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Published on Mar 11, 2018

As you guys know I love connecting and answering your health and wellness questions every week. But I wanted to do an even better job interacting with you so I decided to make a video reading the best, funniest, meanest, coolest comments as well as answering your questions. The more active you are in my comment section the more of your own comments you’ll see in this video series! Doctors are traditionally unreachable and I want to change that. So hop into this video’s and any other of my video’s comment section and let’s chat!

I think the most popular question of how to lose belly fat may deserve its own video so please let me know. Also, I want to make this reading comments or responding to comments type content regularly so please let me know if you are on board!

If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. Love you all!

- Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  • gellichan09 - 37 minutes ago

    "phones are a distraction" Meanwhile, I'm watching this at 2 am in the dark

  • I’m on YouTube too much - 1 hour ago

    Youuuuuu are suchhhh a cutie

  • Barbara Vreeland - 4 hours ago

    Don't "sweat" the small stuff. I have overactive sweat glands too. You are perfect the way you are. Just wear dark clothes and breathable materials. It's more embarrassing for a woman than a man, but I have learned to deal with it and hide it with wardrobe choices.

  • Jaco_sims - 5 hours ago

    so about having a dark room for sleep what if i am so terrified of the dark that sometimes when i close my eyes and there is no light my mind just makes up things that would cause my brain to force open my eyes to make sure that there isn't really anything there is having my computer monitor (24inch tn panel so it isn't extremely bright) that is on the opposite side of my room on with a light yellow light (just solid yellow or orange image, non changing and low in blue value) going to lessen the quality my sleep at all?

  • Jordan Habibi - 5 hours ago


  • amythyst stonne - 5 hours ago

    Here's this thing, you are cute and it's frustrating because I get distracted when you list the facts. Damn, I'm glad that you're not my teacher😂

  • Ruth Noella Kabeya - 6 hours ago

    I don't think you are losing your charm Dr Mike. Whatever your are doing or using to be as charming as you are, it is work.😊

  • Maria Soto - 7 hours ago

    Overwatch *thumbs up

  • Maysa Viana - 7 hours ago

    I'm in love with you. Do you have any medicine to stop it?

  • Alexandria Cabello - 7 hours ago

    Hi doctor!! Your videos are awesome thanks for the good advices. I have a question for you ...What do you think about the "detox diets" or the "detox teas"

  • Dee Williams - 7 hours ago

    Hey Doc, ok to question your Docs decision on the type of scan or treatment because it may not be covered under your insurance? also is it common for some to provide unnecessary test just to run up the bill? and how will you know?

  • Erika Fernandez - 8 hours ago

    Have you ever helped with a knee reconstruction process?

  • Marian Sharoubim - 8 hours ago

    What happens when you never have got blood take from you

  • Qourraine Goza - 8 hours ago

    So inspired by your videos! Keep making them. Pre med Here too!🙂

  • Gunica Singh - 9 hours ago

    how does it feel to be a doctor?

  • Iolanda Costa - 10 hours ago

    I just found this now but omg, what a hot doctor 😂😂😂

  • Bodidiva Tulku - 10 hours ago

    I have friends who refuse to see MD's and when we discuss health issues, it gets sticky. I TRY to respect their choice but it makes no sense to me that they'd rather take non FDA approved substances, and blame the spirit world for their health conditions. An acquaintance of one of those friends blamed spirits for pains and after they went to the doctor it was sadly confirmed as untreatable cancer. How can I maintain a good relationship with those who insist doctors only want to prescribe patients out the door, especially if I am concerned about health issues they bring up to me? The moment I bring up seeing an MD they get offended. Thanks.

  • CurlyTori - 11 hours ago

    What do you think about laser hair removal? Is there a risk for cancer because of the radiation? Thank you ❤

  • Louis T. - 12 hours ago

    How do you feel about stem cells? Embryonic and somatic

  • Elena p. - 12 hours ago

    you moved out of Russia when you were 5 too? what a coincidence

  • Maria Paula Gomes - 13 hours ago

    Im from Brazil, and my english is not that good...but i love this channel and how he is so awsome and funny hahahaha

  • Christian Abbott - 14 hours ago

    doctor mike, what do you think about the ketogenic diet??

  • Tony Howard - 16 hours ago

    I just found this site by accident and really enjoy what you have to say. How correct am I? As a young girl I suffered really badly with depression but then when I went through the change of life phase at about 45 It suddenly cured my depression - now I just have "normal" bouts of feeling low when bad thing occur but not serious depression fits. Am I correct in assuming that my depression was a chemical imbalance rather than mental problem? Just wondering

  • A R. - 16 hours ago

    Omaigawd u r so cute! subscribed!

  • veryangrypigeon - 17 hours ago

    My endometriosis definitely reacts to soy, tofu and chocolate as if it were estrogen. Not saying don't eat them but I personally minimize them and red meat too, same thing. Can't give up on the coffee though...

  • Mrs. E - 18 hours ago

    Dr. Mike, I would love to see a video on your medical and personal views on marijuana use medically/recreationally??

  • Elizabeth Glazer - 20 hours ago

    I didn’t really get the mc dreamy similarities other than that he’s a cute charming doctor but that smile at I right?!

  • Iqra Effendi - 21 hours ago

    Hi Dr. Mike! Would you be able to tell us some great HIIT regimens to follow that can be done easily in the space of our dorm rooms, with limited and equipment and with a packed med-school schedule? Would really appreciate it!

  • Aуυѕнι Kangøtra - 23 hours ago

    Are you even real?!? Youtube is this illusion? How can someone be so smart, amazing and yet humble!

  • A. Michelle F - 24 hours ago

    no but is your psn really realdoctormike? play overwatch with me please LOL