Don't want to see a bat flip? Don't give up homeruns.

  • Tyrant - 1 week ago

    Love bat flips. Understand why people hate them but the controversy just makes them cooler to me.

  • ToddJohnsonEveningNews - 1 week ago

    This guys so good he should be illegal. Well...

  • Not JG - 1 week ago

    Bautista is the budget Pujols

  • Mozart - 1 week ago

    I like the part when they flipped the bat

  • Super Cat - 1 week ago

    17:40. _You can only flirt with fire for so long.. and it's gonna burn ya!_ This was Jose Bautista's defining moment. Simply amazing!