TCan You Handle These Asian Drinking Games?

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Published on Mar 10, 2018

"When you guys are involving numbers and alcohol, already I'm f*cked in this situation."

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Korean Traditional Rice Liquor, Popular Dink in South Korea
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Cartoon Beer Brewing Color Icons Set. Vector
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Three Beer Glasses in Various Stages
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  • Chames shan - 1 day ago

    The blonde chick cockblocked the two asians in the pocky game so card with her comment smmh

  • Janelle Souvane social - 2 days ago

    😂"idk everybody has to drink"

  • Basic V - 5 days ago

    Who's the Asian girl?whats her name?

  • Alexis C. - 5 days ago

    Crazy how the white people have the Asian Glo

  • iFacTzZ - 6 days ago

    should've went for the kiss man what the heck haha

  • 신승현 - 1 week ago


  • himesamaaa_ - 2 weeks ago

    “lets get to fingering”

  • Seokjin’s Confidence - 2 weeks ago

    Kpop fans will know these games😏

  • stussyzari - 2 weeks ago

    idk why I’m laughing the video wasn’t that funny but I’m cracking up 🤣

  • Sara You - 2 weeks ago

    After going to Korea with my husband (Korean) I can tell you neither him nor his friends play these games while drinking lol

  • bigcitygurll - 2 weeks ago

    Drinking games without Kelsey???? Wut

  • Ruined By Park Jimin - 2 weeks ago

    How many ppl got drunk from this video 😂

  • lil persuasian - 2 weeks ago

    “i feel happy, i feel relaxed” “im drunk” me honestly.

  • SpiritLassy - 2 weeks ago

    I've played the pocky game a billion times

  • Nomi-Treasure /Sacola - 2 weeks ago

    They are all hilarious😂.

  • Dana Tiara C. HERNAEZ - 2 weeks ago

    Only the brave and nonchalant can win the pocky game 👌

  • Keira Ng - 3 weeks ago

    Buzzfeed should put everyone's names and all their social media so we can stalk them, like honestly guys

  • Random girl - 3 weeks ago

    "this game is how babys are made"

  • kimchi ramen - 3 weeks ago

    *"this game is how babies are made"*

  • Sky Dawg - 3 weeks ago

    Litterally like 3 games? Come on

  • Marian - 3 weeks ago

    Hahahahhahahaha i want another videooo of the same thing

  • Steven Nguyen - 3 weeks ago

    wheres 5-10? lol

  • Mark Abon - 3 weeks ago

    Asian dude is gay for bailing out lol

  • A Living Potato - 3 weeks ago


  • Fluffy Waffles - 3 weeks ago

    Wow they're running out of ideas

  • Ilsa Sajid - 3 weeks ago


  • Léo Nguyen - 4 weeks ago

    Another variant of Fingers is Fives, which is the same thing but only guessing multiple of five with open or closed fists, less confusing and more fun

  • tu pimp a caterpillar - 4 weeks ago

    That fat blonde looks like shrek...

  • mattymattyC - 4 weeks ago

    i think the China game was supposed to be 5, 10, 15, 20

  • Seventeen & S.coups's wife - 4 weeks ago

    I'm going to do the Pocky game with s coups